White House Memo to Media Calls for Scrutiny of the GOP’s Baseless, Bogus Push to Impeach Biden

The Republican Party, under the “leadership” of House Squeaker Kevin McCarthy, seems hell-bent on proving that they have no interest whatsoever in governing on behalf of the American people that they purport to represent. They are establishing themselves as the modern day Inquisition on a mission to smear their political foes.

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Dark Biden, Fox News

The revenge agenda of the GOP is noticeably driven by the tedious tantrums of their Dear Leader, Donald Trump. Since even before the 2020 election, he has been obsessively focused on fabricating wholly dishonest attacks on Democrats and President Biden. As a indication of just how fixated Trump is on bashing Biden, he has retracted his longtime, infantile nickname of “Crooked Hillary” and replaced it with “Crooked Joe.” And he has been instrumental in pushing McCarthy to empanel an impeachment inquiry that is purely partisan and politically motivated.

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In response to McCarthy’s impeachment inquiry announcement, the White House sent a memo to the media with the apt subject line asserting that “It’s Time For The Media To Do More To Scrutinize House Republicans’ Demonstrably False Claims That They’re Basing Impeachment Stunt On.” (See also the memo’s appendix debunking several blatant GOP lies) The memo’s author, Ian Sams, Special Assistant to the President and Spokesman for White House Counsel’s Office, opened the communication saying that…

“After nearly 9 months of investigating, House Republicans haven’t been able to turn up any evidence of the President doing anything wrong. But House Republicans led by Marjorie Taylor Greene are nonetheless opening a baseless impeachment inquiry of President Biden – despite many House Republicans openly admitting there is no evidence on which to support it.”

The memo notes that as many as 30 Republicans have expressed their reluctance to initiate an impeachment inquiry due to the total absence of any credible grounds for doing so. There are also quotes from seven Republicans who concede that there is no evidence of any wrongdoing by Biden and thus, no justification for McCarthy’s partisan political stunt. Among them are such conservative stalwarts as Ken Buck of Colorado, Dave Joyce of Ohio, Dusty Johnson of South Dakota, and Don Bacon of Nebraska.

The memo condemns House Republicans for “lurching toward impeachment over allegations that are not only unfounded but, in virtually all cases, have been actively disproven – including by witnesses and documents in their own investigations.” The memo goes on to note that “reporting that solely focuses on process rather than substance is woefully inadequate when it comes to something as historically grave as impeachment.” Elaborating, the memo suggests that…

“It’s time for the media to ramp up its scrutiny of House Republicans for opening an impeachment inquiry based on lies. When even House Republican members are admitting that there is simply no evidence that Joe Biden did anything wrong, much less impeachable, that should set off alarm bells for news organizations.” […]

“And in the modern media environment, where every day liars and hucksters peddle disinformation and lies everywhere from Facebook to Fox, process stories that fail to unpack the illegitimacy of the claims on which House Republicans are basing all their actions only serve to generate confusion, put false premises in people’s feeds, and obscure the truth.”

It’s appropriate that the memo calls out Fox News. On Tuesday’s episode of their top-rated “The Five,” co-host and self-anointed comic genius, Greg Gutfeld, embraced the lack of any factual basis saying that “Zero evidence doesn’t matter because the first Trump impeachment there was more evidence for Bigfoot.” Of course, there were mountains of evidence in both of Trump’s impeachments, mostly provided by Republicans.

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What’s more, Fox News host, and former Trump press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, complained that the White House memo was a propaganda effort and was “telling the media organizations what to do.” In reality, it was the sort of routine request that she made hundreds of times when she worked at the White House. At least she squeezed into her segment the part of the memo that referred to House Republicans “opening an impeachment inquiry based on lies.”

Finally, the lone, embattled liberal on “The Five,” Jessica Tarlov, managed to address this memo for a couple of rare, uninterrupted minutes (video below). She did a great job, quoting some of the Republicans noted above who are resisting their leader’s impeachment obsession. She also pointed out some of McCarthy’s flaming hypocrisies and contradictions. Which, when looking at his time in office, is pretty much all he has.

