Jon Stewart Hysterically Tramples Trump’s MAGA Cult Crackpots for Calling Themselves Patriots

The 2024 presidential election is a stark departure from those that have preceded it for the past couple of centuries. It is not merely a choice between two competing political parties or ideologies. It is quite literally a choice between the preservation of democracy and American principles, or the autocratic tyranny of Donald Trump and his MAGA cult movement.

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Jon Stewart, Donald Trump

Trump has embraced some of the most brazen dictators in the world, including Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong Un. He praises them effusively and isn’t shy about showing his envy for their strongarm styles of ruling their respective countries. Trump himself has promised to rule as a dictator. And while he says it would be for just one day, when has a dictator ever voluntarily relinquished his power once he’s obtained it?

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The tyrannical tendencies of Trump are frightening in and of themselves. But the devotion of his glassy-eyed cult disciples may be even more disturbing. Trump will one day be gone. But his minions could linger to latch onto the next wingnut messiah who persuades them that they are the “real Americans” who are the rightful inheritors of the fatherland.

It was just that threat that Jon Stewart addressed in his opening segment of the Daily Show on Monday night. He warned about the “Republican mythology” that these right-wing extremists are “somehow more Americany” that the rest of us. Then he played a video compilation of StormTrumpers at his cult rallies embracing the notion of Trump becoming a dictator, and even pledging to support him if he committed murder “on the front steps of the White House.” In response, Stewart delivered a monologue that was both profound and hilarious. The whole thing is worthy of your time, but in the last two minutes it concludes with the following insight…

“This is it. The Thomas Nast cartoon. Patriots festooned in American flags, cosigning dictatorship. Remember ‘We the people’? You know, there’s more words after that, right? Smaller font, still binding. Look, if you want to love Trump, love him. Go to the rallies, buy the sneakers. You want to give him absolute power? You want him to be the leader über alles? You want him to have the right of kings? You do you.

“But stop framing it as patriotism. Because the one thing you cannot say is that Donald Trump is following the tradition of the founders. He is advocating for complete and total presidential immunity. His words, not mine. That is monarchy shit, and it’s your right to support it. But just do me a favor for historical accuracy. Next time you want to dress up at the rallies, wear the right f**king colored coats.”

DAMN RIGHT! The meatheads that profess to love Trump despite his anti-constitutional cravings for unchallenged dominion over everyone and everything are, by definition, not American patriots. They are traitors who acquiesce to the fascism favored by Trump’s totalitarian heroes. And if they get their way there is no longer anything resembling a constitutional republic in America.

So the next time you hear Trumpists declare that they are patriots, remind of what they really are: American Hate-riots. And they can take their MAGA movement (Make America a Groveling Autocracy) to Russia where it will fit right in.


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