Trump Celebrates Supreme Court Ballot Ruling with Crazy, Unrelated Babbling and Lies

The Supreme finally delivered their ruling on the Colorado state decision to remove Donald Trump from the ballot due to his breach of Section 3 of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment, which holds that “No person shall […] hold any office, civil or military, under the United States [who] shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

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Donald Trump WTF

The Court’s decision placed the authority for ascertaining whether an insurrectionist can run for, or serve as, president within the jurisdiction of Congress, not the states. That can be debated by people of good faith. But what is indisputable is that Trump did incite an insurrection and continues to give aid and comfort to insurrectionists, including those currently serving prison sentences. The Court could have said otherwise, but did not. Which was wise considering the abundance of testimonial, documentary, and video evidence against Trump. He even admitted it himself…

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Following the announcement of the Court’s decision, Trump spoke to the press, presumably to hail what he perceived to be a momentous legal victory. However, given his notoriously short attention span and cognitive deficiencies, his speech quickly meandered off topic. Trump aimlessly diverted into a rendition of his routine cult rally rants, almost completely ignoring the Court’s ruling on ballot access. Reputable media outlets cut away from that thinly veiled campaign speech. In the future they should decline to cover him at all.

Among the topics that topped Trump’s temper tantrum instead were his dishonest representations of immigration, his false claim to have eliminated ISIS, his anxiety about having been ordered to pay a $354 million judgment for financial fraud, and a string of infantile insults aimed at prosecutors, including Fani Willis and Jack Smith. One area that he focused on intensely was his delusional belief that he is entitled to “total immunity” for any crime that he wants to commit. On that subject he said that…

“Presidents have to be given total immunity. They have to be allowed to do their job. If they are not allowed to do their job, it is not what the founders wanted. But perhaps even more importantly, it will be terrible for our country.”

Never mind that our country has survived for a couple of centuries without any of its 46 presidents having that fringe benefit. Nor, with the exception of Trump, needing it, because they weren’t committing crimes with the severity and frequency of Trump. Although he was grateful that he had the ability to make his case, preposterous as it is…

“I’m lucky that I’m able to explain it to the public because if you weren’t able to explain it, the public wouldn’t know. They’d believe what they see.”

Trump thinks that the public is too stupid to understand these matters – that have nothing to do with the ruling he was supposedly responding to – without his explaining it to them. According to him, absent his explanations, they would simply “believe what they see.” And we certainly can’t have that. Particularly when his explanations clear so much up. For instance…


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