Kamala Harris Goes Biblical on Charlamagne Tha God After His Republican Spun Question

Democrats are having enough trouble with the media these days to have to bother with fielding Republican talking points from ordinarily friendly faces. President Biden’s approval polling is inexplicably low considering the successes his administration has had, particularly with the economy and job growth. And yet, coverage of his administration in a recent study was shown to be more negative than it was for Donald Trump during his term in office.

Fox News, Kamala Harris

Which makes the Fox News flavored framing of a question posed by Charlamagne Tha God to Vice-President Kamala Harris somewhat puzzling. In an interview for his Comedy Central program, Charlamagne hit Harris with a well-trod Republican insult intended to diminish Biden as weak and lacking leadership skills (video below). “Who is really the President,” he asked. “Is it Joe Manchin or Joe Biden?”

This question has been circling the right-wing mediasphere for several weeks as Sen. Manchin has held up legislation that the rest of the Democrats in Congress support. What most observers forget is that those bills are also being opposed by all fifty Republicans in the Senate. So is Manchin’s single vote really more responsible for the legislative logjam than the entire Republican Party that has been resolutely partisan on every issue, including those they support?

Sure, Manchin’s vote could move the process forward if he weren’t so stubborn and selfish. But so could the vote of a single Republican who had the courage to vote in the best interests of the American people, instead of the partisan craving for power by GOP operatives and the anointment of Dear Leader Trump.

Harris was noticeably taken aback by Charlamagne’s question. But she wasn’t flustered in her response. Without hesitation she replied…

Come on, Charlamagne. It’s Joe Biden. And don’t start talking like a Republican about asking whether or not he’s president. It’s Joe Biden. And I’m Vice-President. My name is Kamala Harris. And the reality is because we are in office we do the things like…

Whereupon Harris extemporaneously enumerated an array of accomplishments achieved by the Biden/Harris administration in less than a year that specifically address the issues that matter most to Charlamagne’s audience.. They included…

  • The child tax credit which is gonna reduce black child poverty by 50 percent.
  • End choke holds and have body cameras.
  • Get lead out of pipes and paint because our babies are suffering because of that.
  • People who ride public transit deserve the same kind of dignity that anybody else does. So let’s improve that system.
  • Bring down prescription drug costs because folks who have diabetes should not be dying because they don’t have enough money in their pocket.
  • Black maternal mortality is a real issue that must be treated by everybody, including the White House, as a serious issue.

By the time Harris finished her mini-rant she had won over her host. Which was evident in the finale of this segment that resulted in the following exchange:

Harris: I hear the frustration, but let’s not deny the impact that we’ve had, and agree also that there is a whole lot more work to be done. And it is not easy to do. But we will not give up. And I will not give up.
C Tha God: I just want you to know that that Madame Vice President, that Kamala Harris, that’s the one I like. That’s the one that was putting the pressure on people in Senate hearings. That’s the one I’d like to see more often out here in the street.

That’s actually the Kamala Harris that has been there all along. But if you are falling for the media spin that Biden and Harris are failing because they haven’t achieved everything they set out to do – with a razor thin majority in Congress – it may seem like their efforts have been ineffective.

What’s ineffective is the media presentation of what is really happening in Washington. If the reporting was more reflective of the reality, Democrats wouldn’t be trying to dig themselves out of manufactured political hole. And by this time next year Democrats would be looking at a bigger congressional majority with which they could get even more done.

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Peter Doocy and Fox News Probe the Burning Issues: Biden’s ‘Armageddon’ and Flaming Christmas Trees

Never let it be said that Fox News isn’t on top of the most pressing issues of the day. For example, it’s the network whose leading story for three days was the conviction in a county court of a former TV star for faking a hate crime. Meanwhile, they ignored the United States Supreme Court’s decision to allow Donald Trump’s White House records to be handed over to the congressional committee investigating his role in the January 6th insurrection.

Fox News, Joe Biden, Fake News

The editorial mission of Fox News has two basic objectives: 1) Manufacture frightening scenarios that it can associate with the Biden administration and/or Democrats, whether or not they are true. And 2) Feature trivial distractions if no such fear mongering stories are available.

