Fox & Friends Bashes NBC’s Sandy Telethon: Is It A Hurricane Benefit Or A Concert For Obama?

The compassionate cast of petulant pundits on Fox & Friends bashed the efforts by NBC and a collection of celebrities to raise money to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy. Their complaint is that the program might have a positive effect on the campaign of President Obama. And to prevent any possibility of that, Fox thinks the benefit should be called off or delayed.

Great idea. Let’s just forget about the millions of people struggling to provide for their families without power or clothes or food or homes. They can wait another week or two until we’re certain that the President won’t get any ancillary afterglow from the charity program. After all, what’s more important? Taking care of people whose lives have been turned upside down by a natural disaster, or placating heartless Republicans who are against helping people in the first place?

These weasels turn my stomach. And in case you thought it might just be limited to the imbeciles on one Fox News program, Fox also published a story saying much the same thing on their web site. That story quoted only a right-wing PR executive and a VP of the uber-conservative Media Research Center. No one from NBC or any artists representatives were allowed to comment. However, Fox did include comments from anonymous Tweeters who shamefully advocated boycotting the benefit. Seriously, they want to boycott a charity event for hurricane victims. What’s next? Picketing cancer survivors? Tripping blind people? And all of this unsympathetic bombast is being spewed prior to the event when none of these critics know what will take place, or who will participate.

Typical right-wing, knee-jerk opposition to any project that might help people. Brought to you by the same folks who opposed Social Security and Medicare, and now want to see those programs scrapped in favor of vouchers and private sector solutions so that businesses can profit from other peoples misery. Which, by the way, is precisely how Mitt Romney proposed to deal with disaster relief.


9 thoughts on “Fox & Friends Bashes NBC’s Sandy Telethon: Is It A Hurricane Benefit Or A Concert For Obama?

  1. I’m sure this benefit would be more then happy to bring on people who support Romney if they are contributing to the fund raising for victims of this disaster. My God!, these people are unbelievable. It just doesn’t even make sense what they are saying.

  2. Fox is just mad because even NEWSMAX has declared their Libya garbage garbage. Newsmax.
    And the NYTimes.

    • You are actually use the NY TIMES as a real news source.. People’s stupidity never ceases to amaze me…..

  3. These FOX comments have no merit. Furthermore, they are whiny and childish. Perhaps FOX should have considered staging a similar event. I’m sure they wouldn’t have invited Springsteen or Kanye.

    Everything and anything can have some impact on some undecided voter somewhere in the US. This includes the benefit concert as well as the stupid commentary by F&F.

    Grow up, kids.

  4. Grow up! People need help now. There was not political overtone on the NBC Sandy Relief telethon. It was about getting help for the people of the tri-state area suffering the effects of hurricane Sandy. Fox get a life.

  5. Obama hates white people as CORNYA WEST during Katrina … CORNYA WEST is a douche…..

    • I just cannot find a reference to ‘CORNYA WEST’. Maybe you could elaborate?
      Noting that you mention Katrina, the hurricane I am guessing, then the reference should be Kayne West.

      I’m not a fan of either.

  6. nick, ras is 49-49, 48-47 for romney with “centain” to vote

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