Trump Toady Ronna McDaniel Lands at NBC After Being Ousted From the RNC

The past couple of years have been filled with extraordinary adversities for the Republican Party. After assuming the majority in the House of Representatives, it took them fifteen votes to elect a Speaker (Kevin McCarthy), who they ousted just nine months later. Then it took them three weeks to elect his replacement (Mike Johnson) after failing with three proposed candidates.

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Ronna McDaniel on Meet the Press, NBC, MSNBC

Despite the epic nature of those disasters, they were overshadowed by the GOP’s obsession with impeaching President Biden and smearing his family and other Democrats. Every hearing held by the House GOP inevitably wound up embarrassing them as both their witnesses and the facts invariably favored Biden, leaving Republicans to wallow in the swamp of lies they tried to peddle. As a result, they have accomplished nothing of significance in the fourteen months they’ve occupied the majority.

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Throughout this catastrophic congressional collapse, the Republican National Committee (RNC) was chaired by Ronna McDaniel. Her tenure there saw the party lose multiple seats in Congress, as well as issue oriented elections around the country. Her “leadership” has been so inept that the party has little to show for it’s efforts. They have raised record low amounts in the past year and have far less available cash on hand than their Democratic opponents. And she made sure that the RNC served as a de facto slush fund for Donald Trump and his lawyers. That condition got even worse after McDaniel was forced to resign and was replaced by Trump’s daughter-in-lawlessness, Lara Trump.

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On the basis of that record of incompetence and failure, NBC News has announced that they have hired McDaniel as a political analyst. She is scheduled to appear on NBC News and MSNBC to provide her alleged insight on politics and elections. Which is especially grotesque considering that her “insight” includes embracing Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “rigged and stolen,” and her arguably unlawful efforts to undermine democracy by participating in efforts to recruit fake electors to steal the election from Biden.

On the surface this appears to be an atrocious addition to the NBC roster. And Ron Filipkowski of the MeidasTouch Network has compiled some cringe examples of McDaniel’s ignorant and offensive past media outings. They reveal her to be utterly unqualified for the job that she’s just been hired to do.

But on reflection, her new position might not be as horribly ill-suited as it would seem. In fact, it could be a big advantage for the progressives on the network who will likely spar with her on the air. It could follow the Fox News model of hiring weak-kneed Democrats so that they will lose every argument with Fox’s wingnut pundits. McDaniel would be an excellent foil for the much more intelligent panelists already on NBC and MSNBC.

What’s more, MSNBC has a decent track record of hiring Republicans who turn out to be reliable critics of the GOP and especially Trump. For example Nicolle Wallace, Joe Scarborough, Michael Steele, etc. They aren’t always aligned with Democrats, but they offer a conservative’s criticism of the GOP. And since Trump has been so grotesquely insulting toward McDaniel, who knows how she will respond now that she is no longer dependent on their paycheck. And you have to wonder why she didn’t get picked up by Fox News or Newsmax.

In a worst case scenario, McDaniel is still just one person on the network and is woefully ill-equipped to cause any serious damage. Plus, she gives MSNBC some cover when they are accused of being staffed by only left-wingers. So we’ll see how she presents herself in the coming weeks and months during this election year. Either she begins to take some honest and coherent positions, or she gets steamrolled by her new colleagues. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: According to The Wrap, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that after scorching backlash “MSNBC president Rashida Jones told employees that the liberal-leaning news network has no plans to put new NBC News contributor Ronna McDaniel on the cable outlet.” While that’s good news, it remains troubling that NBC is still planning to put her on the air, and that any news organization would consider such a brazen and potentially criminal liar employable.