CNN’s Dana Bash Asks the Key Question About Trump’s Criminality: How is that ‘Law and Order’

The 2024 Republican primary for their presidential nominee promises to deliver some of the most bizarre and disturbing episodes in modern electoral politics. It could hardly be otherwise with their leading candidate, Donald Trump, facing 91 criminal charges stemming from his felonious conduct during and after his prior occupation of the white House.

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Under ordinary circumstances, a candidate who has been indicted for inciting an insurrection, undermining democracy, and violations of the Espionage Act due to his theft and hoarding of classified materials, would be summarily disqualified from public service. And if that same candidate had been adjudicated to be a rapist, and demonstrated signs of severe cognitive disability, he would be spending his golden years in a prison psyche ward.

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Which makes it all the more troubling that Trump is still regarded by his party, and a small, but annoyingly loud, contingent of glassy-eyed cult followers, as a viable prospect to lead the nation. And while Trump’s broadly unpopular positions on issues such as abortion, guns, foreign policy, climate change, and the economy, should be sufficient to sink his candidacy, his morass of legal liabilities should make his involuntary retirement a fait accompli.

Unfortunately, the media does a miserable job of covering elections. They focus far too much on the horse race aspect and transitory polling. However, on Sunday’s edition of CNN’s State of the Union, host Dana Bash interviewed GOP Sen. Tim Scott, who had just delivered a drooling endorsement Trump, and she actually composed a question that was honest, challenging, and ripe with relevance…

Bash: You did say on Friday, when you endorsed Donald Trump, is that he will “restore law and order.” Which is some of what you’re talking about here this morning. As president, he did try to overturn a legitimate election. He called January 6th rioters “hostages” and promised to pardon them. He is charged with keeping classified documents and obstructing attempts to get them back. And on the campaign now, he’s arguing that presidents should have total immunity, even if they, “cross the line.” How is that “law and order”?
Scott: Well, he has a legal team that could answer the questions of the legal challenges that he faces.

Bash packed a fair amount (but not nearly all) of Trump’s lawlessness into her question. Yet Scott was still unable to give a direct answer. He spent most of his response complaining about crime in cities, and blaming it on President Biden. That, of course, had nothing whatsoever to do with the question. What’s more, presidents are not responsible for law enforcement at the state level, and Scott knows that. He was just using the issue to dodge answering Bash’s question, and to smear Biden.

For the record, crime has actually been decreasing throughout Biden’s term in office. So if Scott wants to hold Biden responsible for the crime rate, he should be praising and supporting him.

The substance of Bash’s question ought to be the starting point for every interview of every Trump surrogate, supporter, and sycophant, who speaks for Trump in the press. And they must be required to give responses that are relative to the matter at hand. If the media held to those simple principles of journalism, the nation would be far better off, and charlatans like Scott and Trump could not get away with their limp dictation of propaganda.


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One thought on “CNN’s Dana Bash Asks the Key Question About Trump’s Criminality: How is that ‘Law and Order’

  1. Kudos to Dana Bash!
    Why aren’t others asking the same type of questions? Those type of questions should be the starting point of every interview with Trump & anyone else who speaks for him in the press ~ on airwaves, or in print! If they can’t answer those questions, they have nothing else worthwhile to say. Avoidance & lies are useless at best & most often harmful ~ because ‘untruths’ when heard repeatedly, can end up being believed by those trusting media outlets to always be honest & truthful. (Like back in the days of Walter Cronkite…)

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