Fox News ‘Judge’ Fear Mongers That Any Trump Indictments Will Trigger a ‘Real Uprising’

It is becoming clearer with every passing day that Donald Trump and his criminal associates are in big trouble. The latest bombshell is the news that special counsel, Robert Mueller, has impaneled a Grand Jury. It’s purpose is to investigate Trump’s finances and connections to Russia. That has surely put everyone in the White House on edge as the legal noose gets tighter.

Jeanine Pirro Fox News

Consequently, Fox News is ramping up their obsequious support for the President with ever more ludicrous pronouncements. On Trump’s favorite TV show, Fox and Friends, they interviewed Jeanine Pirro, host of Fox’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine.” The segment featured Pirro unleashing what amounts to an incitement to riot (video below). And Trump thought so much of that that he retweeted it to his fans:

“My concern is, if they end up with an indictment against a family member just to get at Donald Trump when they couldn’t get at him, there’s gonna be a real uproar – a real uprising in this country.”

There is so much wrong with statement. First and foremost, Pirro is setting the stage for crackpot Trump supporters to take to the streets in an outburst of violence. She didn’t bother to offer any objection to the uprising she’s predicting. That will serve as permission to the StormTrumpers who believe that their Leader is God’s anointed savior of the alt-right’s America. She is also echoing Trump’s own inciteful rhetoric during the campaign. When asked about the prospect of his not getting the GOP nomination he said “I think you’d have riots.”

Additionally, Pirro’s framing of the subject of indictments was narrowly focused on Trump’s family. She seems to be deliberately avoiding any talk of Trump himself being charged with a crime. Of course, any neutral observer knows that he is the most likely target of prosecution. But in Pirro’s remarks it’s only the family that is at risk. Is that a purposeful deflection?

Finally, the notion that the current investigations would target Trump’s family because they can’t get to him is downright delusional. The President is virtually dripping with guilt. He has made public confessions to obstruction of justice on national television. His financial conflicts could be unraveled by a middle-schooler with a Scooby Doo junior detective badge. The number of times Trump and those around him have lied and altered their stories constitute a clear consciousness of guilt.

If it were really a concern of of Pirro’s that there might be an uprising in the wake of Trump indictments, she would have said something to mitigate it. She would have warned people to abstain from violence and let the courts do their job. She would have shown respect for the judiciary and the concept of justice, after which her show is named. Instead, she and the Fox News regulars chose to denigrate the law in defense of the wannabe dictator they so admire.

The good news is that any uprising by the lawless traitors fighting for Trump would have negligible effect. Their numbers are already in the low 30’s and sinking further every day. It wouldn’t take long to subdue them. And once the truth is well disseminated, there wouldn’t be very many people who would go to the mat for a lying grifter who brought nothing but shame to America.

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4 thoughts on “Fox News ‘Judge’ Fear Mongers That Any Trump Indictments Will Trigger a ‘Real Uprising’

  1. At first there was the drip, drip of Russian/Trump collusion coming in. The drip then pooled after Trump’s antics in calling the whole thing a “witch hunt”. That pool developed a current that began to flow in Trump’s firing of Flynn who he didn’t want to and Comey who he did. That current became a strong flowing stream with the revelation of all the backtracking of Trump official meetings with Russian officials culminating in Jr’s, Kushner and Manafort’s secret meeting with Russians.

    Now, that stream has picked up with dangerous rapids with Muellar’s impaneling of a grand jury. He wouldn’t have implemented it unless he had a strong case for convictions. It’s only a matter of time that once first drip turns into a raging flood, sweeping all the unethical, unlawful and the narcissistic Trump administration with it.

    In the meanwhile, what an embarrassment to this nation…

  2. Is there no depth to which Porto and fox ‘news’? will sink? She needs to be removed from her position for inciting violence. Traitor trump is clearly colliding with Russia for power and money. Russian banks have financed his operations since the 1990’s. That is by admission of his own sons. Traitor trump lies whenever his mouth utters sound. He hates America seeing my country only as a cash cow to be milked for as much money as he and his corrupt family can get away with. His constant embarrassing of the United States is unforgivable. He is doing his best to destroy freedom of religion freedom of the press freedom of speech. Traitor trump is a little tin dictator wannabe. He must be impeached along with his entire corrupt administration.

  3. No honey, you are quite wrong. There will be an uprising if he and his crooked loin fruit kids are NOT indicted.

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