Trump Stuffs 5 Lies (and 1 Truth) Into a Single Psycho Tweet Starring Stephen Colbert

Despite having lost some sixty court cases (including two in the Supreme Court), and being ridiculed repeatedly by reality-based observers, Donald Trump is continuing to rant incoherently about his delusional belief that he won the presidential election. He is terminally obsessed with having been decisively beaten by Joe Biden, someone he tried to malign as “sleepy” and “unfit for office.”

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Donald Trump

At this point it’s becoming somewhat comical to see each new complaint by Trump that the election was “rigged,” and “stolen” from him, despite failing to provide any evidence to the dozens of courts that ruled against him. And during his regularly scheduled Saturday morning tweetstorm Trump added to the cacophony of crazy with this surprisingly compact collection of falsehoods:

That’s five blatant lies crammed into one little tweet. Trump is getting good at that. In fact, he’s been “honored” by PolitiFact four years running for their “Lie of the Year” award (which Trump hysterically tried to pawn off on Biden) Just for fun, let’s break down this little gem of asininity:

“He didn’t win the election.”
The “He” here is, of course, President-Elect Joe Biden. Only a severely disturbed individual could make this claim after losing an election by more than seven million votes and 83 electoral college votes.

“He lost all 6 Swing States…”
Trump is referring to Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. They all certified the victory for Biden. Several of those states have Republican governors and/or legislatures.

“…by a lot.”
Once again, the margin of Biden’s victory in the electoral college was 306 to 232. That’s the same margin that Trump won with in 2016, and he called it a landslide.

“They then dumped hundreds of thousands of votes in each one.”
If Trump has any proof of this, for some reason he withheld it from the judges in the nearly sixty lawsuits he filed. He’s either concealing some secret, ingenious legal strategy, or he’s certifiably insane. I’m going with the latter.

“…and got caught.
HUH? Notice that Trump doesn’t identify anyone who was allegedly “caught.” That’s because nobody was “caught.” And nobody was “caught” because nobody did anything wrong.

The one thing that Trump got right in this tweet was his warning to Republicans saying “Don’t be weak fools!” That’s good advice for anyone. Particularly Republicans who have demonstrated unprecedented cowardice by supporting Trump’s ludicrous contention that he won an election that he so badly lost. But the GOP bootlickers are merely striving to emulate Trump who has cornered the market on both weakness and foolishness.

Finally, for some reason Trump posted a link to an article in the despicable Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post. The article, attributed vaguely to the “Post Editorial Board”, was a ridiculous criticism of Stephen Colbert’s interview of Joe Biden. They actually thought it was an insult to say that a comedian’s interview was a joke. And even worse…

“‘Late Show’ host Stephen Colbert actually managed to set a new record for wet media kisses delivered to Joe Biden in his long sit-down with the prez-elect.”

Seriously? A newspaper that’s part of the faux journalistic, Fox News/Murdoch, right-wing confederacy of conservative butt-kissers, is making this complaint about a late-night talk show host? Have they never seen Trump “interviewed” by Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo, or any of the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends? Those affairs are always utterly humiliating tongue baths that leave a telltale orange residue.

The Colbert interview, while not strictly journalism, was actually an entertaining and revealing look into a more personal side of Biden and the First Lady-elect, Dr. Jill Biden (videos below). Which is what entertainment shows are supposed to do. Even so, the buzzards who make up the Post Editorial Board could learn something about journalism from Colbert.

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Marchers for Trump Chant ‘Destroy the GOP’ and Attack Deep State Fox News

The bottom is rapidly falling out of Donald Trump’s “Stop the Steal” campaign. The legal misadventures for his imaginary reelection victory have resulted in more than 50 losses at every court level. That includes the Supreme Court that he thought he had pretty well stacked. And in desperation he is planting thinly veiled incitations to violence.

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Donald Trump, Republican, GOP

Following the Supreme Court rebuke, Trump’s cult disciples staged a “March for Trump” in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. It was intended to persuade the feeble-minded faithful that their Dear Leader had, as he tweeted in all caps, “WON THE ELECTION IN A LANDSLIDE,” if you only counted the votes that were for him. The rally was a bizarre spectacle that featured the most devoted Trump-fluffing zealots this side of Mar-a-Lago. Among them was Nick Fuentes, a former YouTuber who got the axe for repeatedly violating YouTube’s hate speech policies. At the rally he ranted that…

“At the first Million MAGA march [which fell about 995,000 short of a million] we promised that if the GOP would not do everything in their power to keep Trump in office, that we would destroy the GOP. And as we gather here in Washington D.C. for a second Million MAGA march we’re done making promises. It has to happen now. We are going to destroy the GOP.”

