Trump’s Parking Lot Lawyer on Newsmax: Biden is Bringing in Migrants to Vote for Him in November

The past few weeks have seen Donald Trump suffer some of the worst legal catastrophes in modern times. He was found liable for the defamation and sexual harassment of writer E. Jean Carroll, and ordered to pay $88 million. That was followed by a $354 million judgment for financial fraud

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Donald Trump, Immigrant, Child

In the wake of those crippling losses, the attorney representing Trump, parking lot lawyer Alina Habba, is now making the rounds on MAGA media to talk about completely unrelated matters. In fact, they are purely political matters that are not remotely related to her legal duties. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been watching her for the past several months. Many of her media appearances have focused on the same bizarre tirades that Trump babbles about at his cult rallies.

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On a recent visit to the friendly environs of Newsmax, Habba was asked whether President Biden could be held responsible for the tragic murder of a student in Georgia, allegedly by an immigrant from Venezuela. It is, of course, a ridiculous question that is intended only to blame Biden personally for any and all crimes committed anywhere in America. Never mind that crime has fallen significantly during the Biden administration, particularly “in cities that have received the most migrants.” Unfazed by facts, Newsmax and Habba set about to attack Biden with an especially ludicrous conspiracy theory…

Newsmax Host: Does Joe Biden have blood on his hands at this point?
Habba: 100%. Look, the whole thing with our borders, the whole thing with them bringing these people in so that they could vote in November because they need 10 million more votes to beat Trump. They need more than that. Frankly, this is all by design, and it’s not about keeping us safe. New Yorkers are not safe. America is not safe. And Joe Biden is more concerned with his polls, which he can’t win fair and square because the man can’t even walk. So he has to do this.

HOLY CRAP: So according to Habba, Biden is actually rounding up migrants – probably criminals – and “bringing these people in so that they could vote in November.” Habba doesn’t explain how he plans to get them registered to vote, show up at the polls, and tabulate their ballots, when there is no legal way that any of that can happen. Even legal immigrants must go through a process that takes years before they are eligible to vote.

If that pitiful ignorance of the law wasn’t bad enough, Habba was compelled to malign Biden’s mental and/or physical fitness by charging that he has to recruit these foreigners “because the man can’t even walk.” A real journalist might have followed up by asking Habba “What the f*** does that have to do with anything?” All she’s doing is opening up the conversation to include Trump’s more obvious cognitive decline. Then Habba goes on to make preposterous inferences to Fentanyl (which is mostly smuggled in at legal ports of entry by Americans), and more baseless allegations of electoral cheating.

Furthermore, if an aspiring election fraudster wanted to create phony voters, why would they need immigrants at all? There are millions of Americans who don’t vote and aren’t registered. Their names could be used to manufacture fake voters. Importing people who are likely to be caught and deported would be a much riskier operation And more complex and expensive as well. Plus, it would be taking illegal jobs from native born American criminals.

It is no secret where Habba is getting these idiotic lines of inquiry. They come directly from her boss, Donald Trump. He recently posted a comment on his failing social media scam, Truth Social, that asserted the same asinine argument. Trump whined that…

“It’s becoming more and more obvious to me why the ‘Crazed’ Democrats are allowing millions and millions of totally unvetted migrants into our once great Country. IT’S SO THEY CAN VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. They are signing them up at a rapid pace, without even knowing who the hell they are. It all makes sense now.”

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Finally. It all makes sense. Thank goodness we have Trump and Habba to enlighten us all to these alternative facts. And to keep us appropriately frightened of them nefarious ferners.


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