Glenn Beck Attacks His Boss – Again

On his TV program today, Glenn Beck spent the whole hour with former Godfather’s Pizza CEO, Herman Cain.

Cain, who is challenging Joe Biden for the Gaffe King crown, discussed his previous slip-up when he said that he wouldn’t appoint Muslims to his Cabinet if he were elected president. He later had to backpedal that, but today he got himself in more trouble. When Beck asked him about it, Cain said that as president he would require Muslims to take a loyalty oath that Christians, Mormons, and others would not be required to take. He knows less about the Constitution than Palin does about Paul Revere. But he still doesn’t sink as low as his host.

Beck took a few minutes to bash American workers and products by slamming General Motors.

Beck: The newest GM CEO is Dan Akerson. He used to work for the Carlyle Group. That’s a global private equity firm that manages $106 billion. Hey, yeah, some of the players in the Carlyle Group are great. George Soros. Who would’ve seen that one coming?

Beck apparently thinks that GM is some sort of left-wing front group because of the resume of its new chief executive. However, the Carlyle Group is a notoriously conservative enterprise that has been headed by folks like Frank Carlucci, Ronald Reagan’s National Security Advisor; James Baker, Secretary of State under George H.W. Bush; and Caspar Weinberger, former Reagan Defense Secretary. Beck displays a graphic that lists the scoundrels associated with Carlyle:

Yep, there’s George Soros (right up at the top), Madeline Albright’s daughter (whose name Beck must have forgotten), and Colin Powell (Bush Jr.’s Secretary of State). But the cherry on top is Prince Al-Waleed who happens to be the largest shareholder of News Corp stock outside of Rupert Murdoch and family.

This is not the first time Beck has implied that his boss is somehow involved in nefarious activities. On one occasion he tagged him as a funder of the so-called Mosque at Ground Zero. On another occasion Beck actually accused Al-Waleed of being part of the Al Qaeda gang who attacked Manhattan on 9/11. And now we learn that it’s even worse than that. Al-Waleed is in cahoots with George Soros.

What a tangled web we weave…..


2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Attacks His Boss – Again

  1. I don’t understand, so you would rather Beck not report facts because certain people are above him at Fox? Why wouldn’t we just watch MSNBC for that sort of ass kissing? And another point, you make an assumption that Beck and others who watch him ally their principles with large corporations. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When there is big government or big corporations, there is a good chance for corruption and nefarious activities. Many people, Beck included, don’t think GM is an ethical company because they got in bed with the government and used our money to salvage their mistakes. In what world is that a good thing? You seem to be commenting and slamming Beck’s overall “message” without knowing what it is – and that is that both major parties suck, big largesse corporations suck and that the individual should be figuring this stuff out because its a duty. Corruption up down left and right is wrong and it’s up to us to find and vote for the people who will try to put an end to it. How can anyone on either side fight with that principle unless they are in on the corruption? Beck and tea party members get a bad rap, but its only because people like you neglect the message. For the record, I am not a beck lover or a tea party member, but how can this country ever solve it’s problems when one side won’t see the world through the other’s eyes? Be reasonable and be objective… Just playing devil’s advocate, I have no dog in this fight personally…

    • My problem isn’t just that Beck is attacking people above him at Fox, it’s that he is a hypocrite and totally insane. He called Al-Waleed a terrorist, fer chrissake!

      And Beck is NOT against big corporations, or big government either. He gave a $10,000 donation to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on the air and told his viewers to donate too. He supports oil companies over the environment and banks over average homeowners. He’s opposed to financial regulations to prevent the sort of chicanery that brought the economy crashing down in 2008. He sides with big telcos against open access to the Internet.

      His whole shtick is a lie. That’s the problem I have with Beck. And he demonizes people in the process resulting in rampant hatred and potential (and real) violence. If you were as neutral as you claim you wouldn’t defend Beck or associate yourself with his rhetoric in any way.

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