It’s BULL****! Trump’s Profane Attack on the Press Ignores His Own Lies and ‘Anonymous’ Sources

Among the myriad embarrassments America suffers as result of having “elected” Donald Trump president is his relentlessly infantile behavior. His emotional maturity was stunted at somewhere between cholicky toddler and insolent preteen. He has all the personality traits of a narcissistic bully whose chief communications tools are whining, blame, and insults.

Donald Trump

Trump once again demonstrated his loathsome and vile hostility on Friday during an address to the National Association of Realtors. It’s notable that all of Trump’s speeches of late take on exactly the same tenor as the political cult rallies he stages for his congregation of Deplorables. There was no reason to expect that a speech before real estate agents would devolve into the typical rage-ranting that is the hallmark of Trump’s public appearances, but that’s what they got.

Along with his extremist partisanship and wild detours from the world of facts, Trump littered his speech with attacks on his favorite foes. Naturally, that included the media. Interrupting his own chain of alleged thought, Trump unleashed a paranoid and profane assault against the press for having the audacity to report what he actually does and says. It was so bad that Reuters had to post a “GRAPHIC LANGUAGE WARNING” because now America has a president whose rhetoric is offensive to decent folks and children (video below):

“The press doesn’t give me credit for anything, no matter what I do. No, it’s true. Doesn’t matter. Who cares? […] They say ‘confidential sources.’ You ever notice they never write the names of people anymore? Everything is ‘A source says…’ There is no source. The person doesn’t exist. The person’s not alive. It’s bullshit, okay? It’s bullshit.”

First of all, the press gives Trump plenty of credit. The problem is that most of what he does is either harmful, stupid, or self-serving, so he thinks that getting “credit” for that reflects a negative bias. But it’s just the facts. Secondly, he seems to dismiss this coverage by saying “Who cares?” Of course the answer is: He does. That’s why he never stops whining about it.

However, the worst part of this tirade was Trump’s foul-mouthed complaints about the press using confidential sources. Never mind that unidentified sources are an integral part of professional and responsible journalism. Trump making this complaint is hysterical. After all, he is notorious for having impersonated his own PR flack using fake names like “John Barron” and “John Miller.” In his litigation with Stormy Daniels he identified himself as “David Dennison.” He routinely orders his White House communications staff to speak to reporters off the record, which results in those “a source says…” quotes.

Trump also told the realtors that the press “make up” their sources, that they are “bad people” and “that’s why I came up with the term ‘fake news.” Let’s just set aside the nonsense that he came up with that term. Although he did pervert it to mean only news that he doesn’t like. But he’s the guy who has been documented to have told more than 10,000 lies just since his inauguration. There is no bigger source for fake and intentionally dishonest news than Trump. And it’s pitiful that this country is burdened with such a cretinous liar occupying it’s highest public office. In fact, it’s bullshit!

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5 thoughts on “It’s BULL****! Trump’s Profane Attack on the Press Ignores His Own Lies and ‘Anonymous’ Sources

  1. My disgust for this Putin-installed criminal is boundless! He is the epitome of everything that is wrong with this country.

  2. Then I guess what he’s saying is that we shouldn’t believe him when he says “lots of people are saying . . . ” and he spits out some conspiracy theory or non-fact about something.

  3. Trump seems to forget how the corporate controlled press treated Bill Clinton and Obama.

    • The evil Trumpenstien always forgets when it puts him at a political disadvantage. The same goes for McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Trey Gowdy, etc.

  4. Trump and his administration pretty uses “unamed sources” a lot as well; for instance when Trump was always lying about Obama’s birth certificate he always referenced the source material as from a highly qualified source. So perhaps the media simply feels if it is good enough for Trump to use it, why not they…right…

    But obviously what is happening here, is simply Trump always blames those for what he has actually done or said…

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