On Sunday, CNN’s Brian Stelter provided a chilling supercut of Fox News presenting their vision of America in a catastrophic decline due to the deliberate mismanagement of “evil” President Biden. It featured terrifying clips of hate monger Sean Hannity warning that Biden is mentally incapacitated; the Fox and Friends “Curvy Couch” potatoes screaming that Biden is killing the economy and American families; professional liar Kayleigh McEnany ranting about inflation surging “just in time to ruin Christmas”; and the ever bombastic queen of box wine, Jeanine Pirro, exclaiming frantically that “This country is going to hell in a handbasket”. To which Stelter reasonably replied that “I would be so scared to leave the house if I watched that all day.” Watch the Fox News hysterics for yourself…

For the record, while there are surely challenges that the nation faces, there is also an unmistakable “Biden Boom” underway. But Fox News isn’t about to let reality interfere with their dramatization of dystopian dread. So Fox dispatched their White House wanker, Peter Doocy, to annoy Press Secretary Jen Psaki. And Doocy leapt straight into the meat of the day’s most pertinent issue:

“We’ve seen an arsonist burn down a half a million dollar Christmas tree in New York City back on the streets. Does the President think that’s good governing?”

That’s right. Fox News is still obsessing over the torching of their beloved fake Christmas tree by a mentally challenged homeless man. Doocy’s dumbfounding question (with an emphasis on the dumb) revealed that he has no comprehension of law enforcement matters. The President is not involved in state criminal affairs. And if Doocy was just looking to find out out if Biden approved of setting Christmas trees ablaze, what on Earth did he think Psaki would say? Did he think she would celebrate the act of arson? So Psaki politely put Doocy in his place – again:

“I think I’ve spoken for the President’s concerns about retail theft. If you have specific…any actions we’ve taken for specific cases, I would point you to the local police departments or the Department of Justice.”

Fox has tried to portray this as an attack on all of America, akin to 9/11. Even though it was just a case of random vandalism that roasted a holiday decoration that Fox says cost them $500,000.00. If that wire frame simulated shrub cost a half million dollars, Fox got royally screwed. The real tree that adorns the White House this year only cost $139,000.00, and that’s $30,000 less than the tree the Trumps got in 2019. Which is just more proof that Democrats are far better at managing money than Republicans.

Maybe Doocy should start an investigation into who ripped off Fox News for that now ashen plastic tree. Was it insured? How much did the replacement tree cost? Is it fireproof? Enquiring minds want to know.

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Did Chris Wallace Ditch Fox News Because of Tucker Carlson and Other Extremist Dirtbags?

At the end of this week’s episode of Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace announced that this broadcast would be his last. It was an unusually abrupt notice of an exit from an enterprise that he’s been with for eighteen years. Ordinarily, planned separations provide several weeks of notice to give both the company and the viewers time to absorb and adjust to the news.

Fox News, Chris Wallace

So what would prompt this surprise departure from one of the longest serving Fox News personalities? Wallace didn’t give any clues in his announcement. He said merely that…

“…after 18 years, I have decided to leave Fox. I want to try something new, to go beyond politics to all the things I’m interested in. I’m ready for a new adventure.”

Wallace didn’t say what form that adventure might take or where he might be headed. There is some speculation that he could join CNN+, the network’s soon to be launched streaming service. And while Fox News hasn’t had the time to consider replacements for Wallace, the early money is probably on Bret Baier. That is if Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson don’t pull rank over the weak-kneed Fox News executives who cower before them.

Speaking of Tucker Carlson, there are good reasons to suspect that he might have given Wallace a shove out the door. Wallace has been critical of Carlson’s ultra-extremist ravings of late. After the airing of Carlson’s false flag crocumentary, “Patriot Purge,” Wallace complained to Fox News executives, Suzanne Scott, Fox News Media CEO, and Jay Wallace, President of News. Wallace was also said to be troubled by Lara Logan’s nauseating comparison of Dr. Anthony Fauci to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. Some other indications that Wallace and Fox News may not have been a good fit going forward…

In his farewell message Wallace recounted the changes in the media during his years at Fox News. “When I started in this business 50 years ago,” Wallace recalled, “being fair was the basic job requirement to keep you from being fired. And the idea that I stand out now because I’m fair, I think is a kind of sad commentary on the state of journalism.” Wallace isn’t being explicit in this criticism, but it is unambiguously a critique of the sort of bias that is integral to Fox News and its super-partisan editorial mission.

