Donald Trump in His Own Deplorable Words/Lies: ‘I Never Said Give Teachers Guns’

Thursday morning’s tweetstorm from Donald Trump is typically filled with nonsense. It’s tempting to ignore these psychotic outbursts. They rarely have anything of substance or value in them. But he leads off with such a brazen and dangerous lie that it would be journalistic malpractice not to point it out and give it the ridicule it deserves. So buckle up. This is, unfortunately, our president talking.

Donald Trump AR-15

OK, I’ll give you that. You never said “give teachers guns.” But you did say to arm teachers (an utterly boneheaded idea). So they would have to buy the guns themselves? That fits your soulless agenda to cut funding for schools and school safety. And you just signed a bill that disallows tax write-offs when teachers use their own money for supplies. Also, note what you said about guns in schools a couple of years ago.

Immediately? You mean after they recognize that there’s an emergency situation, retrieve the gun from a safe location, load the gun, and – oh never mind. The teacher would be dead before any of that could happen. And in the meantime the kids would have been left on their own without the guidance of the teacher to secure their safety.

Parkland had had an armed security guard and police presence. That didn’t deter Nikolas Cruz. And even if there was a deterrent, it would only result in the shooter selecting another target, like a church, restaurant, mall, park, concert, etc. We would have to have armed guards, sales clerks, pastors, and more patrolling everywhere in your prison-like, dystopian world.

See above. And WTF do you mean by offensive? Do you intend to have teachers go out and hunt potential shooters?

Not sufficient. The availability of military assault weapons will insure higher body counts when “sickos” act out.

And you love the NRA. Why not? You took $30,000,000 from them to help Russia get you elected.

You’re the master of “all talk, no action,” so as usual, nothing will get done. Just like DACA. Correction: You do sometimes take action, but it always makes things worse.

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4 thoughts on “Donald Trump in His Own Deplorable Words/Lies: ‘I Never Said Give Teachers Guns’

  1. Breathtakingly (and alarmingly) stupid

  2. Anyone believing that this maniacal egotist actually believes in “Comprehensive Background Checks with an emphasis on Mental Health” is crazier than he is. The minute a bill comes across his desk that even remotely has anything requiring this, he will veto as fast as he did the non-partisan budget bill that led to TWO government shutdowns. Because, of course, that would hurt the NRA, and that can NOT be permitted by ReThugs.

    • He used to be the outer fringe of the right-wing. Now Trump & Co. are stealing is thunder.

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