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Trump is Running for President So He Can Appoint More People He Will Eventually Call Losers

Among the first notable lies that Donald Trump told was that he would always make appointments in his administration from among “all the best people” that he pretended to have personal relationships with. As it turned out, his appointments were notoriously incompetent, unqualified, and utterly unfit for the jobs to which Trump appointed them.

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Donald Trump

That assessment of Trump’s appointees is not just criticism from his political foes. Those are Trump’s own opinions of them. The long list of former Trump administration staffers that he has later trashed in the most brutal terms is a stark condemnation of his management skills, or lack thereof. Often he couldn’t recall even knowing the people at the highest levels of his team.

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On Tuesday Trump lashed out again at a former aide. This time it was his former Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney. Trump must have seen Mulvaney on television saying something less than total adulation, so he posted the following comment on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social

“Since leaving Washington, I haven’t heard much about Liddle’ Mick Mulvaney, perhaps the dumbest person, along with John Bolton, working at the White House. He was ‘Acting’ Chief of Staff because I never would have named him to the permanent position. Merely a ‘backbencher,’ who once gave a news conference that was legendarily bad, he is now with CBS Fake News, and should be grateful to the man who made him ‘famous.’ This guy was uncharismatic, a born loser. No wonder they have No Ratings!”

You have to wonder why Trump repeatedly hired “the dumbest” people to serve in his White House. Perhaps he just wanted to make sure that he was the smartest person in the room, and that’s an exceptionally low bar. Not that he was wrong about Mulvaney being dumb and a loser. After all, he worked for the dumbest loser who ever occupied the White House. And Trump wasn’t the only one who criticized CBS for hiring Mulvaney after his government job ended.

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Trump’s assertion that he only made Mulvaney an “Acting” Chief of Staff because he “never would have named him to the permanent position,” is a flat out lie. The reason Mulvaney was never officially named Chief of Staff is because Trump was afraid to seek his confirmation by the Senate.

Nevertheless, despite Trump’s be-liddling, Mulvaney was still Trump’s second longest serving Chief of Staff (one year, three months). His longest was Gen. John Kelly (one year, five months). His first chief, (Reince Priebus) and last (Mark Meadows), both served less than one year.

However, all of Trump’s chiefs have been dragged through the mud by Trump after they were summarily dumped. For instance, Trump said Gen. Kelly “was way over his head.” He called Meadows book “fake news.” And these are typical of the sort of the insults that Trump hurls at his former associates. He is a stridently vengeful person who is quick to hate anyone he deems insufficiently adoring. Some of his vile has been aimed at these former appointees…

  • John Bolton: “a disgruntled boring fool.”
  • James Mattis: “the world’s most overrated general.”
  • Jeff Sessions: “He’s not mentally qualified to be attorney general.”
  • Rex Tillerson: “was dumb as a rock.”
  • Bill Barr: “was a weak and pathetic RINO.”

To be sure, many of Trump’s former staffers also came to hold harshly negative opinions of him. And now Trump is asking voters to send him back to Washington where he can hire some more losers who think he’s an idiot. Of course, he is also running in order to avoid the legal consequences of his criminal activities. As for Mulvaney, he has previously characterized Trump in unflattering terms, even when he was trying to flatter him…

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Does the White House Consider Fox News a News Organization? Let’s Ask the WH Press Secretary

The question as to the legitimacy of Fox News is not one that has been difficult to answer. It was designed from the start to be a right-wing propaganda dispenser by its founders, Rupert Murdoch (an ultra-conservative newspaper baron), and Roger Ailes (a Republican media consultant). That’s not exactly a roster of reputable journalists.

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Fox News, Peter Doocy, Karine Jean-Pierre

Twenty-seven years later, Fox News has exceeded the aspirations of its politically prejudiced founders. In recent weeks the network has been exposed as being brazenly dishonest. Internal communications made public by Dominion Voting Systems in their defamation lawsuit against Fox reveal that its executives and hosts were telling their viewers one thing, while saying the opposite to one another in private.

