FAKE NEWS! That’s What Trump Called Media Reports that Tillerson Would Be Fired – Um, OK

Another one bites the dust: On Tuesday morning it was announced that Donald Trump had fired his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. This move came after months of awkward conflicts between the President and his top diplomat. It was not an unexpected development, but most White House watchers probably thought it would come later, after the firing of H.R. McMaster, John Kelly, or Jeff Sessions.

Donald Trump Vladimir Putin

For the record, Trump has previously denied all reports that he was even considering terminating Tillerson. In fact, he called it “fake news.” That was just three months ago:

Apparently they work so well together that he had to go. Maybe Stormy – I mean Melania – was getting jealous. So this was tweeted on Tuesday:

This is rather startling timing for such a major personnel change. Trump recently announced that he would be meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un by May. Now the United States will be breaking in a new Secretary of State and still has no ambassador to South Korea. There are also significant issues pending with Iran, Israel, China, Russia, and the U.K. But not to worry. As Trump said in November regarding his dangerously understaffed State Department “I’m the only one that matters.”

Rest assured that whatever you hear from the administration about Tillerson’s departure will be a lie. It is no coincidence that he was jettisoned the day after he forcefully charged that Russia was responsible for the nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy in England. Trump was not about to allow any criticism of his BFF, Vladimir Putin. When given the opportunity on Monday to hold Russia accountable, the White House balked, leaving our U.K. allies in the lurch.

Let this be a lesson to anyone serving this president. If you say anything unkind about Putin, you’re out of a job. It’s almost worse than saying something unkind about Trump himself. Actually, it is worse. Tillerson called Trump a moron last year and didn’t get fired. Putin is apparently the third rail in the Trump White House.

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  1. Hope Putin is very happy with his little puppet, traitor trump.

  2. It always appears that the ones lying or the actual ones truly addicted to expressing everyone else as ‘Fake News’ harbingers are the very ones that are solely to blame for conducting the egregious acts, such as Trump and Refiblicans.

    Why Republicans just put out a post in PA’s special election last evening that Conor Lamb was way ahead and sent it out to Democrat voters in hopes that they would not feel the need to go and vote in the six hours remaining…it obviously didn’t work though…

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