Campaign Ally Says Donald Trump Should “Turn Off” CNN’s FCC License (Which They Can’t Do)

Advancing the already stridently fascist policy platform of Donald Trump’s candidacy, one of his closest friends and political allies is now recommending that Trump put his boot down on the free press should he become president.

Roger Stone Clintons' War On Women

Notorious dirty trickster, Roger Stone, has made a name for himself pushing ludicrous conspiracy theories and offensive smear campaigns. He is a veteran Clinton-hater who once started a group he called “Citizens United Not Timid,” or C.U.N.T. On the basis of that he later became a Fox News Contributor. (Media Matters has compiled a useful guide to his antics).

Yesterday, in an interview with Brietbart News, Stone floated more of his trademark trash in the form of advice for his buddy Donald Trump. In the midst of a tirade against CNN, which he said “is not a news organization, but an advocacy group,” he complained that at CNN “they turn you off” if you try to talk about the women in Bill Clinton’s past. But he has a solution to that problem:

“Frankly, when Donald Trump is president he should turn off their FCC license. They’re not a news organization. They’re about censorship.”

There is so much wrong with that statement that it’s hard to know where to begin. Let’s start with the fact that he could have been talking about Fox News and it would have been more accurate. But the larger issue is that advocating that the government take a roll in deciding which news enterprises should be permitted to operate is not only a violation of the Constitution, but an overtly oppressive tactic generally favored by tyrants. On that measure, it’s easy to see why Trump might be on board.

Trump has previously espoused similar nonsense. In February he threatened the New York Times, and other media outlets he assumes are biased against him, with lawsuits and the prospect of “open[ing] up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money.” And notwithstanding the fact that he can do that now if he actually had a case, he warned that these publishers would “have problems” if he is elected.

Another problem with Stone’s suggestion to de-license CNN is more pragmatic: It’s impossible. The FCC’s authority to regulate licensing is restricted to broadcast media (radio and TV) and they cannot revoke a cable news channel’s license because they don’t issue them. Broadcasters operate over the public airwaves, while cable channels are transmitted on privately owned cable facilities. So Stone’s counsel is not only unconstitutional, it demonstrates his utter ignorance of the subject matter.

Stone has a history of flagrantly offensive remarks that have insulted women and African-Americans. His racist and misogynist tendencies are often expressed openly. As a result he has been banned from both CNN and MSNBC. At Fox News they canceled a few of his recent appearances but have not formally banned him and he has not appeared in several weeks. That may be why he is resorting to fringe platforms like Breitbart to put out his repugnant message. Breitbart has all but officially endorsed Trump and there are credible allegations that Trump paid Breitbart for favorable treatment.

In closing the interview, Stone got to the point of his remarks with a shamelessly self-serving plug. He recommended that listeners get the “truth” by reading the book “The Clintons’ War On Women,” by Roger Stone. It’s a book that has been roundly rebuked by liberals and conservatives alike as being poorly written and sourced. But one thing it has going for it is that Donald Trump has made it his anti-Clinton bible. The diatribes Trump is currently spewing about Clinton’s past are all straight out of this book.

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Listen to Stone’s interview via Media Matters:


9 thoughts on “Campaign Ally Says Donald Trump Should “Turn Off” CNN’s FCC License (Which They Can’t Do)

  1. It’s a longtime axiom that often one is judged by the company he keeps. This revelation confirms that Drumpf’s affiliations, those that support him, are among the vilest creatures on the planet. As president, he would enable them to enact their vile sentiments in official ways whether Congress authorized or not. I’ve yet to find any trait, any characteristic, any aspect of the man that recommends him to anything much less the presidency. I would not want him in my neighborhood or on my community council or having access to my children.

    • He’s dangerous enough by himself. Just imagine how much pain he could cause with a cabinet and army.

  2. “Let’s start with the fact that if Roger had said that about Fox News…”
    And once again, Mark exhibits his lies and hatred even when he is correct to point out what a dirtbag Stone is. Mark just can’t help himself.

    • Actually that’s exactly what Fox news is all about.

      As far as I can see it’s more of your usual diatribe where you don’t SHOW where Mark is lying about Fox news by say, showing how he’s wrong, instead, it’s the tried and tested Trumpian method of ad hominem all day long.

      • I show Mark lying all the time. And what you just said about Fox News is also a lie.

        “Ad hominem?” That is Mark’s modus operandi every time he posts.

        • No, Scott, you just say it as if it’s not open for discussion. Mark provides links to prove his statements. You never do.

          Say what you like. We know Fox Spews’ modus operandi all too well.

          At least you are willing to admit that Stone is a slimeball. And you’ll still defend him because Mark recognizes it, and you can never allow Mark to be correct on anything.

          • “And you’ll still defend him…”

            No, I don’t. You just lied again.

            Mark’s “links” prove nothing. He traffics in nothing but insults, ad hominem and hate.
            Fox News tells the truth. Mark is allergic to truth.

            • Okay, translation time:

              Providing trackable links to support a fact: A total lie, proves nothing.

              Making a statement taken from Fox Spews talking points with no support whatsoever: Absolute truth and how dare you question it.

              Fox News tells the truth: Hasn’t happened. Won’t happen. Not now, not ever, nohow.

              Makes sense to us, right? Do us a favor – pull this crap at Fox Nation where you belong.

  3. Which you’ll be perfectly happy with when President Hillary says she “should turn off [Fox News’] FCC license,” right, Mr. Stoned? After all, you just decided that it’s within the president’s power, and you certainly aren’t going to have different standards for brain dead racist presidents and intelligent Democratic presidents….

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