Who Is Donald Trump Boycotting Now? The List Keeps Growing

The controversy over whether or not Apple should enable the FBI to crack the security of the iPhone belonging to the San Bernardino shooter has spilled over into the presidential race. It’s a complicated debate that is only trivialized by the shallowness of a political campaign. And leave it to Donald Trump to lead the pack in reducing the intellectual coherence of the issue.

Donald Trump

Trump’s contribution to the dialog consisted mainly of a faux-macho declaration that he would dump Apple products if they didn’t capitulate to the demands of the Justice Department. As a threat, that carries about the same weight as his complaints about manufacturers moving their operations to other countries. He still has his clothing lines and other branded merchandise made in China and Mexico, so don’t expect him to stop using his iPhone for his midnight tweets.

What’s more, it goes against the grain of his allegedly anti-establishment campaign theme to side with the feds who want to force private businesses to comply with their demands. Trump’s history of siding with big government against free enterprise is evident in his support of eminent domain and his recent tantrum where he told companies with off-shore facilities to “fuck off.”

Now, to go along with his rabid string of lawsuits, Trump is also pushing boycotts against an ever expanding group of evil American businesses. Apple is just the latest villain to irk The Donald. Here are some of the others:

  • Macy’s – for having the gall to disassociate with Trump after he maligned Latinos.
  • Ford – for building a plant in Mexico.
  • Oreos – for joining Ford south of the border.
  • Starbucks – for failing to celebrate Christmas with reindeer on their cups.
  • Univision – for reporting fairly on issues that affect Latino-Americans.
  • HBO – for not firing Bill Maher after he criticized Trump.
  • Rolling Stone Magazine – for putting a photo of the Boston Marathon bomber on the cover.
  • Mexico – for letting El Chapo escape. Also – for arresting a U.S. Marine who entered the country illegally with weapons.
  • And my personal favorite: Fox News – for their alleged unfairness to him, despite having birthed his campaign and giving him far more airtime than any other candidate.

The sheer quantity of boycotts and lawsuits that Trump engages in is further proof that his antagonism and belligerence makes him utterly unfit to hold an office that requires thoughtful analysis and diplomacy. He’s a megalomaniac bully who resorts to hostile tactics to achieve his goals. Imagine that sort of personality with access to armies and nuclear weapons.

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7 thoughts on “Who Is Donald Trump Boycotting Now? The List Keeps Growing

  1. They oughta call it *NutzosCott* 😉

  2. you guys are sure messed up with your thinking!!!!!,do you even have a clue as to why trump is asking that ,or is all you have for ammunition is your hatred for him!!!!!!!,look at reality you fuckin arrogant boneheads.so if that lying bitch said what he said ,it would all be okay!!!!!!!

  3. Ah Randy, we don’t hate the Donald. We just see him for the lying bully that he is. You really think he’s Presidential? Be serious. Your party has nothing. They have done nothing for America for decades but start wars and trash the economy. Now look who’s running. A guy who starts every sentence with “I.” A Canadian guy who thinks God wants him to make America a theocracy tuned into the Cruz brand of Christianity. A Senator who is so ‘bored’ working in DC that he is quitting, but thinks that being President would be just cool. An Ohio Governor whose big plan is to “spread America’s brand of Christianity all across the Middle East!” How come none of them mention Flint and the ongoing infrastructure crisis that will soon affect the entire nation? Had the GOP been truthful about “JOBS JOBS JOBS!” in 2010 and actually done something about it, maybe they would have a platform focused on America rather than what or who they hate most this week.

  4. I guess one of the things that you have to understand about me ,is that i never did like the republican platform,and this is probably close to twenty years!!!.I am a Canadian citizen,have been all of my life,my family came to canada in 1896,so i have a bit of an understanding of history in both Canada and the United States.The most unfortunate thing that has happened with society today is there is no good politician who is going to look after THE PEOPLE.This is a reason why Trump and Bernie are doing so well,As much as i dislike both of them,Hillary and the GOP gong show will do nothing but did you all in deeper than the veritable shit pit you are heading towards.I think the Flint crisis will be addressed when the time calls,meaning ,when the GOP candidates start to drop out,I wish you all the best,but in my opinion,as much of a lying asshole THE DONALD is,I do believe that he is needed to give the whole government platform an eyeopening shakeup!!

    • No, you are wrong. Donald Trump will be ineffective for similar reasons that Arnold Schwarzenegger was an ineffective governor. Your notion that Trump will be able to “shakeup” anything is a fantasy right out of a Hollywood movie.

  5. what do you think is going to happen when the supporters of Bernie do not have anyone to support?,are those democrats suddenly going to go over and give their support to Hillary?,or are they going to support someone who is not associated with the ESTABLISHMENT….like Hillary,or Marco!!!!.I am a Canadian,who does not support ANY of the candidates,but the problems that have been implemented by BOTH GOVERNING parties has left the AMERICAN PEOPLE scrambling for the BEST of the WORST case scenario.Trump should get in for the simple reason of putting the POLITICAL PARTIES BACK IN LINE OF WHY THE FORE FATHERS STOOD FOR THE PROMISE OF A BETTER COUNTRY. When i said that the government platform needs a shakeup,it is something that has to go down to the CORE!!.Trump, if he gets in,is going to fuck up majorly,but it will only be 4 years, at least it will hopefully bring both democrats and republicans to an eye opening experience !!!!!Otherwise you all are going to SLOWLY drown!!!If you know what i mean!!!!

  6. And by the way,there is a little difference with Schwarzenegger and Trump.Trump is a businessman,with good business associates.However corrupt they may be,they are still profitable,and i think the shit pit that America is in,they need BUSINESS SENSE IMMEDIATELY. Schwarzenegger was an ACTOR,and that is what a lot of Californian mentallity is based on

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