WHUT? Supreme Court Filing Reveals that the Trump Impeachment is Ongoing

Donald Trump’s behavior is typically flush with the frenzy of a man consumed by desperation and fear. He is perpetually hostile and driven by an all-consuming obsession with attacking and insulting his perceived enemies. And by his own paranoid admission, he sees enemies all around him all the time.

Donald Trump, Impeach

This state of manic psychosis would be challenging and troubling for anyone. But when the U.S. president is suffering from such a mental infirmity it puts the welfare of millions at risk.

To be sure, Trump does have valid reasons to be overcome by crippling anxiety. First and foremost, Trump has the weight of nearly 90,000 American deaths on his shoulders, due primarily to his negligence and incompetence. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He is also under investigation by multiple law enforcement agencies for criminal malfeasance in both his personal and political activities. Most recent polling shows him to be losing in his reelection bid to Joe Biden, both nationally and in many swing states. He has got to be cracking up over polls that show the American people trust CNN more than Trump. His cabinet is full of corruption, such as his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who is under scrutiny for pushing out an inspector general who was investigating an illegal Saudi arms deal. And imminent Supreme Court rulings are expected that could force him to turn over the tax returns that he has long fought to keep secret.

Now there is a new sword dangling above Trump’s head. A court filing by Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee has opened up a chapter in the Trump soap opera that many may have assumed was closed. Last December Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives for abuse of power and obstruction of justice. Those convictions were then sent to the Senate where the Republicans in charge refused to hold him accountable. Trump tweeted that the Senate’s inaction represented a “full vindication and exoneration,” which it surely did not. He was – and is still – impeached for life. But in Trump World the case was closed, but for the relentless whining that is still ongoing. But now CNN is reporting that…

“The Democratic-led House of Representatives on Monday told the Supreme Court that the House needs secret Mueller grand jury materials to determine if there is new evidence of impeachable offenses involving President Donald Trump.”

“‘The Committee’s impeachment investigation related to obstruction of justice pertaining to the Russia investigation is ongoing,’ Douglas Letter, the House general counsel, said in a court filing Monday. ‘If this material reveals new evidence supporting the conclusion that President Trump committed impeachable offenses,’ Letter said, ‘the Committee will proceed accordingly — including, if necessary, by considering whether to recommend new articles of impeachment.'”

So among all of the reasons Trump has for hysterically venting his anger and frothing trepidation of a life beset by legal peril, he still has to worry about being impeached – again. But whether or not that comes to pass, the release of the potentially incriminating grand jury materials sought by Congress could be the nail in his reelection hopes. This is just the sort of news that triggers Trump’s deranged Twitter tantrums. So expect even more unhinged raving as we go forward.

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4 thoughts on “WHUT? Supreme Court Filing Reveals that the Trump Impeachment is Ongoing

  1. Huh. And coincidentally, the Reich House just announced that Tyrant Donnie is now taking Hydroxychloroquine. Wonder if there’s a connection. Especially since now the ReichLying TyrantLickers have to decide whether this is a GOOD thing or a BAD thing…..

    Fox’s Neil Cavuto warns vulnerable populations that hydroxychloroquine “will kill you”

    Here are seven times that Fox News promoted taking hydroxychloroquine to prevent contracting COVID-19

    Downplaying risk of death, Sinclair ran a national segment promoting hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus treatment

    “I see no reason to kill someone who is committing suicide slowly.”
    — Woodrow Wilson

  2. Why stop there? Maybe next he will decide to inject, or drink some bleach, maybe Lysol? “Good stuff! Trump-Yummy!”
    The guy is already getting tested multiple times a day! A total waste of those tests ~ tests that were meant to be distributed to States wherever needed.
    Telling the States to “open up; it’s fine”, while he hunkers down & is tested many times each day. Shouldn’t he be out shopping & other things out in public, to show just how safe it is for all of us?!?
    Or, is he very afraid? Maybe somewhere in the vast darkness that used to be his soul, he knows that Karma’s a bitch & he sure has some coming to him! It would be perfectly fitting if he were to get it & suffer a little of what thousands of others have been going thru! Of course, wouldn’t even be close cuz’ e has the VERY BEST medical care that our money can buy! But it would be wonderful Karma for him to suffer symptoms of the elderly, maybe give it to his off-shoots? Too bad cannot give it to some of those big-bucks donors that GOP & he love so much! We sure could use much less of them on earth!
    Hey! What we need is a GOP virus! Special one that just devastates the currently active GOP. For sure, this country & the world itself would be much better off with alot less of those assholes! “Bonus!” No more FauxNews!

  3. So the House Democrats are quietly working away in the background, still looking to expose the criminal treasonous acts committed by Trumpler and his minions : YES! The sleazebag Republican Senate may have violated its Constitutional oaths by acquitting him the first time around, but I wonder if that solidarity would stand up to another legal onslaught, this time with Trumpworld crumbling before our very eyes. If Trump’s going down (as I fervently pray) in November, then the Senate rats will most definitely flee his sinking ship. Led, of course, by the loathsome Big Rat himself, Moscow Mitch.

  4. Now, this isn’t QUITE right since all of the Church of the SubMoron Tyrant Worshipers are capable of doing the same. Tyrant Donnie is especially open to “suggestions” from Seanny.

    How Tucker Carlson manipulates President Trump

    And I am STILL convinced Commie Vlady has him pass the time by playing a little solitaire before every speech or tweet….

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