Remember: 16 of Time’s ‘Silence Breakers’ Were Talking About Sexual Predator Donald Trump

Time Magazine has released its highly anticipated Person of the Year issue. It’s an annual award to the person’s who had the biggest effect on the news. Their choice this year is a particularly appropriate selection considering the impact that women survivors of sexual harassment and abuse have had for the past several months.

Donald Trump MeToo

The “Silence Breakers” are an accumulation of a still growing community of brave women who are holding men accountable for inexcusable behavior and, in some cases, crimes. By featuring these women on the magazine’s storied cover Time had to bypass another newsmaker, Donald Trump. This will undoubtedly infuriate him as he thinks the selection is an honor and that only he is worthy of it.

However, coming in second for Person of the Year is especially profound considering that the chosen designees have a direct association with the pitiful runner-up. In fact, many of them owe their selection to Trump. After all, it is the President who is at the top of the list of sexual predators about whom the Silence Breakers are breaking their silence. Watch this video from Brave New Films that features sixteen of Trump’s victims describing his abuse in their own words:

The sweet part of relegating Trump to second place status is knowing how much that will gnaw at him. It’s another example of him being a loser who is universally despised (except for a small number of glassy-eyed cultists). But piercing his overblown ego isn’t sufficient reparation. Allowing Trump to remain in the White House tells all Americans, particularly women and girls, that they are not valued, respected, or taken seriously. If Trump isn’t impeached for obstruction of justice, collusion with Russia, financial corruption, undermining the free press, or being a pathological liar and malignant narcissist, then his sexual depravity and criminality should be more than reason enough.

This just in: A new Quinnipiac poll shows that 70% think that “Congress should investigate accusations of sexual harassment against President Trump.”

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Donald Trump is PISSED (And Lying) Because He Won’t Be Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

After having told more than 1,600 lies since Inauguration Day, it isn’t really news anymore when Donald Trump wildly diverges from the truth. He has proven himself to be a pathological liar who fabricates stories even when there is no clear advantage in doing so.

Donald Trump End Time

That aberrant behavior explains his latest tweet wherein he whines pitifully about not being named Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.” He obviously regards it as a personal affront even though the designation is not intended to be an award of praise. Just ask prior recipient Adolf Hitler. Nevertheless, Trump’s ego is mortally wounded as revealed in this hastily scribbled tweet:

The first thing to note about this display of conceit and ignorance is that Trump is brazenly lying. There was no call to inform him of his status as Person of the Year. Time Magazine doesn’t do that. Nor do they require photo shoots or interviews. Time tweeted a response to Trump’s pretend phone call that said:

Trump has a confused history with Time’s Person of the Year designations. In 2015 he dismissed it saying:

One year after insisting that he would never be picked, he was picked. And he considered it “a great honor.” Which, of course, it was never meant to be:

But a few years before that he completely repudiated it saying:

The poor thing just can’t make up his mind. He is alternately contemptuous and fawning. Apparently he regards Time Magazine as an irrelevant but honorable rag that he appreciates despite it having no credibility. And he hates it so much that he made up fake covers of himself to hang prominently in his resorts.

With his latest outburst he jettisons all of his previous opinions to simply lie about a fake phone call and an imaginary slight. It’s behavior like this that makes you wonder if there isn’t someone who cares for him that will get him the help he so obviously needs.