TOTALLY AGREE… With the RNC Chair Who Says ‘We Are Better Off Today’ than Four Years Ago

Forty four years ago Ronald Reagan asked a question that has become a staple of every presidential election that has followed. During a debate with President Jimmy Carter, Reagan asked “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?” It was really a rather simplistic question that didn’t get to the heart of any specific issue. But it was an effective rhetorical worm that borrowed into the minds of voters.

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Ever since, American voters have been asked to make the same comparison. And the 2024 presidential election is no exception. However, it does make a huge difference who is asking this question now. President Biden has presided over a booming economy, unprecedented job creation, and a legislative agenda that includes progress on climate and the environment, healthcare, gun reforms, tax equity, infrastructure, manufacturing, and more. It’s a record that Republicans are having a hard time criticizing…

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Meanwhile, Donald Trump has been spending his days in court defending himself against dozens of civil and criminal charges, including election interference, inciting an insurrection and rape. And that will continue to dominate his time through November and beyond.

Which makes it difficult for the GOP to ask the “better off” question now. But that hasn’t stopped them from doing so. The latest Republican to venture down this path is the newly installed co-chair (along with Trump’s daughter-in-lawlessness, Lara Trump) of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Michael Whatley. He appeared on Fox News and asked that question. But the answer he provided was a bit of surprise…

“At the end of the day, this comes down to a very simple contrast between President Trump and President Biden. Were you better off four years ago than you are today? The answer for this entire country is no. I mean yes. We are better off today.”

That’s right. Whatley’s first stab at the answer was to say that, no, we were not better off four years ago during the Trump administration. Then when he tried to clean up his gaffe, he made it worse by saying that, yes, we are better off today. It’s hard to argue with him. But it’s par for the course for the new RNC leadership that is doing more to help Democrats than Republicans.

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What’s more, in the past few days this question has been asked by everyone in the Trump cult, from Lara Trump to Sean Hannity, who insisted that Democrats “cannot run on ‘are you better off than you were four years ago.'”

Really? For the record, four years ago thousands of Americans were dying every day from a virus that Trump mismanaged through neglect and/or ignorance; the stock market had crashed; jobs were eliminated as companies closed; and you couldn’t buy toilet paper. He also added eight trillion dollars to the deficit, embraced foreign dictators, alienated allies, and appointed ultra-rightist judges that who reversed Roe v Wade and generally ruled in favor of wealthy elitists and corporations. All the while, Trump cast himself in the starring role of a daily reality TV show where he upstaged the experts and lied that “a lot of good things are gonna happen.”

Actually, Trump was right, just a little early. Because, as for whether we are better off than four years ago, well…a lot of good things did happen – after President Biden took over. For instance…


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