The landscape of cable news is changing significantly. In addition to Wallace exiting Fox News, the network has another open primetime weekday slot at 7:00pm. Brian Williams has left MSNBC. Chris Cuomo is out at CNN. And next year Rachel Maddow will be downsizing her weekday presence on MSNBC.

There is no way to predict what MSNBC and CNN will do with their roster. But we can rest assured that Fox News will become even more radically right-wing, because that’s what they’ve done with every other recent schedule opening. And with the midterm elections next year, they are sure to dig in. We could see (GASP) Jesse Watters, or Maria Bartiromo, or Peter Doocy, or Kayleigh McEnany, in the Fox News Sunday anchor chair next year. They might as well just give the job to Trump.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that Wallace will be joining CNN+ to host a weekday talk show.

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Trump Whines To Fox News that ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’ While He’s Suing to Hide Everything

Poor Donald Trump is scared silly that he might pay a price for his treasonous, failed coup attempt. He’s lashing out incoherently at his political foes. His former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, who already turned over damning records to the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection, is now retreating to the shelter of the 5th Amendment to avoid incriminating himself – and Trump.

Donald Trump Circling the Drain

It may be too little to late for Meadows whose defiance of a congressional subpoena will likely result in a charge of criminal contempt. What’s more, among the records he provided is a PowerPoint presentation detailing Trump’s plans to undermine democracy and install himself as dictator. All of this malarkey is rooted in his “Big Lie” about the 2020 Presidential election that he is afraid to debate.

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Adding to Trump’s woes is the D.C. Court of Appeals ruling rejecting his bid to suppress the release of his communications with the insurrection plotters. In a desperate play to spin this bad news in his favor, Trump fled to his personal media panic room, Fox News, to pump out some positive propaganda. He called into Laura Ingraham’s program where he knew he would be greeted with slobbering sympathy and unfettered freedom to lie.

Trump wasn’t disappointed. Ingraham allowed him to reframe the deadly riots in the Capitol on January 6th by violent StormTrumpers as merely a protest. Instead, Trump maligned the millions of Americans who honored democratic ideals by voting on Election Day as the “real” insurrection. Then Trump unleashed this morsel of mendacity (video below):

Ingraham: Do you think your nominees to the Court are going to uphold your claims of executive privilege in this case?
Trump: Well, I hope they do. I’ll tell you, the biggest loser would be Biden because if it ever changes, and I think it will, then he won’t be able to use it with respect to Hunter and all of the things that are going on that are so terrible. So I would think he’d want to see this upheld, frankly. I think it’s very important for him. Honestly, I have nothing to hide. I wasn’t involved in that. And if you look at my words and what I said in the speech, they were extremely calming, actually. But I would think that the Democrats would like to see it, and I think secretly they would like to see it upheld.

Of course Trump hopes that the Justices he placed on the Court obey his divine will. That’s why he put them there. But legal experts are predicting that they might show some measure of independence and allow the D.C. Appeals Court ruling to stand.

More to the point, Trump inexplicably declares that “I have nothing to hide.” Which is a peculiar stance for someone who is suing Congress to keep his White House records hidden. An innocent person would be anxious to release documents that he thought would exonerate him. But Trump wants people to believe that he is appealing the Court decision to the Supreme Court because he has nothing to hide.

