The Biden-Harris Campaign Exposes the GOP’s Bogus and Failed Biden Probe – on Truth Social

Fourteen months ago Republicans assumed a razor-thin majority in the House of Representatives. What they have done with it since then is a masterclass in incompetence, failure, and humiliation. They have chosen to conduct the business of government in a manner that replicates how Donald Trump conducts business – by driving it into bankruptcy.

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After taking fifteen votes to select their first Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, the Republicans threw him out after only none months. Then they spent three weeks to select their replacement, Mike Johnson, who was their fourth choice. And throughout all of this infighting and chaos, they have managed to score a modern day record for low productivity, essentially accomplishing nothing on behalf of the people they allegedly represent.

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Having nothing affirmative to run on, Republicans decided that their only recourse was to stage phony investigations and baseless impeachment inquiries aimed at smearing President Biden, his family, and other Democrats. But even that has ended in abject failure because of one slight flaw in their strategy: They have absolutely zero evidence of any wrongdoing on Biden’s part. In fact, most of their own witnesses have testified that Biden never engaged in anything improper, much less illegal. Consequently, their defamatory scheme is falling apart and will likely be abandoned. As reported on CNN…

“This is not how Republicans thought their 15 month investigation would be going. When they got the majority, investigating the President and his family was a huge focus, But after 15 months pouring over a hundred thousand bank records, interviewing around 40 people, including the President’s son, Hunter, and brother James, their business associates, Department of Justice officials, IRS whistleblowers, Republicans haven’t found any evidence of wrongdoing by the President, and they don’t have the votes to impeach

To make matters worse for Republicans and Trump, this segment from CNN outlining the failure of the Republican smear job was also posted on Trump’s failing social media scam, Truth Social, by the Biden-Harris campaign. Of course, most of the users of that website won’t care much about reporting from CNN, but it still expands the exposure of this news into territory it might not otherwise reach.

However, the story doesn’t stop with CNN. The futility of the GOP’s fake probes has been so obvious that even Fox News had to acknowledge it. In a segment reporting on the current state of the GOP’s inquisition and the prospects for a Biden impeachment, Fox’s Shannon Bream reported that…

“I think it’s increasingly unlikely…I think Republicans are trying to be realistic with the margins that they have. And the Speaker seems to signaling that ‘maybe we’re not gonna push this to the floor for a vote.'”

That’s right. According to Fox News, the GOP doesn’t even have enough votes among their majority to pass the articles of impeachment that they have been yammering about for nearly a year and a half. To be sure, some of the hardcore deadenders will continue to try to push this nonsense. But they will soon tire of beating that deceased old nag. And when they do, the Biden-Harris account on Truth Social will let all of the Trump cultists know what is actually going on.


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