GOP LAW? Committee Chair Says If Hunter Biden Doesn’t Testify, He Will ‘Assume’ He’s Guilty

When Republicans in the House of Representatives initiated their smear campaign against Hunter Biden, they knew that it was a political scam intended only to harm President Biden by manufacturing an election year scandal that was utterly devoid of substance. But could they possibly have known what a farce it would turn out to be?

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Republicans burning the Constitution

After a year of posturing and lying, the “investigation” by the GOP has not produced a single shred of evidence of wrongdoing by the President. To the contrary, their own witnesses have testified under oath that Hunter and his father never discussed any business or other activities that could be considered suspicious, much less illegal. The Republican chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan recently told Fox News that his best evidence against Biden was a witness who exonerated him. And even Fox News was already having a difficult time advancing the phony charges.

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As their campaign of lies and innuendo proceeds, it is getting even more preposterous. So much so that the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, just told CNN’s Manu Raju that he has essentially abandoned all adherence to legal principles, including those enshrined in the Constitution.

Raju sought to get a comment from Comer regarding the stalemate between Comer’s committee and Hunter Biden over a subpoena they issued to demand Hunter’s appearance for a deposition. Hunter had initially agreed to testify before Congress in a public hearing, but then Comer withdrew the offer and insisted that it be done behind closed doors. