Jen Psaki: Biden Will Address Trump’s ‘Singular Responsibility’ for the ‘Chaos and Carnage’ on January 6th

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the worst attack on the United States Congress and American democracy in more than 200 years. The insurrection of January 6, 2021, by Donald Trump’s cult disciples was an abhorrent attempt to overthrow our democratic system of government by violence. It was, indisputably, a coup attempt. And it was orchestrated by Trump and his traitorous confederates in politics and the press.

Jen Psaki, Donald Trump

In observance of that nightmarish day, both Congress and the White House have scheduled events to mourn for the victims, honor the heroes, and memorialize this chilling episode of our national history. As a preview of the proceedings, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki provided a brief summary of what President Biden will say in his remarks. Her description of the President’s address should give hope to the nation that the crimes of the last administration will not go unpunished (video below):

“The President is going to speak to the truth of what happened – not the lies that some have spread since – and the peril posed to the rule of law and our system of democratic governance. He will also speak to the work we still need to do to secure and strengthen our democracy and our institutions; to reject the hatred and lies we saw on January 6th; and to unite our country. I’d also note that President Biden has been clear eyed about the threat the former president represents and how the former president constantly works to undermine basic American values and rule of law.

“President Biden has, of course, spoken repeatedly about how the former president has abused his office, undermined the Constitution, and ignored his oath to the American people in an effort to amass more power for himself and his allies. He sees January 6th as a tragic culmination of what those four years under president Trump did to our country. And they reflected the importance to the President of winning the battle for the soul of our nation.

“So just as you heard him say on January 6th of last year, I would expect that President Biden will lay out the significance of what happened at the Capitol, and the singular responsibility president Trump has for the chaos and carnage that we saw. And he will forcibly push back on the lies spread by the former president in an attempt to mislead the American people and his own supporters, as well as distract from his role in what happened. He will, of course speak to the moment, to the importance in history of the peaceful transfer of power, of what we need to do to protect our own democracy and be forward looking. But he will also reflect on the role his predecessor had.”

If Biden lives up to this preview, the country can be proud and satisfied that the perpetrators of the insurrection – including Trump – will be brought to justice. But if justice is not served, the insurrection last year will just have been a trial run. Time will tell.

It’s notable that Trump had scheduled a competing public event for the anniversary. He announced that he would stage a “news” conference to further disseminate his flagrant falsehoods. However, he subsequently chickened out and canceled that affair after revelations about how Sean Hannity had been involved with the Trump White House during the riots. But that won’t end Trump’s campaign of lies. So continued vigilance will be required to preserve American democracy.

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  1. The sniveling putrid cowardly Trump is a clear and present danger to our democracy! If he is not charged and arrested for his crimes against America we are doomed!

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