Delusional, Self-Anointed Messiah Trump Proclaims that ‘I’ve Been Right About Everything’

According to Christian doctrine, there is only one infallible person who ever walked among the humans on Earth. They believe that is Jesus Christ, who in their faith is the messiah and savior of all mankind. Perfection is regarded as a divine trait that only god can claim. Everyone else is a sinner by birth.

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Donald Trump Messiah

But don’t anyone tell Donald Trump that. He has been professing his perfection for most of life. In his mind he has never made a single mistake, despite his misfortune of being surrounded by people – who he selected – that fail repeatedly. It’s a level of delusion that cannot be measured by modern instruments. He has even proclaimed that he is the “chosen one.”

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In an interview with Greg Kelly on the ultra-rightist network Newsmax, Trump was given an opportunity to associate himself with the rest humanity that suffers from the heartbreak of fallibility. But true to form, he waved it off and reiterated his belief in his own holy transcendence and supremacy…

Kelly: You’ve been right a lot, but nobody is right all the time. Is there such a thing as overconfidence? Are you at this point tough to advise? I know you’ve got great advisors, but did you learn some negative lessons by being right when they were wrong and you might think, “Well, I’m always right. They must always be wrong.”
Trump: Well, they do have a hat – and I don’t produce it. Somebody else – “Trump was right about everything.” .I mean, if you look at all of these – many, many things, I’ve been right about everything.

Kelly could not have composed a more fawning and obsequious question, leading with the preposterous premise that Trump is “right a lot.” But at least Kelly conceded the possibility that he may have been wrong on a few occasions. In reality he was wrong with impressive frequency. But Kelly’s mild concession was the most that could be hoped for from a bona fide Trump-fluffer.

Trump, on the other hand, made no such concessions. he immediately referred to what is his most reliable source of information – a hat – to affirm his state infallible divinity. If it’s printed on a hat, it must be true. Never mind that Trump has been wrong about some of the most critical matters that have faced the nation. Such as…

  • He said that COVID was no worse than the flu and would disappear in a few days.
  • He insisted that the stock market would crash if Biden were elected.
  • He lied that tariffs would bring in billions of dollars from China.
  • He maligned migrants as prisoners and mental patients who would increase crime.
  • He promised to eliminate the national debt.
  • He opposed NATO and heralded its demise.
  • He predicted that his tax cuts for the rich would create jobs and boost the economy.
  • He continues to push his “Big Lie” that he won the 2020 election.

None of those things were remotely true. And just to cap his record of wrongness, in the same interview Trump proved how utterly idiotic he can be. Reaching back in time to attack a perennial foe, Trump brought up Bill and Hillary Clinton to say that…

Hillary Clinton did “all sorts of acid testing and everything else. They call it BleachBit. But it’s essentially acid that will destroy everything within 10 miles. What she did was unbelievable. Nothing happens to her. Nothing happens to Bill Clinton. He took it out in his socks. You know, the famous “socks” case, which he actually ended up winning.”

That is indeed “unbelievable.” Because it is flagrantly false. And not just false but ridiculous. Hillary Clinton followed State Department guidelines for retiring digital devices when leaving office. She used a software program called BleachBit to erase any potentially exploitable data. She did not use some imaginary acidic substance that could “destroy everything within 10 miles.”

As for Bill Clinton, he never took anything hidden in his socks. The story that Trump is mangling is one where Clinton voluntarily handed over to investigators documents for his memoir that he had stored at home in a sock drawer. They were eventually ruled to be his personal property and not sensitive government materials in any respect.

Given how often Trump is wrong, paired wit how often he is merely stupid, it would be insane to support him for any office in any government. But the devotion of his glassy-eyed disciples is just further evidence that he is leading a cult, not a political party. Which only makes it more imperative that he be soundly defeated in November. Because if there is anything that Trump has been right about, it’s his intention to rule as a dictator should he be given the chance.


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