Fox News is TERRIFIED of Michelle Obama Running for President – A Fake Campaign Created By Fox

Ever since Donald Trump lost reelection to President Biden, the fear mongers at Fox News have been furiously fabricating nightmare scenarios to scare their already alarmist audience into cowering under the covers and clinging to the hopes that their Mango Messiah will rise from the dread and lead them to MAGA salvation.

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Michelle Obama, Fox News

The scare tactics that Fox News has employed have included everything from migrant caravans, to gun confiscations, to banning of beloved kitchen appliances, and myriad other preposterous horror stories. Trump himself has led the parade of peril with his incessant sermonizing about the curse of “Crooked Joe” and the “radical communist and fascist thugs” of the Democratic Party. Needless to say, it’s an apocalyptic perspective that has no foundation in reality.

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On Monday morning, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends introduced yet another monstrous visage of the vile liberals. They agonized over the prospect of former First Lady Michelle Obama throwing her hat into the 2024 presidential race. Co-host Steve Doocy fretted that…

“Cindy Adams in today’s New York Post has an item that says ‘Don’t be shocked if Michelle Obama sneaks in.’ And when you look at what she said a couple of days ago on that podcast, you know, that was not a careless adlib. Cindy is suggesting that that was all planned. And apparently, according to Cindy Adams, she sent a survey to top Democrats about running. And in the summer of 2020 [the article actually says summer of 2022. In the summer of 2020 Biden had not even been elected yet], in New York City, she met hedge fund CEO’s and she said ‘I’m running and I’m asking for your support.’ We’re just now finding out about this.”

OH MY HEAVENS! Could this be true? What’s next? Satan for VP? It must be noted that Doocy’s source for this bombshell, Cindy Adams, is not a journalist. She is the gossip columnist for the New York Post, a Rupert Murdoch rag, famous for fictional stories. And there is absolutely nothing in the article that could pass for credible evidence. No quotes from insiders or hedge fund CEOs. No documents or copies of the alleged survey. No receipts of support from donors. Nothing.

For the record, Obama has repeatedly stated that she would not be a candidate for president, or any other office. But that doesn’t stop Fox News from manufacturing a myth that they know will trigger their snowflakey viewers. And they can’t let a day go by without stirring up a cauldron of conspiracy crackpottery.

Doocy elaborated on his baseless speculation by asking what he says is “The Big Question” about whether Obama, if she runs, would keep Kamala Harris as VP. He also says that “A lot of people like Michelle Obama. A LOT!” Which is a generous admission on his part. But then he returns to the subject of the Adams article in the Post, which in her first few sentences proved her editorial neutrality, saying that…

“Biden won’t debate. Can’t. Our codger-in-chief can’t even read the prewritten script in front of him fast enough to pronounce the words. So, forget him — which most of us already have.”

Of course, Biden is ready to debate. He speaks eloquently, albeit with an occasional stutter that he’s had since youth. And most Americans – including the obsessed and malicious Republicans – have not forgotten him. What’s more, Adams seems to have entirely missed all of the cognitive glitches by Trump, such as the most recent one where he mixed up Nikki Haley and Nancy Pelosi.

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No wonder Fox News needs to invent ghastly tales to keep their cult compliant. Their own candidate, Trump, would have to improve several steps to be considered a basket case. However, at least they recognize the intelligence and appeal of Michelle Obama, and the threat she would pose if she were interested in running. The fact that they fear her is a compliment. Just as their suppression of Trump’s deficiencies – -not to mention his tyrannical aspirations – is an admission that he is unfit for office.


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  1. Considering all the crap flung her husband’s way throughout his term by the chimpanzees of the Trump Worshiping Traitor Party, why would Michelle WANT to run?

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