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Those depositions affirm that Fox News knew very well that there was no truth to their “reporting” of fraud in the 2020 presidential election. While they were lying to their viewers on the air, they were discussing privately among themselves about the “crazy” and “idiotic” assertions that Donald Trump had actually won. They even openly disparaged Trump as dangerous confessed their personal hatred for him.

The subject of the Dominion vs Fox News lawsuit came up Friday on MSNBC’s “Alex Wagner Tonight.” Wagner prefaced a question addressing the matter during an interview with White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, by noting that “The White House has been fairly outspoken about what’s happening in certain Republican circles – specifically, what’s going on over at Fox News.” Which led to the following exchange…

Wagner: Does the White House consider Fox News a news organization?

Jean-Pierre: I’ll say this. When you look at the depositions that have been out there recently, it even states from FOX leadership that they do not see Tucker Carlson’s show as news or even truthful. That is coming from the FOX News leadership. That is not coming from me. That is coming from them.

I also would quote – I’ll paraphrase here – what the Chief of Capitol Police said. He said essentially when you watch Tucker Carlson as it relates to January 6th, it is misleading, and it is misinformation as with the conclusion of what happened on January 6th, the attacks that happened. As you saw from the President’s statement, nearly 140 officers were injured on that day. It was an attack on our democracy. It was an attack on our constitution. And you cannot whitewash that. Tucker Carlson cannot whitewash that.

Wagner: So, I’m gonna say that sort of sounds like the White House doesn’t think Fox is a news organization, but we gotta leave it there.

Jean-Pierre correctly noted that Fox News itself has defended its hosts (successfully) in defamation lawsuits by arguing that “no reasonable person” would take what they say seriously. Fox News lawyers singled out Tucker Carlson saying that

“[Carlson] cannot be understood to have been stating facts, but instead that he was delivering an opinion using hyperbole for effect. [and that] given Mr. Carlson’s reputation, any reasonable viewer ‘arrive[s] with an appropriate amount of skepticism’ about the statements he makes.”

In other words, Carlson is a known liar whose commentaries can be dismissed out of hand as the ravings of a dishonest blowhard. And the evidence from the Dominion case drives that point home. The problem with this legal argument, however, is that Fox’s viewers are not remotely reasonable. Consequently, there is real and measurable harm done to millions of feeble-minded cultists.

While Jean-Pierre didn’t give a definitive yes or no answer, the gist of her response was plainly evident. Wagner got the message and rephrased it as an affirmative. Jean-Pierre smiled knowingly, and didn’t challenge Wagner’s interpretation. What’s more, the fact that Fox News is not a news organization was an opinion that the Biden administration held from the first days of its term. And they said so explicitly…

“Biden’s aides also promised not to allow outlets to use the briefings to spread baseless conspiracies. ‘We expect reporters covering the White House to operate in good faith and tell their audience the truth, and this White House will do the same. We are moving forward with that mutual understanding,’ […] ‘Organizations or individuals who traffic in conspiracy theories, propaganda and lies to spread disinformation will not be tolerated.”

If the Biden press team, as well as the White House Correspondent’s Association, were to adhere to those principles, they would be required to ban Fox News from all White House media events, including the daily briefings. And the revelations from the Dominion case provide the strongest argument yet to impose that ban.

A pseudo-news operation like Fox should not be credentialed so that it can masquerade as legitimate journalism. At the very least, they should be required to acknowledge their lies, apologize to their audience, their peers, and the nation, and take reparative action (i.e. fire Fox CEO Suzanne Scott, as well as hosts Carlson, Sean Hannity, and other offenders) before their credentials are restored. Short of that they should be shunned and banished to the pod swamps with the likes of Alex Jones and Steve Bannon.


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WTFox? Fox News Hack Asks Press Secretary if the White House is Going to Shut Down Twitter

The melodrama engulfing Twitter since it was devoured by the American oligarch, Elon Musk, is spinning ever more ludicrous plots. And in keeping with the themes dictated by Donald Trump, they generally involve some wealthy wingnut’s paranoid delusions of persecution and victimhood. Poor little billionaires.

