Hillary Clinton Gives Fox News A Sad

Today on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace made a desperate and public plea to complain that Hillary Clinton has not accepted his invitation to be badgered on his program. Wallace’s disappointment was evident in his closing commentary wherein he whined that…

“We have now sat down with every candidate in the race except Hillary Clinton.” He continued “But, once again this week, Clinton turned down our request for an interview.”

Hillary Clinton

Really? Does Wallace need an explanation for this? Fox News has been a perpetual Clinton-bashing machine for years. They have turned the tragedy in Benghazi, Libya into a serial melodrama that never seems to end. Even though every investigation, including those conducted by Republicans in Congress, has found no wrongdoing by Clinton, President Obama, or any other government official, the obsession to cultivate a narrative that indicts Clinton for imaginary crimes remains in effect. Fox News was so determined to use Benghazi as a smear tactic that when the Republican House Committee to Politicize Benghazi held an eleven hour grilling session with Clinton, Fox News ceased to cover it with four hours still remaining. It was the only cable news network to cut their coverage. As News Corpse noted at the time…

Do you think they would have done that if they thought that Clinton was bombing? Of course not. They were more worried that she looked strong, confident, knowledgeable, and (gasp) presidential. That was something they didn’t want their viewers exposed to, so the decision was made to ditch the live hearings and return to their panel of wingnut pundits on whom they could rely for continued Clinton bashing.

More recently, Fox News has attached itself to the issues surrounding Clinton’s email and her use of a private server (which her Republican predecessors did as well). As with Benghazi, there has never been any evidence of wrongdoing on Clinton’s part despite hundreds of hours of investigations by Congress, the Justice Department, and Fox’s own crack reporting team of muckrakers (or is that reporting team of muckrakers on crack?).

These are just a couple of the fabricated “scandals” that Fox has tried so hard to promote. Others include false allegations against the Clinton Foundation, charges of treason against Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin, baseless suggestions that her health is declining, and numerous pitches for anti-Clinton books by utterly discredited authors. Their mission is to deliberately report anything they consider bad news for Clinton, even if it isn’t.

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Fox News is a hyper-spin operation for slanderous Hillary Clinton stories. In light of that, why would Wallace be surprised by Clinton’s reluctance to sit down with him? Clinton is doing exactly the right thing. There is no reason why she should reward Fox for its atrocious and biased behavior. When Fox cuts away from their regular programming to air Clinton’s campaign rallies live, like they do for Donald Trump, then she might think about reconsidering.


15 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Gives Fox News A Sad

  1. You need to run right over to Fox and be interviewed, Hillary, because there’s so much for you to gain….

    Oh……. wait a minute…….

  2. Once Fox actually stated in a courtroom that they were an entertainment channel rather than a news channel it became sort of ridiculous to expect any non-Republican politician to go on for the entertainment of FOX viewers.

  3. There is no upside for Clinton visiting Wallace and have him smirk through an interview where he throws out Republican talking points many of which have already been disproved and known to have been so by everyone that doesn’t watch Fox. And the RNC and Rove stand by with their cameras so they can cut and paste an attack ad….. yeah, right. She has not replied. That’s why she’s more disciplined than I. I would have told them to go F themselves. They’re aren’t a news organization. They are a propaganda machine.

  4. DO YOU GUYS EVEN KNOW WHAT THE TERM ………WHATS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER means!!!!!,its okay if anybody else gets slammed for talking to an INTERVIEWER,but when its dear old Hillary,how DARE they try to ask HER!!!,But i can understand that any questions about Bengazi ,or the other idioccys she stuck her nose into without telling the american public,and potentialy really getting caught ,that just would not be FAIR to such a good, HONEST, person who has your BACK,going into the oval office!!!!!!,Boy,the stamp of IDIOT ARROGANCY is sure showing with your blind admiration of MRS CLINTON!!!!!!!!!

    • Adjust your medication and learn English.

      • ha ha ha ha !!!,now i see why you are in the predicament you are in,and why you are fighting so hard to get recognized ,its okay though i understand!!!!,maybe you just need a hug!!!,hee hee!!!!!

      • so is it Panco or Pancho?,just curious?????

  5. Disingenuous of FNC to complain about Clinton turning down invitations to appear — as if she and they don’t both know what kind of media outlet FNC is and what they stand for.

  6. The Jerry Springer show has more class then FOX News. At least he is honest and tells you it is fake trashy junk entertainment. for 10 years now I haven’t wasted my time watching any of the 24 hour propaganda stations, CNN, MSNBC or FOX! None of them are news networks!

  7. It’s sad but true. Fox is only a propaganda machine. You can almost predict what the speaker is going to say. And it’s always the same people, over and over again. To me it’s like watching an old Western when I don’t want my brain jolted by anything intellectually challenging, I put on Fox and fall asleep.

  8. ,poor poor Hillary!!!,that is so unfair of a major programming station to have to ask her something like,HOW MUCH MONEY SHE RECEIVED FROM SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS OF THE BANKING INSTITUTI0NS THAT SHE IS VOWING TO INVESTIGATE FOR FRAUDULANT ACTIVITIES!!!,how dare they!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHEEHEEHEE!!!!!

  9. Come on Chris — get over it. It’s just like kindergarten where you fantasized for the popular chick across the room, but she just wasn’t into you.

  10. I know ,isnt it SO true!!!EVERYBODY wants to be able to interview HILLARY CLINTON and only the SPECIAL PEOPLE can!!!,Everybody has ALWAYS wanted to be with her,she was always the hottest girl. LUCKY DUCKY BILL got to keep her INSTEAD,WHAT A LUCKY GUY!!!.AND THEY HAVE SUCH LOVE AND RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER!!!!!,isnt it GREAT TO SEE!!!……THAT IS WHAT A REAL MARRIAGE SHOULD BE!!!!!…………oh hold on,…..didnt he have his dick in another couple of girls that he could control,because he was the PRESIDENT,….oh yeah i remember,but you know what is REALLY AWESOME,she forgave him!!!!!!,and chose to just forget about it………..BUT!!!!,she will NEVER EVER,let anything like THAT happen to another women ever again………or was it because of the stature and monetary blessing that she recieved HMMMM,i wonder..HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  11. If she can’t answer questions from mild Chris Williams how is she going to do A debate from one of theRepublicans! She can’t handle it, she can’t answer the questions we ALL want to hear AND make us believe her. Example: have you ever lied?!!!! Boy is she so stupid to believe anyone believed her answer? Even her buddies, Charlie Rose, Gayle on the morning show didn’t believe her!!! If you woman really think she has your wishes as her first concern this country is in very bad shape n when you finally find out she is in this for herself You , YOU N YOU will be at fault and you will hear, “we told you so!” And Latios all she is after is your vote and the same with the Afro-Americans. She gets into office n she will forget EVERYTHING she ever promised you!!!!

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