Good Grief: Now an Angry and Frightened Trump is ‘Yelling at Television Sets in the White House’

The walls are closing in around Donald Trump. At least that’s the way he must be feeling as the investigations into his criminal misconduct proceed. Every day seems to produce another incriminating discovery. And the scope of the investigation grows to encompass more associates and more disturbing improprieties. Everything from his his unsavory Russian connections to his financial conflicts and constitutional breaches are being scrutinized.

Donald Trump

Trump and his handlers have been struggling to change the narrative from the administration’s collapse to one phony agenda item or another. But traveling overseas didn’t do it. Nor did “Infrastructure Week” or “Apprentice Week.” And his big announcement that he was turning back the clock on America’s relations with Cuba fell flat as well. Even the tragic news that a lunatic shot at a group of Republicans practicing for a charity baseball game didn’t take the nation’s attention away from Trump’s scandals for very long.

So this may be a good time to check into the mental state of our President, which has been questionable for some time. His incoherent outbursts and self-destructive tweets paint a picture of a troubled mind. And when the Associated Press sought answers from within the Trump circle, what they found should be of concern to all Americans.

“Trump advisers and confidants describe the president as increasingly angry over the investigation, yelling at television sets in the White House carrying coverage and insisting he is the target of a conspiracy to discredit — and potentially end — his presidency.”

It isn’t difficult to imagine Trump yelling at the TV. It fits his psychological profile. Anyone – or thing – that he perceives to be less than adoring is an enemy deserving of his wrath. It doesn’t matter if it was once a close ally. Trump will turn on you in a hot flash if you don’t maintain a posture of unwavering idolatry. That’s particularly noticeable with regard to his relationship with television. It is what thrust him into the public eye with his Apprentice program. And it’s what focused so intently on him throughout his campaign. But now, with news reports disclosing his malfeasance in office, TV is persona non grata (except for Fox News). He’s abandoning his bestest friend.

The frustration and anger that Trump is displaying is evident in his tweets and other communications. To have it affirmed by insiders speaking anonymously just underscores how frustrated they are as well:

“Aides have counseled the president to stay off Twitter and focus on other aspects of his job. […] Yet Trump’s angry tweets on Friday underscored the near-impossible challenge his advisers and legal team have in trying to get him to avoid weighing in on an active probe.”

Trump’s temperament has always been one of the most worrisome concerns about his holding office. And pretty much everything that’s happened since he was inaugurated is confirmation that those worries were justified. He has praised America’s enemies and alienated our allies. His tantrums over Hillary Clinton and the election last year are never-ending. And the fact that he would appear on television and effectively confess to obstruction of justice with regard to firing James Comey is more than enough proof that he is unfit to serve. Now the question is, will his Republican colleagues choose to put country over party in order to save the nation?

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5 thoughts on “Good Grief: Now an Angry and Frightened Trump is ‘Yelling at Television Sets in the White House’

  1. The rethugs may not have a choice between traitor trump and their own skins. If they want to keep their jobs, party had better take a way back seat to Country. For once the corrupt GOP needs to remember the oath of office they all took. And for once, do what that oath says. They’ll just have to grit their teeth and and take care of their greed addiction

  2. Malfeasance in office? What the hell have you been smoking?

    • A drug called fact.

      Trump is now under investigation for obstruction of justice. He fired Comey who was heading the investigations into the administration’s links to Russia.

      Nixon did something similar and impeachment proceedings were brought against him. Trump is now being investigated (he was not before) for his firing of Comey, something he did of his own accord, and which puts him in a justified position for investigation. If cound guilty he could well go the way of Nixon.

  3. Just remember to thank all the Republicans who put him in Office. That way they can not forget, and 2018 will slap them in the face!

  4. There is something seriously wrong when 1/3 of the population still supports Trump.
    His more than daily tweets show a man desperately wondering why he can’t get his way. His speeches are so labored, with such pandering to the least common denominator, that even when he is trying to be presidential he comes off more fake than a bad impersonator.
    If democrats can’t win the house and senate next year it will be time for a real liberal party.

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