Whereupon the crowd vigorously took up the chant, “Destroy the GOP!” So with that goal, Trump actually has produced some measure of unity among the right and the left. Fuentes went on to specifically call out the Republican candidates for the Senate in Georgia. “The GOP wants us to hold the line,” he hollered, “and vote for RINOs like David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.” The crowd responded again with resounding boos.

Also speaking at this event was that notorious political thinker and scammy telemarketer of crappy pillows, Mike Lindell. The MyPillow guy was equally irate at the establishment conservatives who he believes have let Trump down. Even worse, he accused Fox News of being in on the conspiracy:

“Why do you think Fox declared Arizona with only 14 percent of the vote in? They already knew what they did! They were in on it. I’m serious, they had to be in on it. You don’t know this stuff. I mean all this stuff…and you know what? It’s not just the ones that are behind this that are gonna wind up being…and they should all go to prison when they are found out. But how about the Republicans out there that didn’t back this great president and us as a people?”

First of all, Lindell is either lying or stupid. When Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden about 80% of the votes were in. That blows up his paranoid conspiracy theory. But it still resonates among the Trump cultists who are convinced that Fox News, the network that put Trump in the White House, is part of the “Deep State” cabal aligned against Trump, freedom, and Gawd. Lindell concluded that these allegedly wayward Republicans, including the governors of Arizona and Georgia, “have to be hiding something.”

It’s also notable that Lindell’s MyPillow is a big advertiser on Fox News. Given his views, shouldn’t he pull those ads? He’s actually financing the Deep State evildoer that he believes is “in on” the conspiracy to steal the election from Hair Trump.

As for Fox News, they don’t intend to be shut out of this madness. On Saturday evening “Judge” Jeanine Pirro weighed in with her assessment that Trump’s hand-picked Attorney Genuflect, Bill Barr, was another traitor to the Trumpian cause (and not for the first time). “We now know,” she harangued, that “Bill Barr was the ultimate do nothing deep stater there to defend the status quo.”

That revelation makes this a profoundly nefarious and convoluted plot. It designates Trump himself as the Deep Stater-in-Chief, since he was the one who appointed Barr to lead the so-called “Justice” Department. Who would’ve thunk it?

These schizoid conspiracy crackpots are determined to bring down the Republican Party and the conservative establish that it represents. And they deserve all the help that Democrats can muster to accomplish that noble goal. They are the unwitting (unconscious) right flank of the progressive movement. And they are working in tandem with Trump who has been furiously waging warfare against Fox News, and Republicans who are less than unconditionally adoring, for most of his single term in the White House. It’s the textbook behavior of a malignant narcissist who is consumed by his addiction to non-stop adulation and the fear of losing it.

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WHUT? After Losing 50+ Times, Trump Whines He Was ‘Never Even Given Our Day in Court’

This is what the final stages of a psychotic meltdown looks like. Donald Trump has come face to face with the fact that he’s a loser who was decisively beaten by Joe Biden, a man he characterized as “sleepy” and “unfit to serve.” Trump is now confronting the reality that the majority of the American people are repulsed by him and his agenda of self-serving hate and division. For a malignant narcissist that’s a fate worse than death. And Trump’s response was to incite his glassy-eyed cult followers to violence.

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Donald Trump Pacifier Fox

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled against Trump’s last best hope to overturn the will of the people, he is hunkering down in his bunker, depressed and afraid to show his face in public. Friday night, at the last minute, Trump sent word to his guests at a White House Christmas party that he would not be attending. He probably spent the rest of the evening in bed, watching Fox News and gumming his hamberders.

However, today is a new day, and Trump awoke invigorated with the confidence of a rat at a cat convention. Seated on his “throne,” Trump grabbed his Twitter machine and began pounding out incoherent rants that only affirmed his cognitive decline. “WE HAVE JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT!!!” Trump tweeted in all caps. As if he has been holding his fire for the past five weeks. And the rest of his Saturday morning tweetstorm was even more deranged. For instance…

Trump is lashing out at the Supreme Court, including the conservative justices and his own appointees. And he asserts that he was “Never even given our day in Court!” He must have slept trough the 50+ cases that he already lost in the most humiliating fashion.

Remember… Trump only thinks in terms of votes for him as being legal. All other voters are fake or frauds. The miracle is that his people listen to this nonsense despite his failure to provide even a sliver of proof.

