Fox News Touts Their Own Poll that Reveals How Delusional Republicans Are About the Economy

The 2024 presidential election season is heating up as both candidates exert their best efforts to draw voters to their cause. Which for President Biden means campaigning vigorously in every swing state and advancing initiatives that benefit all Americans. For Donald Trump it means dining with rich pals at Mar-a-Lago, golfing, and sitting in courtrooms scowling and whining.

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Fox News, Fake News

The media’s horserace coverage of the campaign is predictably useless as they focus almost entirely on polls, while ignoring the substantive actions taken by the candidates. For instance, Biden is building national infrastructure, creating jobs, and protecting healthcare, including women’s reproductive rights. Trump, on the other hand, is pledging to cut Social Security, promising to release all of the violent January 6th insurrectionists, and doing infomercials for Trump-endorsed bibles.

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Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News, is playing its staunchly Republican part in this political potboiler. They just released a poll that shows Trump leading Biden 50-45%, within the margin of error. And Fox’s Harris Faulkner thinks that she knows why Trump is enjoying a small lead.

“A new round of Fox News polling shows former president Trump widening his lead over President Biden. One big reason? The economy. Fifty-two percent of voters say they’re worse off financially today than they were in 2020, just before Biden took office.”

Faulkner appears to be oblivious to the fact that four years ago the nation was locked up in their homes, terrified of a deadly virus, losing their jobs as companies closed, and unable to find toilet paper or other household goods at the grocery stores. And The Republican respondents to the poll also seem to be suffering from the same selective amnesia.

Digging a little deeper, the poll found that among Democrats only 28% said they are worse of today than four years ago. However, it also found that 72% of Republicans consider themselves worse off now. That’s a disparity that makes no sense if it were actually tied to real world economic conditions. So the GOP respondents are either having memory lapses (a symptom of Long COVID) or they are lying to the pollsters for political reasons.

Another possibility is that Republicans actually are suffering more severe economic circumstances than Democrats because they live in states run by Republicans, where conditions are worse due to bad management and the insensitivity of GOP leaders to the real problems of their citizens. If that’s the case, then the Fox News poll is helpfully exposing the harm caused by electing Republicans.

It says something unmistakable that 72% of Democrats say they are the same or better off now, but only 27% of Republicans are saying that. Is that a problem caused by the President, or the GOP losers who are doing so poorly during a time of economic growth? Based on the results of this poll, who would you rather be now, a Democrat or a Republican? And based on your answer to that question, who would you rather vote for in November? And if you say “Republican,” you are validating the absurdity of the GOP responses in this poll. And what’s more, you deserve what you get.


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