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Fox News, Peter Doocy, Karine Jean-Pierre

Whenever there is some feigned offense as perceived by the uber-elites, the Fox News propaganda machine can be relied upon to pursue its mission of spreading disinformation on behalf of Trump’s Republican Cult Party. Central to that undertaking is the Fox News White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, whose role has always been to manufacture preposterous narratives for his network’s news mangling.

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On Wednesday Doocy assumed his position in the White House press room to fulfill his assignment for the day. He quickly excreted another contrived and bizarre scenario that wasted everyone’s time and forced the Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, to school him on some basic principles of communication and free speech.

Doocy: When are you guys gonna delete the White House Twitter account?
Jean-Pierre: Why would we do that?
Doocy: Well, you say that you’re keeping an eye on Twitter because it might not be a suitable platform. So why use it?

It’s difficult to comprehend just how inept and unqualified Doocy is for the job he’s allegedly doing. Unless, that is, you accept that his job is to babble incoherently in pursuit of what he thinks is a “gotcha” question. Obviously the White House can post comments on Twitter that convey their positions without embracing everything about the site that is troublesome. But Doocy needed the remedial explanation…

Jean-Pierre: I want to be very clear here. The President has always said, and he has been very clear in his belief that it is important for social media platforms to continue to take steps to reduce hate speech and misinformation. And he will continue to say that. But media platforms make independent choices about the information that they present. So I don’t have anything to share on any policy or any changes that we will be making. We have multiple platforms, as you know, that we utilize to communicate with the American people.
Doocy: You say that you’re gonna be monitoring the speech on there. If you see something that you don’t like, would you try to shut Twitter down?
Jean-Pierre: When you talk about monitoring, I hate to break it to you Peter, just like everybody else, we very much monitor the news. We pay close attention to everything that you all are reporting. And Twitter is in the news a lot. And that’s what we’re paying attention to. We’re paying attention to what is in the news and what is being reported on the misinformation that’s out there.

Doocy’s laughably illogical leap to the conclusion that the White House would consider “shutting Twitter down” is representative of the mindset of Fox News and the radical right. It’s what they would do. All Jean-Pierre was saying is that misinformation and hate speech are tangible threats to the welfare of the public, and that Twitter and other social media outlets have an obligation to conduct reasonable moderation. But Doocy failed to grasp Jean-Pierre’s clearly articulated point that it is the company’s obligation, not the government.

For the record, the only presidential administration that ever actually threatened to shut down Twitter was that of the former reality TV game show host, Donald Trump.

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It is also notable that Trump filed a truly idiotic First Amendment lawsuit against Twitter (which was quickly dismissed), and beseeched his glassy-eyed cult followers to quit Twitter, which he asserted should be outlawed. For more on those execrable exploits, see the following…

Funny, neither Doocy nor Fox News ever had any problem with any of that. They are obviously pro-totalitarian dictatorship when the dictator is Trump of any other Republican.

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SEMI-FASCIST? Trump Wants the FBI to ‘Raid’ the House of Joe Biden – AKA the White House

Last week President Biden delivered a historic speech alerting the American people to the threat posed to democracy by Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans. It was a long overdue wake up call to take seriously the ultra-rightists who have already committed gross acts of violence in pursuit of a totalitarian, Trump-led dystopia.

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Donald Trump, Constitution

Biden’s speech was predictably criticized by conservative politicians and pundits. Some (i.e. Tucker Carlson) excreted their knee-jerk disapproval without even watching the speech. They used what they assumed would be in it to further whine about Biden’s accurate assessment of MAGA’s anti-democratic thuggery. That included griping about Biden’s prior characterization of the MAGA crowd as “semi-fascist.”

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Thankfully, Trump can always be relied upon to validate the critiques of his noxious behavior. Whenever he he is accused of some malfeasance, he will inevitably do or say something that proves it. Such was the case Monday morning when Trump took to his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, to fume the following…

“So they riffled through the living quarters of my 16 year old son, Barron, and the loved and respected former First Lady of the United States, Melania, but, despite proven high crimes and treason, and just plain common theft, all pointed out in the Laptop from Hell (and elsewhere), they never Raided or Broke Into the house of Hunter Biden or, perhaps even more importantly, the house of Joe Biden – A treasure trove! This is a Country that’s unfair and broken. We are truly a Nation in Decline!!!”