Trump keeps showing that he will attack anyone – even his own party – if they fail to have unqualified devotion. But let’s appreciate his opposition to reelecting GOP governors.

“IF Biden gets in???” While continuing to disparage democracy, Trump’ rhetoric devolves into the hostile lingo of mob bosses.

When Trump resorts to accusing his own Attorney Genuflect, Bill Barr, of being part of the “Deep State” conspiracy against him, you know he’s gone over the edge.

The Supreme Court actually demonstrated – unanimously – that they did have an interest in “the greatest voter fraud ever perpetrated on the United States of America.” which is why they declined to hear a case that lacked standing, as well as evidence or legal reasoning.

Trump and his screwball attorneys have had dozens of opportunities to plead their case in court, but have failed to do so every time. All he has left is his fear and wrath, which he’s aiming at anyone he regards as disloyal. That includes some of his most fervent supporters and administration staff. Nobody is safe in the path of his hysterical rage.

Meanwhile, the nation – and the world – is watching as Trump decomposes like an overripe banana. And the rot is producing a toxic substance that threatens America’s tradition of peaceful transfers of power. With just a little more than a moth until Biden is inaugurated, we can only hope that Trump is constrained by either his incompetence or his Republican confederates who, so far, have exhibited nothing but spineless cowardice and sycophantic bootlicking. Hang tight, America.

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Trump’s Desperate Supreme Court Pleas to Steal the Election Only Humiliate Him Further

No one with any measurable judgment is ever going to mistake Donald Trump for an intellectual. His grasp of even the most simplistic concepts is tenuous. After all, Trump is the “stable genius” who believes that windmills cause cancer; that stealth fighters are really invisible; that hurricanes can be nuked; and that he won the election by getting seven million fewer votes than Joe Biden.

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Donald Trump

In his desperate attempts to overturn the will of the American people by invalidating their votes, Trump has racked up a win/loss record in the courts of 1 in 52 (at best). His arguments are pathetically weak and utterly devoid of supporting evidence. And his lawyers are crackpots who regurgitate conspiracy theories collected from fringe Internet trolls.

Nevertheless, Trump is hanging his hopes on the Supreme Court that he stacked with radical right-wingers. But, to date, even that hasn’t worked for him. The result is that he’s becoming ever more deranged and removed from anything resembling reality. He’s even resorting to thinly veiled calls for a violent upheaval to retain power. Trump’s latest entreaty to the high court is a sad example of this:

Let’s break down this pile of rhetorical manure, shall we? To begin with, Trump is referencing a recent report that President-elect Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is under investigation for unspecified tax issues. This report was made public, not by some intrepid journalist, but by Hunter Biden, who maintains that his taxes were all filed appropriately and with the aid of professional tax preparers. He has not been found guilty of anything and he is cooperating fully with the authorities. As opposed to Trump who is still fighting to hide his tax returns even as his presidency is screeching to an ignoble halt.

Note that this matter does not concern Joe Biden in any way, much less suggest that his nascent presidency is “scandal plagued.” So Trump’s assertion that there is a presidential scandal brewing is a product of his warped imagination. More to the point, Trump is drawing a bizarre conclusion that a narrow tax dispute involving Biden’s son somehow affects the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Trump’s bogus election fraud whining. Why Hunter’s taxes would “make it easier” for the Supreme Court to act on Trump’s electoral complaints is a mystery that could only be solved by a skilled psychotherapist who specializes in malignant narcissists.

Trump obviously has no idea what the Supreme Court does or how it works. He clearly isn’t interested in following the Constitution because first he’d have to read and understand it. And if Trump really wants the Court to “do what everybody knows has to be done,” then they would refuse to hear his preposterous case. That wouldn’t even take much of the courage and/or wisdom that Trump is pleading for, but of which he has none of either.

To no one’s surprise, Trump is closing out his one-term in Washington as a bellowing, bull-headed, blowhard who can’t believe that he is the biggest loser. He even lost Time’s “Person of the Year” to Biden and Kamala Harris. So expect him to shortly announce his demand for a recount or his lawsuit to overturn the “RIGGED” decision.

UPDATE: The Supreme Court rejects Texas’ and Trump’s bid to overturn election. This case represented Trump’s last chance to pitch his election fraud nonsense and it was denied unanimously by the highest court in the land. Trump called it “The Big One!” Will he finally STFU? Not if he thinks he can scam more money off his glassy-eyed cult followers.

