WTF? Trump Hypes CNN Report on His Pitiful Fundraising and Frantic Reliance on GOP Billionaires

The comments that Donald Trump posts on his dreadfully failing Truth Social scam are predominantly vicious attacks on his political foes and delusional exaltations of himself. It’s basically an online journal of a malignant narcissist compulsively whining and lying in desperate pursuit of attention.

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Trump Baby on Cash Pile

On Wednesday morning, however, Trump may have exhausted his supply of self-reverential content. That could be because most of the news about him is profoundly negative. He continues to lose about 20% of Republican votes in GOP primaries where he has no opponents. He recently lost civil lawsuits that resulted in judgments against him for nearly half a billion dollars. And he is still battling some 88 felony criminal charges on multiple indictments in four jurisdictions. Yet somehow he still has the time to file his own laughably frivolous lawsuits…

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In desperation, Trump posted a link to an article from CNN with the headline “Republican billionaires rally around Trump for April fundraiser as election – and scramble for cash – heats up.” Let’s set aside the peculiar aberration of Trump promoting content from the network that he regards as “failing” and “fake” news. The article itself was not particularly positive. To the contrary, it focused on his failures as a candidate. CNN reported that…

“Hedge fund founder John Paulson is hosting a high-dollar fundraiser next month to benefit Donald Trump’s presidential campaign that is drawing some of the Republican Party’s wealthiest donors, according to an invitation obtained by CNN.

The April 6 event, slated to be held in Palm Beach, Florida, is a sign that some ultra-rich GOP figures who remained on the sidelines during the primary season – or backed other candidates – are coalescing behind the former president, now that he is the party’s presumptive nominee and scrambles to catch up with President Joe Biden and Democrats in the funding race.”

So Trump apparently wanted his cult followers to know that his fundraising was seriously trailing that of President Biden, who raised a record $53 million in February, contributing to his total cash on hand of $155 million. The article also noted that the “high-dollar fundraiser” by the RNC (now co-chaired by his daughter-in-lawlessness, Lara Trump) is “aimed at helping him quickly raise large sums as he works to close the fundraising gap with Biden and Democrats.”

What’s more, the article reported that the admission price for the event ranged from $250,000 per person to $814,600 per person if you want to sit at the former reality TV game show host’s table. And those who continued reading would learn that the fundraiser was also financing a PAC that has been paying some of Trump’s legal bills. Donors who thought they were helping Trump and/or other Republicans get elected might be surprised to hear about that.

Furthermore, Trump’s promotion of the news that he’s begging actual billionaires (unlike himself) for big money bailouts isn’t exactly the sort of information that would endear him to the working-class rubes he has been fleecing for votes and small dollar donations. They might also be put off to learn that two Fox News hosts – Larry Kudlow and Mark Levin – have pleaded on air for wealthy Republicans to finance the half billion dollars in legal judgments (so far) that Trump has been ordered to pay.

Nevertheless, Trump is surely convinced that he won’t suffer any consequences from holding his red hat out to tycoons who later will undoubtedly call in favors should Trump reoccupy the White House. And he will obediently serve their interests, not those of the little people who Trump has always exploited and despised.

Finally, don’t be surprised if the fat cats who bankroll Trump include foreign oligarchs and representatives of Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and other dictators that Trump so admires. It’s just another way that he will be putting the democracy and sovereignty of America at risk if he is given the opportunity.


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