Trump Cries for the ‘Young and Beautiful Lives’ Destroyed – Because of Him and His Crimes

There is something terribly wrong with the American president that is rooted in pure evil and an inbred aversion to decency. That was demonstrated on Sunday morning when he tweeted something so repulsive it can only make honorable people nauseous.

Donald Trump

Some background: This week Donald Trump attacked Democrats for what he called “the horrible law that separates children from there parents.” He was referring to his own administration’s policy of detaining immigrants and separating kids – including infants – from their mothers and fathers. These children have been taken while screaming for their mothers and placed in government custody in unknown locations without communication for weeks and months on end. Reports indicate that the whereabouts of as many 1,500 of these children are now unknown, and some are suspected to have been handed over to human traffickers.

Despite Trump’s absurd and false claim that this was due to a law attributable to Democrats, the truth is that there is no such law mandating this horrendous activity. It is solely the policy of the Trump administration, which they previously admitted and even bragged about. They considered it an effective deterrent to immigrants. Chopping off their legs might also serve as a deterrent, but America should not be about torturing people physically or through the the trauma of family separation.

So Trump’s response to the reports of children being yanked out of their crying mothers’ arms was to tweet this:

Good lord. That sickening comment is almost too ridiculous to decipher any meaning from. Presumably it’s Trump’s way of equating the tearing apart of families seeking asylum with the political blowback from working for Trump. He’s seems to be talking about adults who choose to be employed in the White House but may now find it difficult to get other jobs. But that’s only because an association with this president is almost automatically an indicator of bad character. He generally recruits people who will lie shamelessly for him and have no sense of human empathy. What reputable employer would want someone like that on their staff?

It’s notable that Trump didn’t give any examples of these “young and beautiful” victims. They probably include the 71 year old Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager who is currently facing multiple indictments. Or maybe Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Or perhaps his young policy aide George Papadopoulos, who also pleaded guilty and has been cited as one of the original Trump insiders who sought to collude with Russian operatives during the election. These poor souls are indeed returning to home (or prison) in tatters, and deservedly so.

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By trying to connect the suffering for this kind of criminal, and perhaps traitorous, behavior to what innocent immigrant children are enduring is what makes Trump’s latest tweet so monstrously abhorrent. It is further proof that he is an unrepentant narcissist, concerned only for his own welfare and the defense of his fragile ego. And it is to America’s eternal shame that he was ever put in a position of power where he can do and say things like this. It is now up to the nation to try to correct this error and, not just remove him from office, but punish him for his crimes.


2 thoughts on “Trump Cries for the ‘Young and Beautiful Lives’ Destroyed – Because of Him and His Crimes

  1. Trump is not dumb, but assuredly from his own rhetoric that at times is hard to comprehend for the rest…he is an imbecile…

  2. …As well, he whimpers for his staff perhaps that have been fired and now find it oh so difficult to get a job since they chose to hang on Trump’s sleeveless shirt sleeve all on Memorial weekend when instead he should be acknowledging U.S. servicemen. He truly is an imbecelic narcissistic simpleton…

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