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A Call To Arms? Trump Commands His Cult Followers To ‘Escalate Dramatically’

Reality may be setting in at the White House as it becomes impossible for Donald Trump to avoid conceding defeat. Joe Biden’s seven million vote margin of victory, and his 306 to 232 electoral college win, are gnawing at Trump. And his meritless, evidence-free lawsuits (more than 50 so far) continue to get laughed out of court.

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Donald Trump Tyrant Dictator

In desperation, Trump is resorting to the methods of history’s most loathsome wannabe tyrants. He’s hoping that he can stir up outrage among his cult followers, convincing them that they are all the victims of an international plot to usurp the power of the presidency that Trump believes is rightfully his. It’s a bizarre scenario that requires his glassy-eyed disciples to accept that, despite his omnipotent superiority, he has been outsmarted by someone he disparaged as “sleepy” and “mentally unfit.”

In the process, Trump obviously feels that he needs to mobilize his supporters into a literal army in order to prevent his removal from power. That’s a situation that he fears because it would place him in serious financial and legal jeopardy. Consequently, Trump is deploying his doomsday device: A call to arms! And he’s doing it via Twitter:

For the record, there is no poll showing that 78% of the people feel that the election was rigged. To the contrary, most polls show a majority saying it was not. Trump may be confusing the overall voter polling with just the Republicans. But even there he is inflating the number. A recent Ipsos/Reuters poll showed that 68% of Republicans said the election was rigged. As for the Supreme Court, no expert on the subject expects them to take up Trump’s ridiculous lawsuits.

Trump has still failed to provide any evidence of any illegal votes. He’s just desperate to label Biden as “illegitimate” out of spite. And Trump is on shaky ground when asking about running the country. Because it’s been “run” by an incompetent for the past four years.

Along with portraying Biden as illegitimate, Trump needs to convince people that victory was “stolen” from him in order to foment the sort of anger that erupts into violence.

Here Trump is explicitly calling to “escalate dramatically” the anger he’s been cultivating. He refers to these times as “a very dangerous moment in our history.” And he reiterates his delusional assertion that the election was “stolen” from in a “coup” and that “the public can’t take this anymore.”

There is only one plausible interpretation of that. Trump is giving the order to his Braindead Brigades to take up arms and fight to defend his lust for power. He knows that there will be no ruling from any court – including the Supreme Court that he thought he had stacked – that will uphold his preposterous allegations of election fraud. So the only avenue left for him is through a violent upheaval by unpatriotic thugs on his behalf.

That’s a course of action that will surely fail. Few people will be dumb enough to answer Trump’s call. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a few lost souls who will embark on futile missions to subvert American democracy for Trump’s benefit. And they might even cause some harm to those unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity. But they won’t come anywhere near victory. Trump will remain the loser that he is, and his soldiers will bear the brunt of his ill-conceived civil war.

It’s too bad that Twitter permits this sort of violent agitation by a clearly deranged sociopath. Their impotent labels marking Trump’s tweets as “disputed” have done nothing to deter him from escalating his rhetoric to these perilous levels of insanity. And if there is violence, Twitter will bear some of the responsibility, along with Trump, the spineless Republicans, the crackpot right-wing press, and Trump’s pathetic cult followers.

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Flailing Trump Plots Revenge Against Republicans Who Accept That Biden Won

The madness of wannabe dictator Donald Trump continues to spin perilously off of the cliff’s edge of sanity. It’s been a month since election day and Trump persists in his deranged fantasy that he won the election and that Joe Biden and the Democrats pulled off a massive fraud that produced millions of fake votes and involved thousands of conspirators.

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Donald Trump Zombie

How this alleged scheme managed to work without any leakage of evidence, mistakes by the legions of conspirators, or confessions by whistleblowers is a deep, dark mystery. And yet, that’s precisely what Trump wants his glassy-eyed disciples to believe.

On Saturday morning Trump took to his Twitter machine to pound out more whining paranoia about his victimhood. He began by asserting that if Georgia Governor Brian Kemp would demand signature verification it “will show large scale discrepancies” and a Trump victory in the state. Never mind that there have been three vote counts in Georgia already and zero discrepancies have been found. Also, Kemp doesn’t have the authority to call for the signature verification that Trump is demanding.

Following that, Trump expressed his surprise that some Republicans have conceded that Biden is the legitimate winner and the President-elect. Trump responded to an article in the Washington Post that surveyed GOP members on the subject and found that “Just 27 congressional Republicans acknowledge Joe Biden’s win over President Trump a month after the former vice president’s clear victory.”

