Watch Trump WHINE That America Will Remember Obama and ObamaCare Fondly – And He’s Right

Donald Trump has commenced his sales pitch for the Republican alternative to the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare). It’s generous to call it an alternative when it mainly guts the existing plan and grants millionaires a huge tax break. Nevertheless, Trump went into his negative branding routine, calling ObamaCare a disaster and falsely asserting that it is imploding.

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There is little in the GOP plan that can be identified as being beneficial to American citizens. But in a White House photo-op, the President heralded it as godsend. He claimed that competition was going to bring the cost of health care way down. “It will be a thing of beauty,” he said. But he didn’t explain why that would happen in a future without ObamaCare when it never happened prior to ObamaCare. In fact, costs increased at a far greater rate before the ACA than after.

He also claimed that the ACA covers very few people. That flies in the face of reality. Since the introduction of ObamaCare more than 20 million additional Americans have healthcare coverage. As demonstrated by his ludicrous crowd estimates at his inauguration, Trump has trouble with numbers. However, his ability to whine is firmly in tact. Predicting that the public will react negatively to RepubliCare, Trump sought to preemptively dismiss their judgment:

“So the press is making it look so wonderful. So that if we end it, everyone’s going to say, ‘Oh, remember how great ObamaCare used to be? Remember how wonderful it used to be? It used to be so great?’ It’s a little bit like President Obama. When he left, people liked him. When he was here, people didn’t like him so much. That’s the way life goes. That’s human nature.”

First of all, Obama’s approval rating never dipped below 50 percent in the last six months of his presidency. The nation’s appreciation for him did not start after he left office. And when he did leave his approval peaked at 59 percent. ObamaCare is also viewed more favorably than ever now. People don’t have to wait until it’s gone to miss it. They appreciate it now, especially in contrast to the Republican alternative. So Trump’s lament that everyone’s gonna “remember how great ObamaCare used to be,” is well placed.

Trump then returned to his robotic and hollow repetition that “ObamaCare is a disaster,” for which he offered no proof. All the available evidence points to a program that has exceeded the most optimistic projections. And it continues to gain popularity. This year ObamaCare had more enrollments than any year since it began.

Now that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has completed its analysis of the the Republican plan, a fair comparison can be made. The CBO projects that 24 million people will lose their healthcare coverage by 2026 under the GOP’s plan. And while premiums will decline marginally for young, healthy enrollees, they will skyrocket for seniors and low income earners. Meanwhile, the wealthy will get massive tax cuts that will make it even harder to provide coverage via Medicaid and Medicare. The GOP proposal will cost those programs nearly $900 billion.

Trump’s point men on the issue immediately rejected the CBO report without having read it. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price made a blanket condemnation of the CBO’s competence and accuracy. And Trump’s director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney, spewed a litany of lies aimed at discrediting the CBO.

This is is pretty much all the Trump administration can do at this point. The facts are aligned against them. But it’s encouraging that even Trump realizes that American’s have positive views of both Obama and his healthcare policies. He can’t deny the popularity of a program that made insurance available to millions for the first time. But he sure does whine tremendously goodly.

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6 thoughts on “Watch Trump WHINE That America Will Remember Obama and ObamaCare Fondly – And He’s Right

  1. Bye bye ACA. Don’t let the door hit ya in da ass…..haha!????

    • Ya I wouldn’t hold my breath there Gomer. The useless GOP has had 7 yrs to figure this out and still nothing. You people are friggen morons.

  2. Russian hackers and Republican liars slandered the ACA/ “Obama(does)care” during the election and now that it was stolen from Hillary Clinton and the American people, they are STILL lying to us about the ACA. Its almost as if the lie will become the truth if you tell it long enough and forcefully enough; and the truth will become the lie. But the truth is, the AHCA/ “Trump(doesn’t) care” will “make America sick again.” Elderly people will die from poverty, neglect and ill health even though they paid taxes while working their entire adult lives. The government as defined by Trump, Pence, Ryan, et. al., will owe the American people nothing. We will be paying taxes so that Trump and his cabal can maintain their lives as American oligarchs like they do in Russia. There is nothing good here. Trump IS NOT making America great at all- he’s making this country WORST. We have to STOP him before he breaks our entire form of government and way of life. Good healthcare is NOT an entitlement; it is the right of all taxpaying Americans- Trump is NOT one of us!! Trump doesn’t pay taxes- ok?

  3. Trump is a sociopathic narcissistic liar. Stupid uneducated trash is an understatement. President Obama was and is more popular than trump could ever dream of. That FACT sticks in his throat like a bone. Trump and his cultists of liars and thieves must be removed from all offices at once before they can do more damage to the country and the people.

  4. Still can’t believe this azs clown was sorta elected. Trump is not even worthy to wash Obamas car let alone replace him. Nice job morons.

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