And if that weren’t preposterous enough, Trump is claiming that the sermon he delivered to his cult disciples prior to the Capitol riots was “extremely calming.” Which part of that speech do you suppose he was referring to? Here are some excerpts that he might regard as calmative:

  • “All of us here today do not want to see our election victory stolen by emboldened radical-left Democrats, which is what they’re doing. And stolen by the fake news media.”
  • “We will never give up, we will never concede.”
  • “Our country has had enough. We will not take it anymore.”
  • “We will not let them silence your voices.”
  • “We’re going to have to fight much harder.”
  • “You’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength.”
  • “We fight like hell. And if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”

Indeed, those words could be seen as – let’s say tranquilizing. They would have the effect of putting his devotees into a stupor sufficient to persuade them to attack Congress, threaten its members and staff, break through windows and doors, vandalize historic property, and assault police officers.

Finally, Trump bizarrely pretends that he’s actually pursuing his legal path to help President Biden. But instead, he’s He making the oddly argued case that Biden doesn’t face any legal jeopardy. He suggests that Biden should favor a ruling that suppressed such disclosures because he would benefit from it. Therefore, since Biden is supportive of the Appeals Court ruling, he clearly isn’t afraid of some future records being released that might incriminate him. Unlike Trump, who is shaking in his elevator boots. Because he has nothing to hide. Right?

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GOP Senator Projects His Own Anti-Americanism Onto Biden and Democrats in Rancid Fox News Rant

Taking its cues from Nazi propagandists, the Republican Party has become skilled in the dark art of projection as a key method of manipulating their mindless minions. It’s a tactic wherein they accuse others of the unsavory practices in which they themselves are engaging.

Fox News, Constitution

This behavior was evident in the remarks by GOP insurrection supporter, Sen. Josh Hawley (MO-QAnon), during Thursday night’s episode of the Laura Ingraham Inquisition on Fox News. The segment was wholly devoted to disparaging President Biden’s opening speech at the virtual Summit For Democracy that he hosted. Hawley, a committed opponent of democracy, projected his brand of divisive anti-Americanism on Biden in a typically baseless harangue:

“What really stands out to me is that it was one long, anti-American tirade made by the President of the United States and various members of his administration. I mean, you listen to them, they don’t like American voting laws. They don’t like American history. They want to rewrite our culture and completely change it. I mean, this is a guy who doesn’t really like America.”

It’s hard to take seriously a criticism that is so slathered in hypocrisy. After all, it is Hawley’s Republican Party that is attacking and corrupting voting laws across the country, with 19 states (so far) enacting laws that make it harder to vote. It is Hawley’s party that is suppressing history by banning the teaching of critical race theory and slavery. And no party is more obsessed with dictating culture than Hawley’s GOP, led by the King of Cancel Culture and Republican Godfather, Donald Trump. And they want to talk about guys that “don’t like America?”

What was it about Biden’s speech, you might wonder, that has so enraged Hawley and his Fox News hostess? Could it have been Biden’s determination to fight to “shore up the very foundation of American democracy: the sacred right of every person to make their voice heard through free, fair, and secure elections.” Or might it have been his intention to work to “hold corrupt actors accountable, reduce their ability to use the United States and international financial systems to hide assets and to launder money.”

Those are both the sort of ideals that make Republicans shiver with fear. However Hawley and Ingraham might also have been spooked by Biden’s aspirations for a world that values cooperation and the rights of everyone:

Yes, democracy is hard. We all know that. It works best with consensus and cooperation. When people and parties that might have opposing views sit down and find ways to work together, things begin to work. […] We have to stand for justice and the rule of law, for free speech, free assembly, a free press, freedom of religion, and for all the inherent human rights of every individual.”

It’s easy to see why Hawley was so outraged and why Fox News would provide him a platform to vent his wrath. Biden’s words extolling freedom and equal rights are anathema to Republican principles, or lack thereof. Just as the notion of free and fair elections scare the GOP, knowing as they do that the more people who vote, the more Democrats win. Trump actually said so out loud.

That’s why we are now seeing this pushback from the right to accuse Democrats of being anti-voting, history, etc. It’s all they have left. Never mind that they don’t even bother to produce an example of what they are alleging. Examples are for ethical persons with rational positions. So that leaves out Republicans on both counts.

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The Biden Boom is Well Underway. Will the Media Honestly Report On It?

