OH REALLY? The Truth Slips Out as Trump Brags that ‘I Worked Very Hard on Voter Fraud’

Donald Trump made an appearance Tuesday at the Federal Appeals Court that is hearing his ludicrous claim of “presidential immunity.” He was not required to be there, and he contributed nothing to the proceedings, except for his infamous scowl at the defense attorney’s table. It’s safe to assume the the judges weren’t impressed by that.

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Donald Trump Red Face

Like everything else Trump does, his court cameo was a staged stunt for the press so that he could make another one of his incoherent, post-hearing harangues that are invariably rife with lies and self-exaltation. And on that level he did not disappoint.

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Immediately following the hearing, Trump and his legal team assembled in the hallway to hold court with the press. Why the press continues to accommodate these purely political stump screeches is a mystery. But every now and then there is some morsel of news, or at least gossip, that escapes. And on this occasion Trump was inadvertently honest about his connection to voter fraud…

“It’s a very sad thing that’s happened with this whole situation. When they talk about ‘threat to democracy,’ that’s your real threat to democracy. And I feel that as a president, you have to have immunity. Very simple. And if you don’t, as an example, if this case were lost on immunity – and I did nothing wrong. Absolutely nothing wrong. I’m working for the country. And I worked very hard on voter fraud. Because we have to have free elections. We have to have strong borders. We have to have free elections. Those two things, almost above all.”

It’s notable that Trump began by whining about how sad he is. Although that was more than apparent in his despondent demeanor. Then he dives right into his inane assertion that the accurate observations of his overt acts that threaten democracy are somehow the “real” threats. That nonsense led to his tedious, and legally baseless, insistence that he is entitled to absolute immunity for any crime that he wants to commit.

Among Trump’s crimes that are already included in his 91 felony charges, are his attempts to undermine democracy by inciting a violent coup, recruiting fake electors, and threatening state officials into altering vote counts. So it is ironic that Trump’s statement included the confession that “I worked very hard on voter fraud.” Yeah, we know!

Of course, what Trump meant to say was that he worked against voter fraud. Which he never actually did. And his remarks came out in an ironically honest gaffe. However, what Trump does say without errors is often even more repulsive. For instance, his recent adoption of Nazi rhetoric such as “vermin” and “poisoning the blood” in reference to his political foes and/or immigrants.

What’s more, Trump’s attorney made arguments before the appellate court that would effectively indemnify Trump – or any president – for political assassination:

To be clear, Trump’s lawyer is saying that a president who had not already been impeached and convicted in the Senate (which is a political body, not a court) could not be prosecuted for ordering a hit on his political opponents. In other words, President Biden could have Trump whacked tomorrow, then resign from office making Kamala Harris president, and the law could not touch him.

That’s the sort of foreboding argument one might expect from someone who idolizes totalitarian tyrants, who has called for terminating the Constitution, and has already declared publicly that he would be a dictator (for one day?) were he to be reelected. And anyone who believes, that after becoming a dictator on day one, he would relinquish his dictatorship the next day, is terminally naïve – or a MAGA cult disciple. Which, I know, is redundant.


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