First of all, it is almost certainly a lie that the FBI “riffled” through Barron’s room. This is the first time in nearly a month since the search warrant was executed that Trump ever mentioned it. He now appears to be using his own minor son as a shield for his legal tribulations.

Furthermore, Trump is overtly lying about “proven high crimes and treason” by Hunter Biden, for which there is no actual proof. Trump is merely regurgitating tiresome and baseless accusations that he has been yammering about for years. And it takes an extreme measure of gall to complain about “common theft” when he’s referring to the laptop of Hunter Biden, which was literally stolen.

Finally, Trump concludes from this deranged sequence of non-events that Joe Biden’s house should be raided by the FBI. Biden’s house is, of course, the White House. So Trump wants the FBI to conduct some sort of search of the White House, looking for an unspecified “treasure trove” of evidence of some imaginary crime. And he doesn’t think there’s anything semi-fascist about that?

Evidence of Trump’s authoritarian aspirations are revealed more clearly with every passing day. He couldn’t care less about the laws that he is brazenly violating, whether having to do with his election interference, his finances and taxes, or his hoarding of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago bunker. He regards himself as above the law. And by that he means the law of man and God.

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Tucker Carlson Uses Mockery of BTS as a Lead-In to Racist Lies About Black White House Staffers

There is nothing that Fox News’ Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson, enjoys more than disgorging hateful diatribes against people of color, who he believes are being recruited to replace European bred citizens in a massive and diabolical scheme by Democrats to hand control of the United States over to non-white foreigners. And yes, he’s nuts.

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Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Klan

Carlson launched into another of his noxious rants Tuesday night, this time complaining that President Biden invited K-Pop superstars BTS to the White House to raise awareness of anti-Asian-American discrimination and violence. According to Carlson it was just a plot to divert attention from issues important to Black Americans. Who wants to tell Carlson that May was Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month?

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The notion that Carlson, Fox’s chief proponent of the racist “white replacement” theory, actually cares about Black issues is impossible to take seriously. All he’s interested in is pitting Blacks against Asians, and everyone against the Euro-elites who he fronts for. And he affirms whatever doubts you might have when he continues his harangue (video below) saying that…

“The headline here is that the white supremacy in the Biden White House is so intense that twenty-one Black staffers – can there be more than twenty-one total? Not a huge staff at the White House – twenty-one Black staffers have fled. Speaking of the new Jim Crow.”

“White supremacy at the White House?” Carlson has a vivid and virulent imagination. He follows that up by introducing notorious right-wing race-baiter, Candace Owens, asking her if she’s surprised that “the racism and white supremacy at the White House is so intense that Black staffers are fleeing for their lives?” Owens responded by insulting Black White House staffers with the standard racist expression of contempt for minorities, saying that they were “just given these positions” because of their skin color, and that “they probably were underqualified” for them. To which Carlson added “Is there anything more destructive than white liberal guilt? It feels like it’s hurt more people than nuclear weapons.” “It really has,” agreed Owens obediently.

For the record, Carlson’s yammering about “fleeing” White House staffers is typically full of horse manure. He was referencing reports that Black staffers were leaving their jobs, but leaving out the facts related to their departures. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre replied to these reports saying that…

“‘The president is incredibly proud to have built what continues to be the most diverse White House staff in history, and he is committed to continuing historic representation for Black staff and all communities,’ said White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. ‘This is a normal time for turnover across the board in any administration and Black staff have been promoted at a higher rate than staff who are not diverse.'”

“A number of staffers who left, moreover, said it was on good terms. Some departures were for graduate school opportunities. Others went to different cabinet departments. Several said they were leaving because of family matters.”

What’s more, Carlson’s ignorance of the White House was evident in his assertion that it has a small staff that couldn’t possibly support the departure of a couple of dozen people. In fact, the Executive Office of the President has a total staff of 1,800 people. And even if you only count those who are directly engaged in the more narrowly defined White House Office, that’s still 377 people.

