GOP INQUISITION: Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants 500 ‘Potential Suspects’ Drug Tested for Cocaine

In what Republicans and Fox News have deemed to be the “Crime of the Century,” a small amount of cocaine was found in a heavily trafficked area of the White House. Naturally, the knee-jerk response from the right has been to accuse – without proof – President Biden and/or his family, of being responsible for defiling the otherwise pure presidential sanctum.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, Vladimir Putin

This is typical of the GOP’s administration of “justice.” They engage in tedious and interminable shouting fits that malign the President and Democrats, despite not having a smidgen of evidence to support their wild accusations. It’s what the Republicans are presently doing in the House of Representatives by staging frequent and pointless hearings intended only to spread derogatory disinformation about their political foes.

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On Thursday the Secret Service completed their investigation of the cocaine matter and concluded that there wasn’t the necessary evidence to identify the culprit who brought the substance into the White House…

“‘No fingerprints or DNA turned up on the baggie of cocaine found in a lobby at the White House last week.’ The Secret Service said: ‘Without physical evidence, the investigation will not be able to single out a person of interest from the hundreds of individuals who passed through the vestibule where the cocaine was discovered.'”

Within minutes, the Republican Shadow Speaker of the House, Marjorie Taylor Greene, was giving a press conference to cast aspersions on the President, the Secret Service, and the FBI. She told the gathered reporters that…

“[The Secret Service] were able to narrow down a list of approximately 500 people that had left a small bag of cocaine. […] It makes no sense to me whatsoever why they would not follow through on one simple task, and that is to drug test a list of 500 people that they have that are potential suspects for this. […] This was a failure of this investigation.”

This is mind-bogglingly dumb on so many levels. First of all, it is not an investigatory achievement to “narrow down” a list of prospective suspects to a mere 500. That would be an unwieldy batch of persons for any police department to probe. What’s more, it wasn’t narrowed down. It was actually the entire accounting of everyone who had gone in and out of the area over the days in question.

Nevertheless, Greene’s proposal to drug test every one of them is absurd. Setting aside that it could be a violation of their 4th and 5th Amendment rights, it wouldn’t prove anything. Even it there were positive results for cocaine, it wouldn’t mean that they brought any into the White House. They might have been exposed at a party the day before. And there are some prescription meds that can produce false positives.

However, the most troubling aspect of Greene’s proposal is that it represents a horrifying expansion of government tyranny over presumed innocent people. Forcing 500 people who have done nothing wrong to undergo involuntary drug testing is the sort of oppressive overreach that Republicans like to pretend they are against. It would be the sort of heavy-handed behavior of an autocratic regime that denies civil rights.

Greene is also profoundly hypocritical. She is among the Republicans who regarded the Department of Justice search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort/residence as an affront to his civil liberties, despite their having obtained a search warrant after demonstrating to a judge that there were legal grounds for the search. And they subsequently found the classified documents they were looking for, after Trump had lied about having them.

Speaking of Trump, he has also been making preposterous allegations about the cocaine belonging to President Biden and/or his son, Hunter. He told a MAGA video blogger that…

“In my opinion it’s Hunter and probably Joe, because, you know, you watch Joe at the beginning of his speech and he’s got a little life. Not much, but he’s got a little life. By the end of the speech he’s a disaster. He can’t even find his way off the stage. So there’s something going on there.”

Trump, an alleged Adderall abuser, may know something about juicing his public performances. However, his description of Biden’s speeches is wholly disconnected from reality. And his perverse conception of justice was reflected this week when he advocated the death penalty for Hunter Biden for not paying his taxes. These are the sort of people who are now yammering about how to respond to the discovery of a small amount of cocaine. If Biden ran his Justice Department by Trump and Greene’s standards, Trump would have been in shackles in Gitmo a long time ago.


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6 thoughts on “GOP INQUISITION: Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants 500 ‘Potential Suspects’ Drug Tested for Cocaine

  1. I think that perhaps MTG should have to be drug tested every day!
    The Cocaine was probably left behind by Don Jr. , or it was a plant
    by the republicans.
    If Hunter Biden should be given the death penalty for non payment
    of taxes, then big Donnie should also get the same for dodging taxes
    most of his life!

    • I was about to write the same things as you did in your comments. Thanks for beating me to having to say those things myself. I wouldn’t doubt one bit that Marjorie Traitor Goon planted that cocaine there. If anyone should get the penalty TUMP suggested for Hunter Biden, TUMP and Marjorie Traitor Goon should get the same for their numerous crimes. MTG should be caged in a zoo because she is not human anyway, she is part Goon and part Neanderthal. The next time she opens her big, ugly mouth, i would like to see someone pack it full of dog excrement. She is the most deplorable person that has ever walked the halls of our Congress. She is a huge embarrassment to the entire United States of America.

    • I want to see TUMP languish in prison in solitary confinement without ANY connection with the outside world, that would be fitting for him. The firing squad thing would actually be the easy way out for him. I want him to have every day to think about his crime ridden, sorry corrupt life. No more Big Mac hamberders and no diet cokes. Let him have only moldy bread to eat, and muddy water to drink.

  2. Reminder that if anyone demanded this of the Congress, Brainless Marge would call it persecution. Damn all Traitors!!

  3. Every time I hear or read the name Marjorie Taylor Greene, I bristle. Recently she was voted off the pro-Trump Freedom Caucus for her hateful comments. MTG is fighting the decision just like she does everything. She’s just a bad apple causing problems and destruction everywhere she goes. In a “mind-boggling dumb” way.

    • This insane, deranged, unhinged animal should have never been allowed into our Congress. She immediately needs to be expelled from Congress. She can go back to her run down, one room trailer and stew about it. This thing doesn’t belong in the Congress of the United States. She is unfit for anything.

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