FFS: Trump Seeks Cyber Security Alliance with Russia, the Country That Hacked Our Election

Just when you thought Donald Trump couldn’t dig himself further up Putin’s anus, he pulls out an even bigger jackhammer. The President appears oblivious to the fact that he is under investigation for colluding with Russia during the 2016 election. Many of his close associates have been caught with Russian agents in meetings they tried to cover up. Seventeen independent American intelligence agencies concluded that Russia engaged in extensive operations to hack our election to Trump’s benefit.


Nevertheless, it has now been learned that Trump’s Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is proposing a confounding alliance. Tillerson had numerous encounters with Russian government and businesses in his previous position as CEO of Exxon. But this new hook up is hard to believe. According to Newsweek, Tillerson is seeking to partner with Russia on projects “aimed at cybersecurity and cyberespionage.” Newsweek notes that this…

“…seems particularly odd given not only the investigations surrounding President Donald Trump and his former campaign but also the conclusion reached by the U.S. intelligence community that Russia intentionally meddled in last year’s election in order to ascend Trump’s candidacy. [and that] Complicating the matter is Trump’s consistent refusal to declare Russia had meddled in the election and reluctance to say anything negative about Putin or his government.”

Set aside for the moment the absurdity of favoring Russia with such a privileged relationship after their activities last year. Any program that joins the United States and Russia in efforts to combat cyber attacks is wrought with obvious peril. The intelligence sharing would give the Russians access to confidential information that could aid them in future attacks on the U.S. They would undoubtedly be pleased to learn what areas the Americans regard as vulnerable. This would include risks far beyond election tampering. Cyber attacks can also be launched against infrastructure, power grids, commerce, and even military operations.

Additionally, this sort of coalition would make American technology available to our new partners. Procedures aimed at investigating digital intrusions would have to be shared. Likewise, methods of correcting and securing systems that have been compromised would become common knowledge. And that knowledge would be invaluable in plotting new attacks.

These ham-handed efforts to engage with a hostile adversary make no sense at all. Even strictly with regard to appearances, it is utterly unjustifiable. Russia, based on its unacknowledged and unremorseful activities, surely doesn’t deserve this special treatment. If anything, they should be subject to further sanctions and explicitly excluded from cooperation on technology matters.

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The fact that Trump’s State Department is openly seeking to reward Russia, despite their bad behavior, suggests something ominous. Could it be a payoff for some past or future benefit for Trump? Does Putin have something on the President that he would release without accommodations like this? Are these questions too conspiratorial? Perhaps they are. But what possible incentive would Trump have for endangering the nation by sharing sensitive technology and cyber security plans with an enemy and international cyber criminal? At the very least, these are questions the media should asking.


6 thoughts on “FFS: Trump Seeks Cyber Security Alliance with Russia, the Country That Hacked Our Election

  1. I know the Trump administration is corrupt, not very bright, and money and power over America but this idea is so preposterous as to almost be unbelievable.

  2. Snowden (R), Donald Drumpf (R), and Vladimir Putin (R) are all on the same team, the team is working for Putin. Russia’s hacks were to help Drumpf (R) and Snowden (R) showed Putin how our NSA operated along with giving them the codes.

  3. Anyone who gives the Russians access to our cyber secrets should be executed for treason.

  4. The media aren’t the only ones who should be asking, what is Trump’s TRUE motives in giving Russia access to US cyber and cyber-espionage information.Why would ANY government want to partner with their open and declared enemy? Hmmm…I’m thinking Christopher Steele’s dossier on Trump activities in Russia and other money laundering information that is probably being uncovered by Muller’s investigative team- these are the kinds of treasonous actions that the Liar-in-Chief does NOT want exposed to the American public. He will go to the grave fighting before he allows such damming info to be released about him. But who cares what this Russian covert/overt of a fake president wants; the truth will come out eventually anyway and he along with his cabal of treasonous swamp dwellers will be revealed. I am looking forward to Trump’s impeachment and to see American traitors like Tillerson, Paige, Manafort, Flynn, Kushner, the Trump kids, Sessions, et.al either have to face jail time or leave government DISservice in disgrace or both.

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