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So true to form, Carlson has demonstrated both his flaming racism and his world-class stupidity. These are regular features of his program. And it’s why he is currently the top rated host on Fox News, where such repugnant character flaws are regarded as assets.

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Joe Biden Ends Trump’s War on Truth and the Free Press – and Zings Fox News

The not-so-old adage that “elections have consequences” has proven once again to be an insightful admonition to those who would defy democracy and the indefatigable will of the American people. Donald Trump found this out the hard way by narrowing his appeal to an impotent minority of racists and far-right extremists, rather than seeking to broaden his base by reaching out to the reality-based community.

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Donald Trump, Fox News, White House

Among the consequences that Trump will suffer, in addition to his humiliating electoral defeat, are a rapid undoing of his worst policy initiatives (i.e. climate change, immigration, healthcare, etc.), the expulsion of his most despicable appointees throughout his administration (i.e. Justice, Defense, Intelligence, EPA, etc.), and an avalanche of of both criminal and civil lawsuits (tax/financial, sexual harassment/assault, defamation, etc.). Trump may have less time available for golf and television as a private citizen than he did as the alleged “president.”

Joe Biden’s inauguration speech was surprisingly well received considering his reputation for something less than soaring oratory. Even Chris Wallace of Fox News said that it was “the best inaugural address I ever heard.” But don’t let that fool you into thinking that Fox News has turned over new leaf. Sean Hannity watched the same address and described our new president as “the weak, the frail, the cognitively struggling Biden.” Clearly Hannity was viewing it through his manure-caked eyeglasses.

While Biden touched an many subjects of great importance to the American people (i.e. the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy, international relations, and his commitment to national unity), he included some specific passages that foretold a renewed respect for the free press. Gone is Trump’s Stalinist yowl that “the media is the enemy of the people.” In Biden’s inaugural address he correctly observed that “We face an attack on democracy and on truth.” Then he pointedly made these profound remarks:

“Politics need not be a raging fire destroying everything in its path. Every disagreement doesn’t have to be a cause for total war. And, we must reject a culture in which facts themselves are manipulated and even manufactured.”

“Manipulated” and “manufactured” facts are another way of saying “alternative” facts (h/t Kellyanne Conway). It’s also a nod to what Fox news has done throughout Trump’s occupation of the White House.

“There is truth and there are lies. Lies told for power and for profit. And each of us has a duty and responsibility, as citizens, as Americans, and especially as leaders – leaders who have pledged to honor our Constitution and protect our nation – to defend the truth and to defeat the lies.”

This is another shout out to Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News), where “Lies told for power and for profit” is embedded in their corporate mission statement.

“But the answer is not to turn inward, to retreat into competing factions, distrusting those who don’t look like you do, or worship the way you do, or don’t get their news from the same sources you do.”

Here Biden is being generous by lumping Fox News in with legitimate sources of news. Even Fox doesn’t call what they do “news.” It is literally a part of their entertainment division. And it isn’t going to get any better in the post-Trump era. They have already announced programming changes that shift more airtime to their ultra-conservative opinion hosts.

For his part, Joe Biden is making good on his promise to restore truth and decency to the White House press corps and its relationship with the media. Early on in his term Trump abandoned daily press briefings. He went weeks without holding any. And when he did, they were filled with lies and self-serving blather. His press secretaries were a confederacy of dishonest spinners (Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, Kayleigh McEnany) whose flair for flagrant falsehoods was famous.

Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, held her first press briefing on Inauguration Day. She told reporters that her goal was to “bring transparency and truth back to the American government.” Elaborating, she said that…

“I have deep respect for a free and independent press in our democracy and for the role that all of you play. As I noted earlier, there will be moments when we disagree and there will certainly be days we disagree for extensive parts of the briefing even perhaps. But we have a common goal, which is sharing accurate information with the American people.”

That’s a refreshing upgrade from the bellicose bundle of belligerence that stained Trump’s hostile and childish tantrum throwing tirades whenever he engaged the press. It’s a return to the more productive encounters that provide opportunities for political leaders to communicate with the public, while simultaneously allowing journalists to confront those leaders on the public’s behalf. And if both the President and the press pursue those as their goals, the nation can only be better off for it.

