SRSLY? Now Trump Says ‘The Enemy of the American People’ Should Be Free from Fear of Attacks

Never let it be said that Donald Trump can’t pretend to be concerned when there is a political advantage to doing so. After all, this is the greedy (alleged) billionaire who convinced millions of working people that he sympathizes with their struggle. This is the guy who has fooled the nation’s evangelicals that he is a devout Christian despite never having practiced the religion or understanding its beliefs. He actually said that he doesn’t have to ask for forgiveness because he’s never done anything wrong.

Donald Trump

And so now that there has been yet another tragic mass shooting, Trump has come forward with his customary and useless “thoughts and prayers” charade. But in this case his disingenuous blather is deeper than usual. That’s because the victims were journalists, a category of citizen who Trump routinely describes as “the most dishonest,” “evil,” “sleazy,” “horrible.” people. He has repeatedly called them “the enemy of the American people,” which he did again just a few days ago.

No one should dismiss that assertion as harmless political rhetoric. It is the same language that Stalin used to suppress the media under his totalitarian rule. And the seriousness of that charge is one that could reasonably incite someone to take what they perversely consider to be patriotic measures to rid the country of an enemy. So it is outright immoral for Trump to offer fake condolences for the victims at the Capital Gazette by saying that “Journalists, like all Americans, should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job.”

If Trump actually believed that he would apologize for his complicity in whipping up hatred for the press. He would renounce his attacks and attempt to heal the rift he deliberately created to inoculate himself from criticism. He would recognize the vital contribution that the press makes to democracy. And he would answer this question from CNN’s Jim Acosta:

Of course, Trump ignored the question. And he won’t stop denigrating the media anyway. It’s in his blood. He regards any press that isn’t unadulterated adoration to be fake, and even treasonous. He literally said just that last Monday regarding coverage of his photo-op vacation in Singapore with his bestie, Kim Jong Un. And now he expects people to believe that he cares about the lives of journalists? Yeah, right. Only the most demented, willfully ignorant, cult followers would buy that now. And sadly, that’s the majority of today’s Republican Party.

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UPDATE: Trump was asked on Air Force One if he would stop calling the press “the enemy of the people.” He said that “I have a lot of respect for the press. Some of the greatest people I know are reporters.” Notice that he didn’t actually answer the question. So we can expect him to continue calling the the media the country’s enemy. Also, the great people/reporters he’s talking about are Sean Hannity and the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends.


2 thoughts on “SRSLY? Now Trump Says ‘The Enemy of the American People’ Should Be Free from Fear of Attacks

  1. Perhaps if the media stopped featuring Trump every time he belches out crap and focused on the 75% of the American people who disagree with him, dislike him, oppose almost all of his antics , THEN and ONLY then will they be fully prepared to get rid of him and his despicable horde at the 2018 vote and then a double whammy by voting him out in 2020!

  2. On a different but important topic concerning Huckabee Sanders being thrown out of a restaurant I truly do not think that was an improper move on the part of the owner.
    look at all the protests that took place at the Women’s health Centers during the past several years. look at the mob attacking women for doing what was legal, moral and in their view correct.
    These mobs preveneted women from using the clinic for anything concerning their problems and that was okay?
    hUCKABREE SANDERS, WAS ASKED TO LEAVE USING THE sUPREME cOURTS RULING THAT JUST BECAUSE YOU DO not agree with someones thinking yiou have the right to refuse to service them.

    The religious coevrup was simply that. The constitution states very clearly that government should not be involved with proffering andy religion or religious rights.
    If a baker can refuse then why can’t a restaurant owner refuse.

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