Snowflake Giuliani Lashes Out at Fox News with Bizarre Lawsuit Threat

While the nation is focused intensely on the impeachment of Donald Trump, his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, is struggling with issues of his own. And it isn’t just that he’s the subject of three criminal investigations that have the potential to put in prison for the rest of his life. Giuliani is now at war with one of his primary client’s staunchest defenders – Fox News.

Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump

Steve hilton is a weekend host on Fox News and one of the most eager Trump-fluffers on a network crawling them. Trump frequently posts video clips of Hilton’s drooling homages to Trump on Twitter. He’s done so twenty-two times this year. And each one of them show Hilton delivering glassy-eyed, pro-Trump monologues and discussions with equally adoring Trump sycophants. (Posted below is an example of a recent one, if you have the stomach for it).

Which makes Giuliani’s latest outrage seem all the more preposterous. Rudy lashed out at Hilton for remarks he made that were indeed somewhat less than flattering. The comments came even as Trump himself was gingerly trying to put some distance between himself and his smarmy lawyer whose dealings with Ukraine are being scrutinized by the feds. Hilton said in part that…

“There’s a swamp going on with the commercial interest of Rudy Giuliani… He’s going around trying to make business deals out of the Ukraine situation, at the same time as acting for his client, President Trump. He’s trying to make money off his relationship with President Trump.”

When Trump was asked about these matters, he told reporters that they would have to “talk to Rudy.” Which is a typical dodge that Trump uses when he’s about to shove someone under an oncoming bus. Hilton’s commentary actually contained some pretty tame criticisms for behavior that could possibly make Giuliani a felon. But Giuliani can hardly attack Trump, so went after Hilton instead:

So Rudy is considering suing Fox News? That would be interesting. How would Trump’s State TV network respond to being sued by his personal attorney? Could Trump continue to appear on Fox while his lawyer is suing them? And you have to wonder what lawyers Giuliani was referring to as having advised him that he could sue Fox. After all, he is a lawyer himself who is often on Fox. And his closest legal associates are, like him, TV lawyers who have little litigation experience. They are people like Mark Levin and Gregg Jarrett and Jay Sekulow – all regulars on Fox News, the network that is the target of Giuliani’s litigation threat.

Time will tell where this goes. In all likelihood Giuliani will forget about it before long. Like his easily triggered client, Giuliani is prone to lunatic outbursts in the heat of anger. But they rarely lead to anything, because they rarely have any substance behind them. Still, the circular firing squad formation that forms among these toy soldiers is fun to watch.

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2 thoughts on “Snowflake Giuliani Lashes Out at Fox News with Bizarre Lawsuit Threat

  1. Giuliani would have us believe that he hasn’t made any money from his various shady dealings with Trump & in Ukraine? Right. I call “Bullshit” on that nonsense!! Rudy doing it all for charity & goodwill? LMAO
    “Lawyers telling him….” (?) Hmmm…. Sounds just like when Trump-a-Chump says, “People are asking…” & “That’s what people are saying…” & his other vague statements that in reality, only mean himself — no one else.
    I really just can’t abide liars! These shitty ones are such an insult to our intelligence. Doesn’t bother the Faux News viewers & “Trumpies” (Trump + groupies) ~ Huh! Go figure.

    **REAL LEADERS ~ don’t lie, cheat, steal, bully, extort, threaten, tweet & cover their ass with even more lies!**

  2. Guess what? The very evil Trumpenstein probably hasn’t paid him, something the 45th dotard is all too well known for.

    “When thieves fall out, honest men come by their own. Dissension amongst villains works to the advantage of honest people.”—–Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs.

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