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Donald Trump’s Reality TV Presidency: Defense Secretary is the Latest ‘Acting’ Cabinet Official

With all of the controversy and melodrama that emanates daily from the historically chaotic White House of Donald Trump, it’s easy to forget his humble beginnings as the host of a reality TV game show. That was not a recreational pastime for a bored billionaire. It was his job for fourteen years. A real billionaire wouldn’t have had the time for that.

As president Trump has transferred his experience in television playacting to his new job in Washington. And it’s painfully obvious that his skills are utterly inappropriate for his new duties. He spends most of his time watching TV (Fox News) and conducting made-for-the-camera photo-ops with bill signings and human props. His press conferences are a circus wherein he replaces substantive dialogue with insults and rambling incoherence.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trump runs the White House like he would a fictional sitcom about a bumbling chief executive. Many of his senior staffers were actually recruited from television (again, Fox News), and most have little experience for the assignments they’re given. His Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications is the disgraced former president of Fox News, Bill Shine.

On Sunday morning Trump Announced the latest recipient of his “rose” for a critical post in his cabinet. He is making Patrick Shanahan the “Acting” Secretary of Defense. This follows the resignation of Gen. James Mattis, whose departure was motivated by Trump’s recklessness and ignorance. Mattis advised the President that his resignation would be effective February 28, 2019. But now, in a fit of pettiness and ego-pacification, Trump is moving that up to December 31.

What’s more troubling is Trump’s newfound compulsion to replace permanent, senate-confirmed cabinet officials with unqualified “Acting” stand-ins for the real thing. Currently serving in Trump’s pretend regime are an “Acting” Chief of Staff (Mick Mulvaney), Attorney General (Matthew Whitaker), EPA Director (Andrew Wheeler), Interior Secretary (David Bernhardt), and now Shanahan as Acting Secretary of Defense. All to serve our Reality TV Acting “President.”

This means that nearly twenty percent of the President’s cabinet is serving in an “acting” capacity. They have not been vetted or confirmed by the Senate as required by law. The reasons for this include Trump’s lack of knowledge of the sort of qualified people to fill these positions. Also problematic for Trump is the fact that qualified nominees don’t want to get anywhere near this president or his defective, criminally-tainted White House.

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So now America is stuck with third rate understudies for governing officials who are likely to be merely surrogates for Trump’s dementia. Mulvaney as chief of staff is the perfect example of that. He’s a rabidly partisan Republican Nationalist who slobbers over Trump now even though he called him a terrible human being just two days before the election. We have to wonder when the country will have competent leadership again that is serving in accordance with the law. But that will probably have to wait until the law catches up with Trump and ousts him from the office he stole with the help of his Russian comrades.

Donald Trump Accuses Members of His Own White House Staff of Treason

The morale at the White House just took another deep dive into the abyss of the Shakespearean tragedy it has become. Donald Trump’s administration is already notable for suffering the worst retention rate in history with dozens of top-level staffers resigning or being fired in just the first year. This is a crumbling house of cards that Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, called “a very functioning place of business.”

Donald Trump

The White House has recently been described in strikingly negative terms. One account calls it “the most toxic working environment on the planet.” The official who told this to Axios went on to say that:

“Usually tough times bring people together. But right now this atmosphere is ripping people apart. There’s no leadership, no trust, no direction and this point there’s very little hope. Would you want to go to work every day not knowing whether your future career was going to be destroyed without explanation?”

In the midst of that turmoil, it isn’t surprising to see many insiders anxious to leak to the media. According to a new report by Axios they are doing so, in part, to set the record straight and protect themselves from jealous coworkers. So Trump’s response to this dreadful lack of leadership was to post this harangue on Twitter:

Note the obvious paranoid psychosis in that brief tirade. First of all, if he’s referring to “so-called leaks” by the “Fake News Media,” then there isn’t really anything to complain about as far as leaks go. In his view the information is false and, by definition, not a leak. Secondly, Trump doesn’t need any help from anyone to “look as bad as possible.” He’s doing that very well on his own.

