Wannabe Dictator Donald Trump Threatens Saturday Night Live with ‘Retribution’ for Mocking Him

The aspirations of Donald Trump to become America’s first nationalist dictator are well known to anyone who has listened to his deranged ranting for the past three years. He frequently cozies up to foreign tyrants and displays his obvious jealousy for their authoritarian control over their oppressed people. And on Sunday morning Trump let those desires loose again in a disturbing Twitter outburst.

Donald Trump

Responding to the opening of Saturday Night Live’s latest episode, Trump was clearly jolted out of his plush lazyboy at Mar-A-Lago. He may not even have been able to enjoy the omelette bar or his golf cart ride to tee time. What triggered the President this time was merely another appearance by Alec Baldwin as Trump in a satirical look at his embarrassing Rose Garden announcement of a fake national emergency. This was a speech where he sang a little song about the Supreme Court and admitted that Sean Hannity and Fox News are his chief advisors. Baldwin did his usual spot-on impression that we all know tortures Trump everytime he sees it. And for some reason, he keeps watching:

Trump, however, has demonstrated that he has no sense of humor (or decency) whatsoever. His reactions to satires like this are always overflowing with the petulance of a cholicky infant. But on this occasion he went a bit further than his standard “angry POTUS “ routine:

First of all, Trump seems to think that Saturday Night Live is part of NBC’s news division, referring to it explicitly as “Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC.” That may just be another symptom of his senile dementia kicking in. But then he went on to suggest that SNL shouldn’t be allowed to “get away with” mocking him. He apparently is unfamiliar with the Constitution and the right of free speech.

But the worst part of this bruised ego spasm was Trump’s threat that SNL ought to be subject to “retribution” for having the temerity to express themselves freely. Who does he think should have the authority to administer that retribution? And who else would he punish for similar “crimes” of believing they live in a free country? He says that this “should be looked into.” By whom, and for what? Does Trump want to make it illegal to say anything critical of him?

Naturally, he followed up his fascistic tweet with another one that goes even further. His common complaint that “the media is the enemy of the people” was lifted verbatim from Joseph Stalin. So no wonder Trump feels so connected to it and its message of pure despotism.

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This may have been only a tweet about a late-night comedy show, but in Trump World it could very well be a prelude to prison camps for free thinkers and speakers. It’s happened before, even if Fox News wants to erase the memory of it. And not just in Hitler’s Germany. The legacy of Joseph McCarthy (who Trump admires) remains as a stain and a warning on the tapestry of American history.


4 thoughts on “Wannabe Dictator Donald Trump Threatens Saturday Night Live with ‘Retribution’ for Mocking Him

  1. I saw Trump’s speech and the SNL opening, which I actually thought wasnt that funny because it was almost verbatim what Trump said in his speech. Hence, SNL should just go with a recap instead of the spoof. The actual speech IS funny. It might make Trump wonder….about what, I have no idea.

  2. Reading Trump’s rage tweets gives me flashbacks of Andrew Breitbart rage yammering. Trump is a thin skinned malignant narcissist who wants everyone (especially his base) to focus on SNL instead of his (cough cough) Russian Troubles.

    Andrew Breitbart
    Behave yourselves! Behave yourselves! Behave yourselves! Behave yourselves!
    Behave yourselves! Behave yourselves! Behave yourself! Behave yourself!

    You are freaks and animals! You are freaks and animals!

    Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself!
    Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself!

    Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself!

    Learn to behave yourselves!

    Stop raping people! Stop raping people! Stop raping people! Stop raping the people!

    You freaks! You filthy, filthy, raping, murdering freaks!

  3. I would love to see this 45thoccupantofthewhitehouse sue NBC (Saturday Night Live) and lose, lose, lose all the way up to the SCOTUS and lose there as well. It would give him a sense of losing, and give SCOTUS a realization they can rule against Thump the next time.

  4. That comment about media being the enemy of the people should be enough for impeachment,that vile disgusting scum took an oath to defend the Constitution,better people than him have sacrificed everything for the Constitution.IT MUST BE IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY ,there is no other choice

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