WHUT? MAGA Media is Ranting About Biden Eating Salad and the Loch Ness Monster on Trump’s Jury

It must be impossibly difficult for Donald Trump’s disinformation brigades to keep up their non-stop smear campaigns. After all, how often can they regurgitate the same lame and libelous laments about “rigged” elections and trials, and desperately infantile insults aimed at President Biden and other Democrats?

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The answer to that question is apparently that there is no limit to how often the Trump cult can rehash tired tirades that they have already disseminated to death. The inevitable result of that obsessive overuse of perpetual peevishness is that the propaganda purveyors wind up descending ever deeper into the depths of depravity and absurdity.

FOR INSTANCE: Fox News Floats Conspiracy Theory that Biden is Plotting to Assault Trump to Avoid Debating Him

On Tuesday morning the MAGA media was called to arms to defend Dear Leader Trump and to malign Biden. Unfortunately for them, they had nothing of substance – or even sanity – with which to pursue their missions. So they puffed up their chests and went into a battle of wits entirely unarmed.

First we have Eric Bolling of Newsmax. He is the former Fox News host who was fired for sexual misconduct and rescued by the lower tier wingnut network. Bolling delivered a monologue based on his perverse perception of Biden having a perfectly normal meal at the White House Correspondents Dinner last weekend. What Bolling saw, however, wasn’t remotely related to reality…

“Here is the President of the United States, the man with the nuclear codes at his fingertips, grappling with a bowl of lettuce. He can barely feed himself. […] The man who is going to push back on Russia, China, North Korea? Are you kidding me? He can’t even take a bite of his own salad. This man’s not suited for the job for four more minutes, let alone four more years.”

It’s remarkable that Bolling can claim that Biden wasn’t able to “take a bite of his own salad” while simultaneously playing a video of Biden taking taking a bite of his own salad. It was right there in the split screen next to him. It appears that Bolling was upset that Biden didn’t shovel the salad into his mouth the way that Trump devours a bucket of KFC. In MAGA Land behaving in a civilized manner is evidence of senility. But ravenous gorging is proof of manhood.

Not to be outdone in the deranged department, Jesse Watters of Fox News did a commentary on Trump having been charged and fined for contempt of court following his violation of the gag order that the judge had to impose on him because he wouldn’t stop attacking court personnel, witnesses, and jurors…

“They are threatening to throw the Republican nominee for president in jail for talking. For talking during an election. Now I am not a lawyer. Just play one on TV, but according to the gag you could have the Loch Ness monster as a juror and Trump can’t say the Loch Ness is real. That’s a thousand dollars. Boom, right there. It’s not fair. It’s unconstitutional. And it goes against everything that this country stands for.”

LOCH HIM UP! First of all, Trump is not being threatened with jail for talking. He is being penalized for violating a court order to refrain from intimidating people. He can talk all he wants. In fact, he rarely stops. But he cannot engage in threats or harassment.

Watters seems to be dead set on retaining his role as the stupidest person on Fox News. Which judging from these remarks, he has nothing to worry about. He also doesn’t need to remind people that he isn’t a lawyer. Especially when he drags the poor, unsuspecting Loch Ness monster into a discussion about the jurors on the Trump trial.

Watters seems to think it’s okay for a defendant to malign jurors based on the scales of their skin. And he thinks that attacking jurors of monster-origin is what this country stands for. Does anyone have the slightest idea WTF he’s talking about?

The rants by Bolling and Watters are asininity on the scale of MAGA’s prior attacks on Biden for eating ice cream cones, or the false allegations that he is plotting to confiscate household appliances, or that the eclipse was a Democratic plot to sneak migrants into America. It seems that they just keep getting more and more preposterous every day. And that aint easy. So give them credit. It’s something that they really have to work at.


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