With nearly a year in the books, the Biden administration is taking stock of the progress made on the issues of most concern to the American people. As usual, the economy tops the list of public priorities with matters relating to jobs, inflation, wages, and making its debut appearance, the supply chain.

Joe Biden, Economy Chart

All of these ingredients are being stirred into a stew that is heavily seasoned with considerations about the holidays and the COVID pandemic. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the populace is anxious and looking forward with some sense of unease. Those doubts are being fanned by the press that has been pushing a decidedly negative perspective. And, of course, Donald Trump, is disgorging his usual litany of lies. The result is that President Biden and the Democrats are registering poorly in most recent polls.

However, when the economic environment is examined more closely, there is actually more cause for hope than despair. An article by Robert J. Shapiro for the Washington Monthly sums it up nicely with the headline, It’s a Biden Boom — and No One Has Noticed Yet.” The article opens saying that…

“While many people are uncomfortable communicating bad news, Democrats have a problem these days talking about good news, especially on the economy. Based on the data, President Biden and the Democratic Congress are set to preside over the strongest two-year performance on growth, jobs, and income in decades — so long as the current cycle of inflation eases, and the Omicron variant does not trigger another round of shutdowns. The future paths of inflation and the pandemic are large and important unknowns — but if they break right, everything else points to a Biden boom through 2022.”

Shapiro, a former Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs under Bill Clinton, enumerates the reasons for his optimism. They include the fact that…

  • “Over the first three quarters of this year, real GDP increased at a 7.8 percent annual rate.”
  • “From January 20 to December 7, 2021, the S&P 500 Index jumped 21.7 percent.”
  • “From January through October, all wage and salary income paid by private businesses increased 2.4 percent after inflation, compared to gains of 0.3 percent for the comparable period in 2019 and 0.7 percent in 2018.”
  • “5,675,000 Americans who were unemployed when this year began had found new jobs by November.”
  • “The jobless rate fell from 6.3 percent last January to 4.2 percent in November, or by one-third over 11 months.”
  • “Oil prices have fallen by more than 20 percent over the past three weeks.”

Shapiro wonders, then, “Why is Biden’s approval on the economy so far underwater?” His answer is that “Americans’ perceptions of the economy always lag actual economic conditions when those conditions have recently changed.” And he predicts that “if the economy continues to improve…the midterm elections could well unfold during a formidable Biden boom, which certainly would be good news for the Democrats.”

Shapiro’s view is shared by Biden’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, who posted this presentation on the current state of the nation’s economics:

That’s enough positive economic news to turn around the dreary perceptions that Americans have of the nation’s economic health. The question is, will the media report this data honestly and with the same frequency and fervor that they have been peddling the mostly temporary bad news? For the sake of the nation, they had better do so.

There is going to be a lot of competing news to deal with. Trump is continuing to be investigated by multiple prosecutorial jurisdictions for everything from inciting an insurrection, to pressuring election officials, to tax fraud. The COVID pandemic will likely remain a significant news story. Washington will be abuzz with decisions by the Supreme Court, and congressional legislation, including bills on voting rights. And next year the midterm elections will decide which party will control the majority in Congress.

But the economy is usually the issue upon which most elections turn. So the responsibility of getting the reporting right is critical to the future welfare of the country. The mood pf the nation when it goes to the polls will determine how every other matter in the nation’s Capitol is resolved. And if the media fails to inform the people about how superbly the economy is performing under Biden, they will be throwing the midterms to the Republicans who have an unparalleled record of dismal economic failure going back for decades.

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Traitor Trump Goes on Newsmax to Cheer for His BFF Putin Hours Before Biden’s Summit Call

The Russian dictator really got his money’s worth when he chose to back Donald Trump. For four years Trump advanced Vladimir Putin’s interests in the United States, particularly with respect to undermining American democracy. Who can forget Trump taking Putin’s side over that of U.S. intelligence with regard to Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election?

