Fox News Reporter Scolds GOP for It’s Knee-Jerk Attack on Biden After Afghanistan Terrorism

From the moment that President Biden affirmed his commitment to finally end the twenty year long war in Afghanistan, Republicans and their Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) have been launching utterly baseless attacks on Biden, Democrats, and the military that is struggling to save the lives of Americans in Afghanistan and their Afghan allies.

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The robotic response by GOP partisans is to be expected. Their penchant for putting party before country is inbred into their political psyche. And they are devoted to tearing down America’s leadership in the White House and the Pentagon whenever a Democrat is charge. It is the same predictable hostility to the best interests of the nation that Donald Trump displays, despite the fact that he is largely responsible for the situation the country finds itself in today.

That said, there was a hell-freezes-over moment on Fox News Thursday morning when they were reporting on a terrorist bombing near the Afghanistan airport. Correspondent Jennifer Griffin was apparently fed up with the flood of self-serving Republican criticisms flooding the airwaves that cast Biden as being at fault for the terrorist assault. And she let them know it:

“The Pentagon and the White House knew that it was a dangerous mission. But right now it’s not a time for congressman and people on the Hill saying ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda.’ It’s now time to look at the reality.

“The reality is that they got 100,000 Afghan evacuees out since August 14th. They are still trying to rescue Americans who are trapped outside of the airport. There are active measures in place and what I have seen behind the scenes here at the Pentagon and with military sources in Afghanistan is nothing short of heroic.”

That’s an uncharacteristically accurate summation of current events in Afghanistan. And accuracy is not something that Fox News generally aims for. But Biden’s management of the evacuation, while not perfect, has succeeded in accomplishing the largest airlift in history in a remarkably short time span. And it is continuing even under these trying circumstances.

The risks were not unknown prior to Thursday’s bombing. In fact, the U.S. State Department had been issuing warnings to Americans for days. The most recent alert was put out just the day before warning that…

“Due to threats outside the Kabul airport, US citizens should avoid traveling to the airport and avoid airport gates unless you receive instructions to do so. Those at the Abbey Gate, East Gate, or North Gate now should leave immediately.”

This attention to conditions on the ground very likely saved lives. Meanwhile, Cadet Bone Spurs (aka Donald Trump) was busy dictating his alt-tweets to his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington (whose proxy Trump tweeting is violating Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban). Trump’s message on this grim occasion was that “If [Democrats] could fight wars like they cheat in elections, we would win in one day.”

So Trump is exploiting a tragedy in order to continue propagating his “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from him. But what Trump surely doesn’t know is that his infantile whining is an epic self own. Trump thinks that Biden and the Democrats are to be faulted for failing to “win” the war in Afghanistan after being in office for only seven months. Trump had four years to do it and failed to either claim victory (“in one day”) or to complete a withdrawal.

Trump also gave Democrats a backhanded compliment with his admission that they outsmarted him by beating him in the 2020 election. Although outsmarting Trump isn’t a particularly high bar to get over. And now he has even lost at least one Fox News reporter who recognizes that taking advantage of tragedy is not only bad optics, it’s a display of gross indecency and inhumanity. Which is pretty much what we expect from Trump and his Republican Party.

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6 thoughts on “Fox News Reporter Scolds GOP for It’s Knee-Jerk Attack on Biden After Afghanistan Terrorism

  1. All Americans need to come together and support the end of the war in Afghanistan. The grumpy lump administration set up an American surrender to the Taliban. The Afghani Army simply melted away. We have to leave.

  2. Agreed!! The fact that Trump, the un-Godly lump, made the “we surrender deal” with Taliban, while Biden is who’s left to carry it thru, is something you never hear acknowledged by Trump-a-chump & his GOP lying cohorts. Biden didn’t surrender; just stuck cleaning up messes Trump left! Trumpublicans ~ they always… always… blame it on Biden & the Dems! Goes for everything — & their voters just suck it all up, like babies suckin’ on their bottles.
    Same thing with Covid-19 & now Delta variant ~ both of which can trace to the ineptitude (& worse!) of Trump & GOP words & deeds! (see TX & FL, to name just 2 worst States) Anti-vax & anti-mask lunatics are why Delta is raging thru USA, killing our children! Thanks alot GOP nutjobs. Suck that bottle ’til you puke on it!
    And who is the only 1 caught on tape, attempting election fraud? Who staged coup attempt on Jan 6th?
    Who has been spreading his out & out “Big Lie” about 2020 election? Who LOST 60+ cases, trying to prove that lie? Who violated election laws & cost AZ a ton of money doing a ‘fraudit’ that found NO fraud?

    The answer to all that & more is, of course, Trump! Trump & his money + power grubbing fellow Trumpians. The conservative Party has been corrupted & destroyed by an asshole simpleton DJTC ~ they didn’t even put up a fight, with very few exceptions. ( I can name only 3 in Congress.)

    • What buggers my mind is how they can hang on for grim death to a Trumpy line and cling to it in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Perhaps we could call it Canute-ism.
      Misfortunately, the US is never going to be the same. Trump started sowing the seeds of mistrust before he even got elected and now nothing will convince his Qult of anything different. If 600,000+ US citizens dead of Covid doesn’t even give them pause for thought, nothing will.
      The mess in Afghanistan right now is a great example. Trumpet blares he pulled billions of bucks’ worth of arms, ammo and military equipment out of Afghanistan MONTHS ago, now his Qult are screaming Biden handed over billions worth to the Taliban. Trump brayed he brought all but 2,500 troops home. The Qult scream that BIDEN brought the troops home.
      Not to mention the fact that those in Afghanistan were told months ago to start moving out. They didn’t.
      On one hand Trump’s boasting – on the other Trump’s denial of what he just boasted about. And they just don’t get it.

  3. You’re so right. They really don’t get it!
    It’s as if they turned off their brain’s ability to think; instead, just sucking up whatever shit they’re fed. And things that should have been “flaming red flags” don’t even faze them at all. They follow w/o ever pausing to question anything! That is not only stupid, but dangerous to us all! Look at Delta Covid virus… Idiots are told vaccine conspiracy crap by their so-called leaders & convinced by same that it’s intrusion into their “rights”, etc. They’re encouraged in this stupidity by their elected jackasses, who GOT themselves & their families vaccinated, for the most part ~ not gonna’ risk their own lives. Hell no! But, even now, most of those numbchucks don’t realize those saying not to get life-saving shots, aren’t doing that themselves. It only recently dawned on those GOP leaders that they were killing off their own voters! Now, they say to go ahead & get the shot. Did same stupid crap about wearing a mask (or 2)…”stepping on your rights”; “Don’t let anyone (else) tell you what to do” (just them). “It’s your right” not to wear mask, or vaccinate.
    Yeah, & it’s your right to STAY AT HOME! Don’t have the right to walk around in public, acting like you’re vaccinated too & infecting everyone around you!
    So now, still against masks. Causing confusion & stupidity.
    But, at least now they’re saying to get vaccine. Some, not all, may be listening. “Too little, too late!” Delta Covid is rampaging thru the U.S. & is super contagious…& “Bam!” We are right back where we were B4 the vaccine!
    And the liars still lying. And still think they have the right to come out here & infect the rest of us! Our children! Amazing that those people so concerned about their rights, don’t give a dam* about anyone else’s!
    This is now the GOP’s Delta virus & anti-vaxxers’ Delta virus. Overflowing hospitals. Over-worked medical staffs who didn’t get enuff of a breather, B4 hit by this — hit like a Mac Truck slammed into them. It is SO WRONG! All of it.! And still, they just don’t get it!? WTH?!

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