Why Does this Pitiful Fox News Flunky Keep Presenting His Butt for a Beating by Jen Psaki?

The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the diseased tree. And Peter Doocy, son of long time Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocy, is one of the best examples of that old saying. The younger Doocy has been making a name for himself by engaging in embarrassing dialogues with White House press secretary, Jen Psaki.

Jen Psaki

Doocy recently got creamed by Psaki when he tried to make an issue of Olympic hopeful Gwen Berry protesting social injustice. He did it again when he criticized Vice-President Kamala Harris for going to the border after months of complaining that she hadn’t. And then there was the time he sought to turn the origins of the COVID virus into a contrived melodrama.

On Wednesday Doocy took another shot at it. This time he was revisiting a subject on which he had previously failed to make a dent. He couldn’t get a rise out of Psaki on Tuesday, so he went home and retooled his queries (maybe daddy helped him), and came back for another swing on defunding the police. After rattling off the names of the Democratic “Squad” (all progressive women of color) as proponents of defunding, Doocy entered into this exchange with Psaki:

Doocy: Are there any examples of Republican members of Congress saying they want to defund the police?
Psaki: I think most people would argue that actions are more important than words, wouldn’t you say?
Doocy: To your point there, at the time of the vote on the American Rescue Plan you had the Republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, he said he just didn’t like it because he thought it was a classic example of big government, Democratic overreach in the name of COVID relief. And then Kevin McCarthy said he thought the Democrats were using coronavirus as an excuse for funding pet projects. Where is the “we are gonna vote against this because we ant to defund the police?”
Psaki: Again, I think actions speak louder than words Peter. So if you oppose funding for the COPS program, something that was dramatically cut by the prior administration, and many Republicans supported it, and then you vote against the bill that has funding for the COPS program, we can let other people evaluate what that means. It doesn’t require them to speak to it or shout it out. Their actions speak for themselves.

For a little background, Republicans voted en mass against a Democratic bill that had $350 billion dollars of funding for law enforcement. Some of them did say that they objected to the bill for other reasons. But none of them spoke out in support of the funding or offered an alternate amendment or bill to restore it. So while some Democrats have talked about defunding the police (by which they mean reallocating funds to other services – such as mental health, domestic disturbances, etc. – that police shouldn’t be doing anyway), Republicans have actually voted against the funding.

What Doocy is attempting here is to inoculate Republicans from any accountability for their unambiguous opposition to funding for law enforcement by actually voting against it. Doocy thinks that because they didn’t utter the phrase “defund the police,” that their vote to literally defund the police doesn’t count. Doocy went at this several times, but Psaki wasn’t letting him get away with it. And while Republicans are whining petulantly, it was brilliant how Psaki turned the “defund the police” meme back on the GOP.

You would think that Doocy would get tired of being wrecked in public over and over again. But either he has a steel spine, or his objective is simply to plant his false narratives and get out of the way so Fox News viewers can lap them up. Either way, he’s failing to make any progress with anything but his own humiliation. And on that score he’s been wildly successful.

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2 thoughts on “Why Does this Pitiful Fox News Flunky Keep Presenting His Butt for a Beating by Jen Psaki?

  1. Peter Doocy is to journalism, what Fox is to news.
    How fitting then, that they found each other. (Nepotism aside.)
    Seriously, I am disgusted that Biden Admin. has decided not to have at least minimal standards of journalistic integrity, as to whom they allow at these press briefings! The time wasted by the likes of Peter Doocy (& similar “posers”), who must “set-up” their BS questions, then follow-up with a different angle, wording, whatever…+ The time it takes Jen to answer the stupidity being asked ~ well, that’s a waste of time that could be used by real journalists asking real questions. Jen Psaki is fantastic at her job! Anyone less would never do. But, isn’t this the time to set boundaries? Why allow such idiots that we know are there for soundbites, asking phony & leading questions, that Fox & others can then spin into lies? It seems that the lack of any standards by EX- prez has become the acceptable norm in many areas. This is our chance – maybe last chance – to “raise the bar” & to show strength of conviction, yet it isn’t being done. We don’t have the luxury of time, as the longwr things are allowed to remain the same, the more those lower standards gain acceptance.

  2. Unfortunately peter doocy can keep talking about these issues from his and the fake news company point of view and never mention what Jan Psaki stated. Police reorganization is a hot topic and the retrumpians can keep another lie in their rhetoric.

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