Donald Trump Vladimir Putin

Now, after Trump has been out of office for nearly a year, he is still doing Putin’s dirty work. As Russian troops amass on the border with Ukraine, President Biden was preparing for a tele-summit with Putin in order to advise him not to go forward with any plans of aggression against their neighbor. So naturally Trump booked an appearance on the Trump-fluffing Newsmax network to act as Putin’s mouthpiece. In a segment intended to disparage our American President and exalt his Russian counterpart, Trump once again delivered the goods for the enemy.

Trump, as usual, began with a blatant lie. “I was tough on all of them,” Trump bragged. “With China we took in hundreds of billions of dollars of taxes and tariffs. Nobody’s ever seen that before.” He is still peddling the nonsense that tariffs are paid by the government of the country they are imposed upon. The truth is that the costs of tariffs are borne by the U.S. companies that import the sanctioned goods. Trump’s own economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, was forced to admit that on Fox News. What’s more, those costs are often just passed on to American consumers. But China didn’t pay one red cent. Then Trump got to the meat of his treason:

“Now I see that Biden is gonna be talking to Putin and that’s not a fair match. That wouldn’t have been a fair match in prime time. This is not a fair match for our country. And the Election was rigged and it was stolen, and this is what we got. This is not a match that should even be allowed. Take the New England Patriots playing your high school football team, that’s what you have right now.”

What Trump is doing here is handicapping Biden in the summit talks. To the detriment of our nation’s interests, Trump is praising his Russian boss and denigrating his American nemesis. This isn’t the first time that Trump has done this. Prior to a June summit with Putin, Trump explicitly stated that he trusts Putin more than his fellow Americans.

Notice also that Trump regards the summit as something akin to an episode of his reality TV game show. To Trump it’s a “match” televised in primetime. And he thinks that Biden shouldn’t be “allowed” to represent the country that elected him by an overwhelming margin. He even felt compelled to throw in his “Big Lie” that “the Election was rigged and it was stolen,” because that further supports Putin’s goal of weakening our democratic principles.

Trump likes to pretend that he was tough on Russia. But his own press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, revealed in her recent book that…

“Trump told Putin, ‘Okay, I’m going to act a little tougher with you for a few minutes. But it’s for the cameras, and after they leave we’ll talk. You understand?”

It is downright treasonous for a former president to deliberately sabotage the current one with slanderous insults such as these. Especially on the eve of a critical summit meeting. But Trump has never exhibited anything remotely resembling patriotism, other than his empty and cliched rhetoric. It’s disgraceful and dangerous as Russian troops line their border with Ukraine. But it’s nothing less than what is expected from Trump and the propaganda spewing media machines that support him.

UPDATE: Tucker Carlson is also taking Putin’s side re: Ukraine. And Newsmax is is doing outright PR for Putin…

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Deranged Trump Declares that ‘I Developed the Vaccine’ in Lie-Riddled Twitter Tantrum

Donald Trump is, if nothing else, consistent. Although that isn’t a compliment considering that his consistency is related to his being a pathological liar. He distinguished himself as having told more than 30,000 lies during his single term in the White House.

Donald Trump, Insane, Straight Jacket

Since Trump lost reelection a year ago – a reality that he still isn’t able to grasp – he has continued disgorging flagrant falsehoods with unrivaled frequency and fury. Take for example this tweet in which Trump stuffed a surprising number of self-serving fallacies:

“America fell 340,000 jobs short of the very modest expectations set by economists. That’s because Joe Biden is a one trick pony, “Get the Vaccine.” But no one trusts this administration. I developed the vaccine when everyone said it wasn’t possible. Now without “Trump,” that’s their only solution. This administration is destroying America before our very eyes because there is no leadership. Besides my vaccine, this is the administration of no jobs and massive layoffs, high gas and energy prices, high crime, empty shelves, open borders, and a horrendous surrender and evacuation from Afghanistan. A lot of effort and money went into RIGGING the 2020 Presidential Election, only to destroy the Country. Was it worth it?”

If that isn’t a demonstration of someone tweaking on meth, then nothing is. Trump can’t seem to concentrate on a single subject for more than a nanosecond. There must be a medical diagnosis for this psychotic compulsion to enumerate every screwball thing that pops into his head. Never mind that he manages to get everything he’s ranting about wrong.