Trump’s surprise appears to be more than simple curiosity. He’s asking his Twitter followers to provide him with a list of the offending Republicans. This is troubling on several levels. First of all, since Trump is too fragile a snowflake to read the article himself, doesn’t he have staff that could read it and provide the information he seeks? Secondly, He’s been fighting for a month now despite the election having been certified and his lawyers having lost 39 out of 40 lawsuits (so far). Third, if he really thinks the Washington Post is “Fake News” why does he care what they published?

Finally, Trump’s interest in a list of the GOP members of Congress who he believes betrayed him by acknowledging reality can have only one purpose. He intends to dispense some sort of revenge. This would be consistent with his tyrannical style of “leadership” wherein loyalty to him (not the country) is paramount. He is aiming a thinly disguised threat as his own party confederates for their failure to show unflinching faith in Dear Leader.

This is the behavior of a desperate and frightened cretin whose fate is settled, but refuses to accept it. Everyone but Trump knows that this election is over. And his stubbornness just makes him look all the more pathetic and detached from reality. In this state Trump represents a clear and present danger to America. Hopefully he can be restrained for just 46 more days.

UPDATE: Trump followed his morning tweets with a couple in the afternoon that attacked the GOP governors pf Georgia and Arizona, tarring them with the unspeakable insult of being like “Radical Left Dems.” He is totally freaking out.

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‘COVID 4 ALL’: The Healthcare Plan From Trump and Fox News

The United States is notching ever higher records for coronavirus infections, hospitalizations, and deaths with each passing day. And experts predict that this winter it is likely to get worse before it gets better. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is furiously tweeting deranged rants about having won an election that he decisively lost to Joe Biden. In fact, Trump’s last 100 tweets have all been about what he calls the “election hoax,” but not one tweet about the pandemic that is hurting so many millions of Americans.

Donald Trump, Fox News, Coronavirus

Naturally, Fox News is fulfilling its mission to serve as Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda. They are supporting his delusional election victory fantasies. They malign Biden and other Democrats at every opportunity. They are even attacking Dr. Fauci. But worst of all, they persist in disinforming the American people about the deadly pandemic that is ravaging the nation. No wonder studies have proven that watching Fox News actually increases coronavirus fatalities.

On Friday morning the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends delivered yet another segment that trivializes the coronavirus. This time they melded it with lies about Biden as well. Co-host Brian Kilmeade sought to criticize Biden’s recent remarks about his intention to ask Americans to wear masks for the first 100 days of his administration. That’s a small sacrifice that is estimated will save up to 70,000 lives and would culminate just as vaccines are expected to become available to the general public. Apparently that’s too much to ask of the pseudo-patriots who believe that such a request is an imposition on their freedom to infect and murder their fellow Americans. Here’s just a taste of Kilmeade’s rant:

Let’s breakdown this dishonest, dystopian diatribe.

“You people want to go down with a fight, that’s the American spirit.”

Kilmeade is apparently referring to the mask resisters and the bar owners who refuse to participate in a real world solution to this health crisis. So Kilmeade glorifies violence as a response to common sense public safety regulations. He continued…

“Number one, the President-elect, if he becomes President of the United States…”

Notice that Kilmeade is questioning whether Biden will ever be sworn in as president. He’s pacifying the Trump cultists who still believe that millions of votes were manufactured by thousands of conspirators who managed to keep the whole criminal conspiracy secret without even a shred of evidence escaping. He continued…

[Biden] “…cannot mandate masks for 50 states.”

Here Kilmeade is inventing an outrage where none exists in reality. Biden has never proposed mandating masks for all 50 states. What he’s proposing are mandates for federal facilities and requests for cooperation from governors and for citizens to voluntarily comply. He continued…

“Thirty seven states already have mask mandates.”

This is actually true. That’s a milestone that should be acknowledged for Fox News. However, Kilmeade thinks that 37 states are enough, even though it means that 13 states – all with Republican governors – still do not have mask mandates. That means tens of millions of people in states where the pandemic surge is at its highest point. But Fox isn’t concerned about that. He continued…

“Nobody’s gonna make you put a mask on in your car, or sit alone on a beach, or in your backyard. So good luck with that.”

This is another strawman argument that isn’t being proposed by anyone. He continued…

“We’re already doing almost everything they told us to do. So I don’t know what he’s talking about.”

