Dear Leader Trump Brags that His MAGA Cult is Beating the Failing Republican Party

The looming threat to democracy in America posed by Donald Trump and his tyrannical aspirations continues to smolder among the glassy-eyed disciples who have pledged themselves to their malignant messiah. It’s a movement that resembles most closely the reigns of the fascistic tyrants that Trump idolizes and strives to emulate.

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Donald Trump Rally, Sieg Heil

On Saturday Trump held the latest of his traveling salvation shows in Ohio, ostensibly to boost the struggling campaign of Republican senatorial candidate, J.D. Vance. But one would be hard pressed to find much expression of support for Vance during the hour long harangue. In fact, Trump’s introduction to Vance could hardly be characterized as complimentary when he said that “JD is kissing my ass, he wants my support so bad.”

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True to form, Trump spent nearly the entire time exalting himself, disparaging his foes, lying profusely, and vilifying America as “a nation in decline,” and awash in crime, corruption, and cultural depravity. To be fair, those are all subjects that he should be well acquainted with.

Trump’s allegiance to other Republicans is always conditioned on their demonstration of unflinching adoration and loyalty to him. So even though Vance has previously described Trump as “noxious,” “outrageous and offensive,” and “an idiot,” Trump can forgive him if he kneels to kiss his posterior.

However, at the same time Trump also used this rally speech to distance himself even farther from the Republican Party that he is supposed to be leading. At one point he explicitly distinguished support for him from that of the GOP saying that…

“We got 12 million more and we lost. We didn’t lose. We lost in their imagination. And we’re leading Biden now in all the polls and we are leading also all Republicans by record numbers. The Republicans are not doing too well.”

Let’s just set aside Trump’s initial concession that he lost the 2020 presidential election, and his clumsy attempt to recover and reiterate the “Big Lie” that he won. His criticism of the Republican Party seems to suggest that he isn’t actually affiliated with it. He is bragging that his MAGA cult is beating the GOP, and that the GOP, in contrast to whatever he is, is “not doing too well.”

That’s nothing new for Trump. He has been a fierce critic of his own party’s members and leadership from his first day’s as a candidate. It’s not because he is an independent thinker and places principle above party. It’s because he places himself above everything. He recently commented on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, that “Without the Rallies and, even more importantly, the Endorsements, most [Republicans] would lose.”

Trump is not nearly as popular as he thinks he is. His approval rating is a dismal 34%, well below President Biden at 45%. And a recent New York Times poll shows that voters prefer Biden over Trump by 45% to 42%, in a hypothetical 2024 matchup. What’s more, a poll in July found that “Close to half of Republican primary voters want someone other than former President Trump to run in 2024.” Perhaps it’s because of his rampant criminal activities.

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So as usual, Trump is living in a alternative universe of delusion and self-glorification. Which is conveniently in sync with his cult devotees. Like the this who was ecstatic that her savior spoke to her…

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4 thoughts on “Dear Leader Trump Brags that His MAGA Cult is Beating the Failing Republican Party

  1. Insane in the membrane, Insane in the membrane, Insane in the membrane….. would be a great song to play that describes these morally and mentally delusional deviants that worship that toxic bag of fecal material named Donald J TUMP…. I wonder sometimes if they were dropped on their heads when they were babies or maybe they eat a shit load of lead based paint chips when they were toddlers. These people are pathetic and really, really need some serious mental health therapy.. I don’t even know if they could be helped as most of them are beyond help. The TUMP worship syndrome is incurable…

    • Yes, but there are other things that keep my hope up that Trump will finally be GONE are his continued criminality, his constant bragging and self worship, his splitting of the Republican party. Already, no matter what the creep says, the polls are starting to swing Democratic.

  2. Fascists are always pretty sure they have a better, more powerful system and that they can take over democracy. You have to admit that they have already managed to take over a third of the American political system and we are historically on the world’s front line in fighting fascism. They may be successful if they can succeed in allowing state legislatures to overturn elections.

    • I am not an election expert by no means, what could be done to stop these state legislatures from doing this?? I was under the impression that most of what those MAGAt assholes that are doing this is that it’s illegal for them to do that, but i do know that Rethugs are so blatanlly corrupt that existing laws don’t apply to them.

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