Trump begins with a criticism of President Biden’s record on job creation. But he immediately segues to the bizarre claim that “I developed the vaccine,” for the coronavirus. Does he also think he beat Neil Armstrong to the moon and wrote all of Shakespeare’s plays?

As for his commentary on jobs, he left out that “the unemployment rate fell sharply to 4.2% from 4.6%, even though the labor force participation rate increased for the month to 61.8%, its highest level since March 2020.” And that “Worker wages climbed for the month, rising 0.26% in November and 4.8% from a year ago.” In fact, as Biden noted on Friday, “in the first 10 full months of my administration, the economy has created 6 million jobs, a record for a new President.”

So Biden can hardly be called a “one trick pony.” And if there were only one trick, successfully reducing the harm caused by a deadly pandemic is a pretty good one. For the record, Trump left office with the worst jobs record in modern history.

The rest of Trump’s tweet was equally dishonest. Gas prices have only risen because the economy has rebounded so well. Crime is not higher relative to prior years. While there were product shortages due to global (not just American) supply chain issues, store shelves are once again full. The borders are not open. The “horrendous surrender” in Afghanistan was negotiated by Trump according to his own National Security Advisor. And Trump’s “Big Lie” about the election being “rigged” continues to be a dangerous fiction that undermines democracy.

The fact that Trump bothers to post tweets like this is further evidence of his emotional instability and his obsessive aspiration to return to a position of authoritarian power. He must not be allowed to succeed. American democracy and freedom depends on defeating Trump and Trumpism.

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Trump and his Deplorables Cheer the Spread of COVID While Trying to Smear Biden

Politics can be a dirty game. Particularly when disreputable players overtly applaud tragedies simply because those dreadful events will reflect badly on their opponents. These low-lifes actually care more about their own political self-interests than the suffering of innocent people. And no one is more likely to behave so despicably than the failed reality TV game show host, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Virus

On Thursday Trump hosted a campaign event at his Mar-a-Lago resort and spa in Palm Beach, Florida. The candidate he was hyping was former footballer, Herschel Walker, who Trump persuaded to run for the Senate in Georgia against newly elected Democrat, Raphael Warnock. Walker has a troubling past that includes threatening to kill his ex-wife, and later a girlfriend and himself. Which is probably what Trump likes about him.

At the Mar-a-Lago affair, Trump delivered his routine and tedious stump screech exalting himself, whining about his perceived victimhood, and lashing out viciously at his foes. The harangue eventually wound up lambasting President Joe Biden. But the tack Trump took was grotesque and dishonest. After lying about how wonderful everything was early in his presidency, Trump complained that all his troubles began when “the virus came in.” Then he launched into his predictable anti-Biden tirade, focusing on Biden’s promise to fight the COVID pandemic:

“Biden said, ‘I’ll get rid of it.’ How the hell is he doing? He’s not doing so well against the virus. I thought he was gonna get rid of it. More people died this year than died last year with all the vaccines and everything we had.”

This video shows Trump actually rooting for the coronavirus. He is downright giddy about the pandemic causing misery, suffering, and death. Trump’s only consideration is that such hardships might damage Biden’s standing politically. And the elite audience at his resort laughed and applauded Trump’s pro-COVID cheerleading. These are sick people.

It is also notable that Trump is brazenly misleading about the fatalities due to COVID this year and last. He’s using the same dishonest argument that was used recently by the Wall Street Journal and also by Fox News. They both ignore the fact that Trump started from zero fatalities and did nothing (more accurately, made things worse) while it ramped up to 400,000, and millions infected by December of 2020. Consequently, Biden’s term began at the end of January with millions of people already exposed and capable of transmitting to others.

The continued infections and fatalities in 2021 are, of course, also attributable to Trump and his right-wing media mouthpieces at Fox News and elsewhere. They are still resisting measures to mitigate the virus, such as wearing masks and getting vaccinated. But with the competence and compassion that Trump is incapable of, Biden still reduced the growth rate of fatalities by 75 percent.