This is half true. Kilmeade certainly does not know what Biden is talking about. As for the other half, Many Republicans and Trump supporters are pointedly not doing what they are asked. And at the beginning of this rant Kilmeade praised them for it as a demonstration of the American “fighting” spirit. He continued…

“The election’s over, as they try to find out what actually happened.”

Finally, Kilmeade threw in a last jab at the election results. Notice that, even though he concedes that the election is over, he contradicts himself by implying the opposite – that we still don’t know what happened. We do. Trump lost!

This segment is typical of what Fox News presents to its viewers throughout the day. They simply don’t care that their lies are producing more grief and hardship, so long as it reinforces the lies dispensed by Trump. The negligence, incompetence, and deliberate malfeasance of Trump has resulted in an unprecedented human catastrophe. And Trump is personally responsible. But so are the Republican politicians who haven’t had the guts to oppose him. And so are the bootlickers at Fox News who have eagerly backed him up.

And let’s not forget the glassy-eyed disciples in Trump World who blindly embrace everything he says. They are the sheep who allow him to pretend to have a base of support to carry out his atrocities. They nod along obliviously very much like this inadvertently accurate meme posted by the MyPillow con artist and Trump backer, Mike Lindell:

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Fox News is SHOCKED that Biden’s Press Team Has Experience in the Press

Among the atrocities that Donald Trump visited upon the presidency is his utter disregard for institutional knowledge and professional expertise. His record of executive appointments is riddled with incompetents, some of whom never served a day in the field for which they were given managerial authority by Trump.

Joe Biden, Donald Trump Baby, Fake News

Trump himself is just such an amateur (dare we say apprentice), a government virgin who assumed office with nothing on his resume to recommend him for a job running massive bureaucracies. To the contrary, his past was rife with failure after failure of small businesses and vanity branding ventures. He was fueled by nothing but arrogance and ego as he asserted that he knew more than the generals, doctors, and economists who would report to him.

That standard of ignorance was hailed by Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News). And their indifference to ineptitude is carrying over to their coverage of the incoming administration of Joe Biden. To illustrate that, Fox did a story about Biden’s communications team that faulted them for having experience in communications. But Fox wasn’t just concerned about relevant experience. They were also troubled that the “Biden WH communications team raises questions over revolving door with liberal networks:”

“A statement released Sunday touted that ‘for the first time in history, these communications roles will be filled entirely by women.’ But what also stood out was that several of the new members had deep ties with Democratic administrations as well as mainstream media outlets.”

Holy Shitake Mushrooms! Fox News has discovered communications staffers for a Democratic president who previously worked in communications and for Democrats. That’s what sent Fox News into a tizzy? It should be noted that each of the examples that Fox used in their story were actually people who have worked in similar jobs for previous administrations. They were not merely pundits or talk show hosts. They briefly held positions in the media as analysts in between regular gigs in government. They include…

  • Jen Psaki, Biden’s Press Secretary, who previously served as White House Communications Director for Pres. Obama, and was a spokesperson for the Department of State.
  • Symone Sanders, chief spokesperson for Kamala Harris, who previously served as national press secretary for the Bernie Sanders campaign.
  • Karine Jean-Pierre, Principal Deputy Press Secretary for Joe Biden, who previously served as regional political director for the Obama White House Office of Political Affairs.

However, what really makes this hypocrisy stand out is that Fox News never had a problem with the Trump administration using Fox as a “revolving door” recruiting station. Since Trump didn’t actually know anyone with relevant skills or experience in the critical government posts he had to fill, he plucked his staff from among the people he enjoyed watching on Fox. for instance…

  • State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert
  • Former Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka
  • Former National Security Advisor John Bolton
  • White House director of strategic communications Mercedes Schlapp
  • Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson
  • Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell
  • Deputy National Security Advisor K. T. McFarland

That’s just a sampling of nearly two dozen Trump staffers poached from Fox News. Most of these Fox News hires were not assigned to media jobs in the White House. They served in national security, the Pentagon, and other cabinet departments. What’s more, Trump employed other Fox stars like Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs as his members of his “shadow” cabinet.

So while Fox never complained about its own inbred shills becoming Trump staffers in jobs that had nothing to do with the media, they are aghast at the notion of experienced media professionals performing media functions in the Biden administration. And that’s just the beginning of the torrent of criticism that Fox intends to rain down on all the other Biden appointees who actually have the ability to perform the jobs they are hired to do. It’s a concept that has been forgotten after four years of Trump’s circus of sycophants and supplicants.

