Trump Parrots Illegal Advice By Fox News to Change Your Vote

There is now only one week left until election day. Not that election day has the significance it once had considering all of the opportunities to vote early or by mail. But it does still represent the end of the 2020 campaign season. And given the dreadful position that Donald Trump finds himself in, he is grasping desperately for ways to keep from suffering a historic landslide defeat.

Donald Trump, Mask, Fox News

As usual, Trump is relying on his shadow cabinet of Fox News sycophants for advice. Never mind that Trump is simultaneously bashing Fox for not being 110% adoring at all times, he still knows that he has nowhere else to go for the drooling devotion that Fox regularly provides. And on Tuesday morning he got a healthy dose of it from the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends (video below):

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt: According to Google Trends data, some people are thinking of changing their vote and they’re asking if they are able to do that. This is what’s trending right now: “Can I change my vote,” and “Hunter Biden.” Do you think that after we’ve learned the news of Hunter Biden, the alleged reports about him, people now want to change their Biden vote to Donald Trump vote?
Co-host Steve Doocy: Well, here’s the thing Ainsley. Every state has different rules. Minnesota, Michigan, Washington, Wisconsin, all have specific laws where you can change your mind after you vote. If you vote, apparently, in person at an early voting place, you don’t get a do-over. But if you submit an absentee ballot, or one of those mail-in ballots, apparently you can go ahead and change it.
Earhardt: Or you can also go to the poll and vote in person and that’s the one that would count.

This is only partly true. If you voted in person already, you cannot change your vote. If you voted by mail, there are certain circumstance where you can request another ballot or vote in person. However, voting in person after casting a mail-in vote is only permitted in five states. One of them is New York. In the other 45 states you will be potentially committing felony voter fraud if you attempt to vote twice (which Trump has previously encouraged people to do).

So if voters in New York wish to take the advice of Fox News, they can do so. But what’s the point? First of all, how many Biden voters in New York are going to switch their votes to Trump because of a phony scandal about Hunter Biden that even the GOP chairwoman couldn’t defend in an appearance on Fox? And it wouldn’t have any impact whatsoever on the outcome of the election in the solid blue state of New York.

Nevertheless, Fox’s number one viewer was watching and couldn’t resist commenting on the possibility that Biden supporters are suddenly clamoring to switch their votes to Trump:

Trump’s assumption that a trending topic on Twitter regarding changing votes refers to switching to him is ludicrous. That’s particularly true with regard to his assertion that the switch is coming after a debate that most people say Biden won. And the Hunter Biden story has utterly failed to get any traction. Consequently, by urging people to change their votes now, Trump is probably only persuading Trump voters to switch, producing more votes for Joe Biden.

What’s more, Trump didn’t make any distinction about states where this is legal and those where it isn’t. He didn’t even link to the Fox News clip that did alert people to the differences in different state laws. That could result in people putting themselves in legal jeopardy. Not that Trump cares. If the nation’s coronavirus SuperSpreader-in-Chief doesn’t care about putting people’s lives in jeopardy, he surely doesn’t care about this.

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2 thoughts on “Trump Parrots Illegal Advice By Fox News to Change Your Vote

  1. Geez! First, the Tyrant’s ego hits, and then he encourages his worshipers to commit voter fraud. How in the name of all the Spirits can Tyrant get away with this?!!

    Because the Tyrant Worshipers don’t care unless they can prove Biden said this. THEN, they’ll scream that Biden is breaking federal law.

  2. In the USA, we have an arbitrary minimum age of 35yrs old to be President. Why is that? We have NO maximum age, at which most elderly find their cognitive skills are on the decline (which they may or may not be aware of yet). Take a look at some of the most elderly members of Congress, past & present, to see some examples. We need our leaders to be in their prime in order to make their best, wise, & thoughtful decisions. Instead, we have people who should retire gracefully, but do not. They are there still cuz’ of their power, having been there so long. That is NOT good leadership & decision-making for the best interests of this Country. Thanks to the money/power they collect & wield over many years, they remain in office until they die. New, fresh thinking & ideas that should come in regularly & flow thru our gov’t to keep it evolving, are kept out, for the most part. This is NOT the best thing for running our nation! We end up with stubborn old men, with old baggage, power cliques & it becomes almost impossible for bright young minds with new, good ideas, to break-in to top leadership positions where they’re needed. The old codgers who refuse to leave, who fight change & new ideas, stagnate Congress & use their aged power ploys to keep their power & stifle newer, better ideas from rising up, gaining power. There should be a constant flow of ideas & leadership. What we have instead is squashing brighter minds & new ideas & just voting along old party lines. Nothing changes in old, stale gov’t, full of old, stale people & ideas. That is not growing with the new times at hand. That is loyalty to old power, or else. We have stagnation! We have leaders UNABLE to see the need for change, lazy & set in their ways, against growth & change.
    1 perfect example is Mitch McConnell. He is so far past his usefulness, that he is downright BAD for Congress & Country! And he throws his weight/power around with “in your face” attitude that’s snide, leering & extremely disrespectful to all of us! He has too much power & abuses it. He has singlehandedly kept all bills passed by the Dem-majority House from being heard at all in Senate ~ bills that needed to be heard, voted on & passed, or not. Important bills on many topics, including Election Security! He is quite PROUD of the fact that he is is abusing his power & NOT ALLOWING Congress to do its job! And we knew from the start of Impeachment that he was NOT GOING TO HOLD A REAL HEARING/TRIAL IN SENATE ~ refusing to allow Senate to do its job! He has bragged about these things, along with his pal, Lindsay Graham.

    “Politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed often & for the same reasons!”
    If we don’t do this now, then nothing will change for the better!

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