Scared Bro? Trump is Featuring Rachel Maddow in His Phony ‘Media Accountability’ Come-Ons

Throughout his public life – and especially while president – Donald Trump has demonstrated what an awful poker player he would be. He has what pros call a “a tell” that gives away what cards he’s holding. And for the most part, Trump is holding a hand that is panic full of fear. He displays that on a nearly daily (hourly?) basis with his insipid “Witch Hunt” tweets and his frantic attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller.

Donald Trump, Rachel Maddow

Of course, Trump is also squarely focused on the media that he refers to in Stalinist terms as “the enemy of the people.” His frightened reaction to every new disclosure of wrongdoing by him or his crime family is obvious to anyone paying the least bit of attention. And the more he attacks CNN or the New York Times or whatever reporter happens to ask him the probing question of the day, the more he reveals what’s scaring him the most at that moment.

So what’s clearly scaring Trump now is MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Trump’s “Make America Great Again” reelection committee just posted an ad Facebook that asks his dimwitted cult followers to take a survey, and Rachel Maddow is featured in the ad’s graphic, although not in the video to which it links. She’s the bait for this campaign that implores his fans to “Take the Survey.”

The alleged “survey,” however, is an old marketing trick aimed at getting respondents to sign up and divulge personal information, including their email addresses. These are later used to beg for donations and organize political events. The results of the fake survey are never published, and if they were they wouldn’t have any real value due to the smarmy tactics used to lure respondents. Like everything else Trump does, it is hardly scientific.

So what’s the news that has triggered Trump’s assault on Maddow, someone he rarely even mentions? Right now Maddow is perhaps the most insightful and effective commentator on Trump’s exploding legal problems. She is dissecting them in a coherent and relatable manner. But is that enough to set him off. After all, he has never tweeted about her since becoming president. Although he did retweet his son Eric once, nearly a year ago. And that retweet contains a clue:

Trump is very concerned about his friend, and “shadow” chief of staff, Sean Hannity. Lately Maddow has been beating the pants off of Hannity. She has dominated him in the ratings ever since the election last month. So far in December she has beaten him every single day in both total viewers and the all-important advertising demo of 25-54 year olds. So it looks like Trump is rushing in to rescue the floundering Hannity. Or maybe someone at Fox News reached out for this aid.

Let’s not forget that the former president of Fox News, Bill Shine (who was fired for mishandling the sexual misconduct of Fox CEO Roger Ailes and host Bill O’Reilly) is now Trump’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications. Or that Shine was Hannity’s producer before being bumped up to the executive suites. So it isn’t particularly surprising that Maddow would suddenly appear as the face of the “Mainstream Media … out to bring down [his] Administration.” In reality, he’s doing that pretty much on his own. Maddow is merely providing a factual chronicle of the criminal path that Trump chose for himself. But consistent with his warped character flaws, he’s determined to blame it on someone – anyone – else.

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3 thoughts on “Scared Bro? Trump is Featuring Rachel Maddow in His Phony ‘Media Accountability’ Come-Ons

    • Don’t compare Cadet Bone Spurs to a dog, Donald HATES dogs and compare people that to piss him off to them.

  1. I thought the GOP was trying to do a ‘push poll’ but it looks like you are right. They are simply compiling a suckers list to grift upon. Same thing is done with Yahoo email scammers, the Nigerian Prince variety. Nigerian scammers don’t want to have to shift and sort thru reasonably logical people who won’t be taken advantage of. The people who reply to those Nigerian scams are the suckers and gullible folk. I can’t tell the difference between someone who believes that a Nigerian Prince is going to share a vast fortune and Republicans who are Birthers.

    Funny thing, MAGA is used in Nigeria. Sounds like the acronym M.A.G.A. but it means “dunce”.

    You can accuse Ibrahim and his fellow Yahoo boys (email scammers) of a lot, but not laziness. Most of the low-level work involves searching for marks, which, in a politically relevant twist of irony, they call “Maga.” (In Nigerian, the word means “dunce.” Say, “Hi.” You just met your new favorite fact.)

    First, one of the Yahoo boys pretends to be another winner, contacting the “maga” in excitement.

    “They’ll send him a message like, hey I just won $600,000 on the Facebook lottery and saw your name on the winners list.”

    Next, the “maga” is told to contact a Facebook agent:

    The scam industry is like every other new media business: It lives and dies on innovation. Ibrahim told us about a number of creative new methods of separating “magas” from their money.

    Yahoo boys often spend money on gifts like flowers, and even airfare, if it helps them land a “maga.” They’ll even send out fake checks to keep things looking legit until the last possible moment.

    A good manual provides Yahoo boys with counter-arguments written in vaguely passable English, in case the “maga” expresses doubts.

    The only real study of the Yahoo boy population suggests Voodoo is a pretty common practice. Ibrahim noted that Voodoo was particularly common among the elite Yahoo boys who focus on scams (dating ones, currently) that involve convincing “magas” to wire them huge sums of cash. According to Ibrahim, the best “Waya-Waya” (wire-wire) boys use Voodoo.

    They kill a non-farm raised fowl, remove its feathers, and grind its entrails with a mortar and pestle until it becomes a pulp. The resultant mixture is then mixed with traditional black soap. The Yahoo boy bathes with the soap and leaves the bathroom without looking back.”

    This ritual is supposed to impart luck. Another ritual, Olu Gboun, takes it a step further and is supposed to force “magas” to do your bidding.

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