Furthermore, we must not forget that more than 90% of the new hospitalizations and fatalities are among unvaccinated people. These are the people that Trump (and Fox News) has mislead from the start. So, not surprisingly, the pandemic is impacting red states and counties far more than blue.

These new remarks by Trump are certain to exacerbate that disparity. From the start of the pandemic Trump has sought to downplay its severity. In the book RAGE, by Bob Woodward it was documented that Trump had deliberately lied, saying that he “wanted to always play it down.” And Trump insiders recently disclosed that he has refused to promote vaccines because it might upset his cult followers or, gawd forbid, help Biden. So, if nothing else, Trump is consistent in his determination to benefit himself no matter how dreadful the consequences for others.

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Jen Psaki Shocks Fox News Hack Peter Doocy with Trump’s Deadly Record of COVID Mismanagement

The White House correspondent for Fox News, Peter Doocy, has made it his mission to try to construct blatantly biased questions during the White House press briefings. For the most part he has failed miserably, as press secretary Jen Psaki has easily batted his screwballs out of the park.

Psaki Lightening

Undeterred by repeated smackdowns, Doocy tried again on Wednesday. He chose for his lame attempt at a journalistic sucker punch a query about comparing the COVID fatalities during the Trump administration to those of the Biden administration. But his ignorance and inability to grasp that Psaki is his intellectual superior in every way, led to another embarrassing drubbing (video below):

Doocy: In 2021, when roughly 220,000 Americans had already died of COVID, Joe Biden said about Trump, “Anyone who was responsible for that many deaths should not remain as President of the United States of America.” Is that still the standard now that more Americans have died under President Biden?

Doocy really needs to be relieved if he didn’t see Psaki’s effortless response coming. He left her wide open for a crushing retort that blistered him and his offstage overseer, Donald Trump:

Psaki: I think the fundamental question here is what are you doing to save lives and protect people. And the former President was suggesting people inject bleach. He reportedly didn’t even share with people he was going to interact with that he tested positive for COVID himself. He continued to provide a forum for misinformation, which probably led to people not taking steps forward to protect themselves, to wear a mask, to eventually get vaccinated.

This President has made the vaccine widely available. He’s relied on the advice of his health and medical experts, and he is trying to be a part of solving this crisis, getting the pandemic under control. And I think there’s a pretty stark difference between their approaches.

If one didn’t know better, it would almost seem like Doocy was setting Psaki up to hit home runs. She masterfully exploited his leading question to remind everyone of how terribly Trump mismanaged the pandemic response. She exposed Trump’s ignorance, negligence, carelessness, and deliberate malfeasance. And she closed with the record of President Biden’s compassionate and competent leadership through harrowing times.

Doocy has the distinct disadvantage of being employed by the network that is most responsible for the misinformation about COVID that has resulted in their killing off their own viewers. It’s the network that has maligned the renowned and beloved Dr. Fauci as comparable to the Nazi sadist and murderer, Josef Mengele.

What’s more, Doocy is rehashing the poor math that suggests that Biden’s pandemic response is no better than Trump’s. That was thoroughly debunked here at News Corpse last week, noting that the massive growth in infections and fatalities during the Trump years was turned around into spectacular declines by Biden:

“In real terms, during Trump’s last year in office the number of fatalities went from 10 (when Trump said it would soon decline back to zero) to 400,000, an increase of four million (4,000,000!) percent. During Biden’s first year in office the number of fatalities went from about 400,000 to 800,000, an increase of only 100 percent. That’s a fatality rate percentage decline of 99.9975 percent. So it is brazenly dishonest to say that Biden did no better than Trump. The truth is that during Biden’s term the United States went from 4000 people dying every day by the end of Trump’s term, to about 1,000 deaths a day under Biden, A decline of 75 percent.”

Doocy may or may not be aware of these facts. But he clearly doesn’t care. All he’s interested in is sandbagging the press secretary. It’s just too bad that he is so painfully terrible at it. But you have admit that he has an astonishing tolerance for the humiliation he endures nearly every day.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.