Nevertheless, Trump is outraged that anyone in his employ would exercise their free will and talk with people in the media about the train wreck over which he presides. And his response to that demonstration of disloyalty to the King is to accuse the fiends of treason and threaten them with capture and punishment.

This president is certainly not the first one to be stung by insiders talking out of class. But he is the first to charge them with crimes punishable by death. And that is what makes Trump’s totalitarian tactics so dangerous and unambiguously contrary to the American values of freedom and democracy.

If Trump wants to stop leaking from his staff, the best and easiest way is to inspire them to have admiration and respect for his leadership. He’s quite clearly incapable of that, so he resorts to this sort of intimidation and bullying. Which isn’t going to work. In fact, it will just make things worse for him. So, Mr. Trump, please proceed.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Right-Wing Media Gets Hysterically Overheated by Dumbass White House Petition

You know the loons that shill for Donald Trump are getting desperate when they latch onto petty nonsense. And that seems to be all they are doing these days. Many pundits are calling last week Trump’s worst week yet. But that could be said about almost any week since he was inaugurated. However, a week when he defends white supremacists and forces his political guru, Steve Bannon, to walk the plank, surely deserves a spot at the top of the list.

Donald Trump

In an effort to boost Trump’s spirits, some of his Deplorables posted a petition on the White House website. They are seeking to have the anti-fascist protest group, Antifa, officially designated a terrorist organization. The whole of the petition alleges that:

“Terrorism is defined as ‘the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims’. This definition is the same definition used to declare ISIS and other groups, as terrorist organizations. AntiFa has earned this title due to its violent actions in multiple cities and their influence in the killings of multiple police officers throughout the United States. It is time for the pentagon to be consistent in its actions – and just as they rightfully declared ISIS a terror group, they must declare AntiFa a terror group – on the grounds of principle, integrity, morality, and safety.”

Anti-=Fascist activists have lately been showing up at marches and rallies organized by neo-Nazis and KKK groups. They are often confrontational, but there is no evidence that they have ever initiated violence or “influenced” anyone to kill police officers. These are unsupported smears advanced by racists who don’t like being challenged.

More importantly, those responsible for this petition don’t seem the least bit disturbed by the rise of neo-Nazi groups who openly threaten violence. And they actually did commit a murder last week in Charlottesville, Virginia. However, they haven’t bothered to post a petition calling for those terrorists be officially designated as such.

Nevertheless, right-wing media has jumped all over this petition and through their promotion of it achieved a milestone. Petitions on the White House website need to get 100,000 signatures within sixty days to get a response from the Oval Office. This petition now has about 180,000. And that has set the hearts of the bigots on the right to fluttering. Here’s a short list of some of the more prominent right-wing media outlets that are all giddy over this:

  • TheBlaze: White House petition: Formally recognize Antifa as a terrorist organization
  • Breitbart: White House Petition Calls on Trump to Officially Recognize ‘Antifa’ as a Terrorist Organization
  • RT: Petition to label Antifa as terrorists hits 100k signatures required for White House response
  • Daily Caller: White House Petition To Recognize Antifa As A Terrorist Organization Hits 100k Signatures
  • And of course, Fox News: Petition to Label Antifa Terror Group Has 146,000 Signatures So Far

In addition to the weakness of their argument for this petition, these “news” manglers are exposing the blindness of their prejudice by ignoring the hostility of the right. What’s more, they are also ignoring the petition on the White House site that has the most signatures of any petition posted. With over 1.1 million accumulated to date, here is what Americans really want the President to address:

Immediately release Donald Trump’s full tax returns, with all information needed to verify emoluments clause compliance.

Since the threshold for a response is only 100,000, and Trump hasn’t responded, it’s safe to say he has no intention of doing so. But it remains to be seen if he will respond to the far less popular petition attacking anti-fascists. It’s a sad time for America when being opposed to fascism earns you a rebuke from the Republicans and, perhaps, the President. But that’s the times we are living in today in the Era of Trump.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.