Trump Suffers Severe Cognitive Collapse, Claims that ‘Everyone Was Happy’ When He Was in Office

Only the most brainwashed disciples of his cult still believe that Donald Trump is mentally competent. He never was the “stable genius” that he laughably called himself. But his psychological decline appears to be picking up steam as his legal peril intensifies in conjunction with his rapidly deteriorating prospects for a return to the White House.

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Donald Trump, Insane, Straight Jacket

On Friday Trump delivered a campaign speech in Las Vegas for a couple of Republican candidates in Nevada. It was typically rife with lies and unbridled outrage triggered by figments of his overactive imagination. He regurgitated his delusional election fraud claims and flung infantile insults at his political foes.

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In addition to his standard narcissistic rambling and psychotic sermonizing, Trump also unleashed the following hysterical observation pulled directly out of his asinine recollection of a warped version of the past:

“We have to stop fighting with each other and unify. That was happening during the greatest period, I believe, in our country’s history in many ways. Just before COVID came in from China – and that’s where it came from, Wuhan. It came from Wuhan. It can happen again. We were more unified just before that. Everybody was happy.”

Trump is right if what he means by “everybody” is his dimwitted followers and the rage-fueled voices in his head. However, a reality-based remembrance of the Trump years reveals a nation that was more unified in hatred of Trump than happiness. After all, there were unprecedented, massive protests from the very beginning of his term. He had record low approval ratings that never reached 50%. He lost the lost popular vote twice. He lost reelection by over seven million votes. And how could he forget that he was impeached twice? A recent poll shows that even 49% of Republicans don’t want him to run in 2024.

Does that sound like a nation that was happy and unified? Trump himself was never happy. He exhibited a constant state of outrage, throwing temper tantrums almost daily. And his animus was not reserved for Democrats. He regularly lashed out at Republicans who he deemed insufficiently worshipful.

Trump’s seething anger has never waned in the months since he was deported back to Mar-a-Lago. He is still spewing the furious tirades that embody the whole of his public life. Also in his Las Vegas address, Trump launched a bizarre attack on New York Attorney General Letitia James:

“In many cases, however, racist prosecutors should also be vigorously investigated for their brazen violation of federal civil rights laws. It’s happening to me with a racist attorney general in New York who campaigned solely on the fact that she would get Donald Trump. ‘I’m gonna get him.'”

James happens to be Black. So Trump regards her as racist because she’s investigating the crimes of a White, former reality TV game show host, who cheated on his taxes, lied about his real estate properties, and tried to overthrow the U.S. government. And his complaint that James campaigned on “get[ting] Donald Trump” doesn’t help his case. After all, she won. Which proves that it was a smart and relevant campaign issue, and that voters are also anxious to “get Trump.”

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These are just two of the most recent examples of Trump’s descent into madness. Calling a Black Attorney General racist, and recalling his contentious term in office as a time of unity, are about as far removed from reality as one can get. The only worse mental afflictions would be the ones that infect anyone who continues to support Trump.

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7 thoughts on “Trump Suffers Severe Cognitive Collapse, Claims that ‘Everyone Was Happy’ When He Was in Office

  1. The political hacks on the Wisconsin Supreme Court just upheld the banning of voter drop boxes as illegal because of fraud that doesn’t exist nor is there a shred of evidence it does. Then these hacks went on to declare Biden only won the state due to fraud, again, without a shred of evidence.
    And now the U.S. Supreme Court is going to hear a case that will allow state legislatures the power to overturn the outcome of Presidential elections they don’t like the results of. This will be the end of democracy in America. We’re all screwed then. It’s outrageous but that’s what we are dealing with.

    • I don’t think this Wisconsin thing will do a damn thing. The 2020 election results were counted, counted, and recounted. It went through around 60 courts which confirmed Biden’s win each time. I sincerely believe that Donald Trump is the saddest thing that ever happened to America. More corrupt than Richard Nixon. I was reading today that Russian tv is broadcasting that Russia needs Trump back as president in 2024. A total murderous butcher, Putin needs Trump. Don’t know that Trump and Putin are BFF?

  2. Of course, there is a flaw with that statement: one has to have cognitive ability for it to collapse. And the jury is still out whether the Orange Traitor ever HAD any.

    • His father taught him how to cheat in business, in life. His sister helped him graduate with a BA from the Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia.

      • And Sean Hannity helped him pretend he knows what he is doing.

        Who convinced him he was God may never be known.

  3. The ability to pull shit right out of his fat ass, and then believe it is quite the talent.

    I am so sick of this motherfucker. Why is he not in the crossbar hotel?…40 years ago?

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