WOW! Dotard Donald Trump Makes Some Great Legal Arguments to Go to Trial Before the Election

The past couple of weeks have seen the Supreme Court validate the worst case scenarios of their devolution into a subsidiary of the MAGA Republican cult. Their announcement that they would hear Donald Trump’s ludicrous claim of total immunity – giving him the right to commit any crimes he wants without consequences – is evidence of how beholden the conservative wing of the Court is to Dear Leader Trump.

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To make matters worse, the Supreme Court delayed any ruling on the question of immunity for nearly two months, making it more difficult to fit Trump’s upcoming trials into the calendars of the various lower courts. In essence, the Supreme Court is carrying out Trump’s strategy for delays that could shield him from prosecution, hoping that he wins in November when he can unilaterally dismiss all of the federal cases. It’s de facto immunity without ever having to make such a ruling.

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On Sunday morning Trump posted a comment on his failing social media scam, Truth Social, that he intended to bolster his case for why all of the charges against him should be immediately dropped. But true to form, the intensely ignorant former reality TV game show host demonstrated that he has no grasp of the meaning of legal doctrine, or he’s just fiercely determined to lie about it. He wrote that…

“We’re in the middle of an Election. We have Super Tuesday coming up very shortly. According to Justice Department guidelines, they shouldn’t be prosecuting me: ‘Federal prosecutors and agents may never select the timing of any action, including investigative steps, criminal charges, or statements, for the purpose of affecting any election, or for the purpose of giving an advantage or disadvantage to any candidate or political party.’ THIS IS ELECTION INTERFERENCE, AND SHOULD BE STOPPED IN THE COURTS!”

Surprisingly, Trump correctly quoted section 9-85.000 of the Department of Justice’s Justice Manual (JM). However, unsurprisingly, he clearly has no idea what it means. In fact, the citation that Trump thinks prohibits further proceedings, actually justifies them. Let’s take a closer look.

First: The JM consists of guidelines and recommendations. They are not laws, and there is no legal requirement to comply with them.

Second: The JM recommends that Federal prosecutors avoid timing actions “for the purpose of affecting any election.” And since there is no evidence whatsoever that the Department has deliberately timed any of its actions to harm Trump’s campaign, this doesn’t apply to him. To the contrary, it is Trump who has endeavored to time the trial dates, resulting in their proximity to the election. Prosecutors have consistently requested earlier dates. What’s more, the dates are set by the presiding judges, who are not employed by the Justice Department.

Third There is no policy prohibiting an already-indicted candidate from being tried near – or even on – Election Day. The policy in the JM refers explicitly to new legal actions, not those that are continuations of previously taken ones.

Fourth: The Federal Speedy Trial Act requires that cases be tried expeditiously in service to the interests of the defendant, as well as the public.

In conclusion, Trump didn’t help himself with his remarks. Quite the opposite. There is nothing remotely resembling election interference in anything that the Justice Department or the prosecutors have done. It is Trump who is engaging in blatant election interference by trying to evade accountability for his crimes, and depriving the public of legal resolutions that they need to form voting decisions. It’s an argument that should compel the courts to proceed.

What’s peculiar is that Trump is the one who wants to put off the conclusions to these trials. An innocent defendant would ordinarily be anxious to have the cases resolved and the dark cloud removed from his campaign. Only a guilty person would want the verdict to be delayed.

And that should be how Democrats frame the remainder of this election year. There may still be time to get a verdict from the courts. But if not, then Democrats need to point out that the absence of a verdict is due to Trump’s obvious consciousness of guilt, resulting in his efforts to indefinitely delay the trials. In short, since Trump knows he’s guilty, why would any patriotic American vote for him?


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