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Laugh Along as Comrade Bartiromo Fluffs Dear Leader Trump on Fox News

It’s hard to imagine a more pathetic final curtain for the low-brow, reality TV presidency of Donald Trump. After having lost decisively to Joe Biden, Trump continues to shake his tiny fist belligerently at the clouds while shouting delusionally at his cult followers that “I won the election by a lot!” Sadly, his glassy-eyed disciples will eat up his impotent protests.

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Fox News, Maria Bartiromo, Donald Trump

Trump must be suffering tremendously knowing that he made history by becoming the first television game show host to lose the White House to a candidate that he maligned as a mentally deficient commie. If you can’t beat someone you honestly believe is that unfit, you must be picking up wood splinters on your behind from scraping it on the barrel bottom. Trump acknowledged the scope of this defeat a few weeks ago when he speculated that he would have to leave the country if he lost. Can he be legally held to that?

One must never underestimate Trump’s ability to sink lower from any given depth. On Saturday morning he lashed out at Fox News, the notoriously right-wing propaganda machine that put him in the White House:

Trump has been on a rollercoaster, love/hate relationship with Fox News for quite a while. Recently it became clear that his post-presidency career will be focused on “wrecking Fox News.” And many of his worshipful minions are on board with that mission. He much prefers pseudo-news networks who won’t commit the sacrilege of interviewing Democrats or other non-Trumpian heathens.

However, the day after Trump castigated daytime Fox News as “virtually unwatchable” he sat for a tongue bathing interview with Fox’s daytime host, and Senior Trump-fluffer, Maria Bartiromo (video below). Needless to say, it was a non-stop cavalcade of crackpot conspiracy theories and reality denialism. Here are a few select examples of Trump’s whining, paranoia, and deceit:

“The mail-in ballots are a disaster. They sent millions and millions and millions of mail-in ballots. I’m sure you know people that got two, three, or four. Because I do.”

That’s funny. If Trump knows people who got multiple mail-in ballots, why hasn’t he or his crack (addicted) attorneys produced any of them?

“There were a lot of dead people that so-called voted in this election. But dead people were, in some cases – many, many cases – thousands of cases, voted.”

Again, Trump hasn’t presented any evidence of these zombie voters in any of the dozens of lawsuits he’s already filed. Which may explain why he has a win/loss record in court of about 1 in 38.

“This is total fraud. And how the FBI and Department of Justice – I don’t know, maybe they’re involved. But how people are allowed to get away with this stuff is unbelievable. This election was rigged. This election was a total fraud. This is total fraud.”

Now Trump is accusing his Justice Department and FBI – run by his own hand-picked appointees (Bill Barr and Christopher Wray) of being complicit in alleged election fraud. They probably were, at his direction. They just weren’t very good at it. That’s what is really troubling him.

“And the problem we have – We go to judges and people don’t want to get involved, The media doesn’t even want to cover it.”

The judges did get involved. They just ruled against him. And the media also got involved by covering the defeats Trump suffered in court. Trump only sees what he wants to see.

“It’s a situation the likes of which – we don’t have freedom of the press in this country. We have suppression by the press. They suppress. You know you can’t have a scandal if nobody reports about it.”

You have to wonder what Trump thinks hasn’t been reported. All of his allegations have made the news. It isn’t the media’s fault that they are bogus and were correctly reported that way. Trump thinks his fake scandals should be reported as truthful despite his failure to provide any proof.

“This is the greatest fraud in the history of our country from an electoral standpoint. And I guess you could build it up bigger than an electrical – I mean what’s bigger from an electoral standpoint, what’s bigger than this? This is the essence of our country. This is the whole ballgame. And they cheated. Joe Biden did not get 80 million votes.”

It’s cute that Trump thinks he knows how many votes Biden got without counting any of them. Or more likely, he just thinks that any votes for Biden don’t count.

“I got 74 million votes. The largest in the history of a sitting president. So many millions more than anyone thought that we were even trying to get. And everybody said this is over. I’m telling you, at ten o’clock everybody thought it was over. And then the phony mail-in started coming in,”

Not everybody, Diaper Don. Trump believes that the vote counting should have stopped before all the votes were counted. Particularly the mail-in votes that included much of the military and – himself.

For her part, Bartiromo allowed Trump to disgorge his incoherent rants uninterrupted. When she did manage to squeeze in a few words they were to express her awe at how brilliant his insights were. She rarely wavered from responses like this one agreeing with Trump’s tedious repetition that the election was rigged: “This is disgusting,” Bartiromo sucked up, “And we can not allow America’s elections to be corrupted.”

