Romney Press Aide Tells Press To ‘Kiss My Ass’

It appears that Mitt Romney’s absence of diplomacy has trickled down to his staff. Rick Gorka, whose job is to work with the press covering the Romney campaign, lashed out at reporters today telling them to “shove it” and to “kiss my ass.”

The incident that set off this temper tantrum occurred when Romney was leaving an event in Poland and reporters called out questions to him. Gorka objected to the inquiries but was met with complaints that Romney has not answered questions from the press corps during the campaign trip.

That’s when Gorka went off and cursed at the people he is supposed to be charming. Nice strategy. However it is fully consistent with the cloddish and insulting etiquette of his boss.

Over at Fox Nation they reported the incident with a headline reading: Romney Aide Scolds Pesky Reporters.

Fox Nation

Oh those pesky reporters asking their questions and everything. What a nuisance. Especially for a campaign that has been unprecedented in their lack of transparency and access to the media. Romney has refused to release his tax returns; has evaded all inquiries about his off-shore bank accounts; won’t talk about his tenure at Bain Capital, has virtually ignored his term as governor of Massachusetts; will not comment of the millions of taxpayer dollars he took to fund the 2002 Olympics; and now his press aide is cussing at reporters because they had the audacity to ask questions.

And this is what Fox demeans as pesky. Funny…they didn’t have that problem when Neil Munro of the Daily Caller shouted questions at President Obama while he was in the middle of a speech.


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  1. Anyone with the attitude Romney has toward the fourth estate and the american people in general should never be POTUS. They do not really believe in democracy or capatilism for that matter. They think they are somehow entitled to positions of power from where they can practice a bastardized form of crony capatilism that benefits them and their benefactors; by using the powers of the state for their economic benefit and letting the rest of the people fight over the crumbs.

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