Fox News is going to have make a rapid transformation after Trump is evicted from the People’s House. And now they’ll have to contend with some weak but motivated competition, perhaps including one with a Trump brand. But never fear. If the past is any indication, Fox will quickly shift from a government loving purveyor of pro-Trump propaganda to a government hating pack of anti-Biden dissenters. Their reputation for conservative bias and shameless hypocrisy will remain in tact. As will their commitment to being America’s goto source for blatant lies and its biggest stain on journalism.

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Trump Wants to Hold 2024 Campaign Launch Rally During Biden Inauguration

The 2020 presidential race has been over for weeks and Joe Biden won a decisive victory with the most votes ever received by a presidential candidate. But that hasn’t stopped Donald Trump from continuing to insist that he’s the “real” winner. He has spent the last three weeks posting delusional tweets claiming victory despite not being able to provide any evidence.

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Donald Trump, King

Trump’s latest argument for his imaginary triumph is that “Biden can only enter the White House as President if he can prove that his ridiculous ‘80,000,000 votes’ were not fraudulently or illegally obtained.” Clearly Trump is unfamiliar with the the “burden of proof” requirements in the law. It is Trump who must prove that his allegations of fraud are valid. And to date, his failure to do that has been downright embarrassing. He has lost 36 of the 38 lawsuits that he or his surrogates have filed.

Despite his pompous swagger, Trump has just signaled his concession to Biden in the typically blockheaded fashion for which he is so well known. When the question of whether he might run again in 2024 came up, Trump indicated that he is not only interested, but that he’s already plotting out his campaign. That, of course, would not be necessary if he still thought that he won in 2020. This is as close to an actual concession as we are likely to get from Trump. But what really makes this rise to the Olympian heights of assholery of pure Trumpism is how he plans to launch his alleged 2024 campaign:

“Two sources said that Trump has floated the idea of a 2024-related event during Biden’s inauguration week, possibly on Inauguration Day, if his legal efforts to overturn the 2020 election fail.”

Holy Shih Tzu! Trump actually thinks that it would be a good idea to counterprogram Biden’s inauguration with his own reality-TV style affair to announce his entry into a race that’s four years away. Never mind the unpatriotic insult to American democracy that would be displayed by such a brazenly egomaniacal move. This is the same sort of pathetic cry for attention that Trump pulled when he chickened out of a Republican primary debate and staged a phony charity event for veterans. After which he jilted the vets out of the money that was raised.

If Trump goes through with this it will only be to satisfy the two things that are most important to Trump: Vengeance and greed. He desperately needs to take revenge against Biden for having the audacity to beat him. For the same reason, he seeks revenge against the American people for voting against him. And he also needs to line his own pockets with cash that his glassy-eyed disciples are all too willing to fork over, even though they think (wrongly) that he’s a billionaire.

You also have to wonder who Trump thinks will be his audience if he does put on this charade. Surely all of the “mainstream” news networks (including Fox News) will cover Biden’s inauguration. If Trump is lucky he’ll get Newsmax and OANN to cover his toddler’s tantrum telecast live. Which means he’ll suffer another defeat to Biden in the ratings. The last time they went head to head was when they had competing town halls. That occurred because Trump was too scared to debate Biden after his flop in the first debate. So he bailed and scheduled a town hall opposite Biden’s that had already been been planned. Biden beat Trump by a million viewers.

Trump’s prospects for 2024 don’t appear to be particularly promising. A new poll by Morning Consult found that “54% of Republicans say they’d vote for Trump if the 2024 presidential primary were held today.” That may be a majority of Republicans (which is a minority party), but not a very big one. Especially right after an election where he got 94% of the GOP vote. Just three weeks later Trump has lost 40% of his support.

This suggests that it’s just the hardline cult followers who are willing to commit to Trump’s future candidacy. They are the same dimwits who believe that the election was stolen from their Dear Leader, despite the total absence of evidence. And they are the viewers who have forsaken Fox News as a liberal hellhole (that Trump now seeks to wreck). But there are enough of them for Trump to fleece on his way to obscurity as he seeks to launch his own media company while pretending to run for president again. And it’s pretty safe to predict that such a media enterprise will soon be Trump’s next bankruptcy.

NOTE: News Corpse was notified by Twitter recently that its account would be suspended for repeated violations of their rules. Which is strange because it has never been cited for a single violation in 11 years and they didn’t even identify this alleged violation. They just bounced the account and its 7,000 followers. So if anyone wants to tweet articles from this website, please feel free to do so often and repeatedly. Thanks for your support.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.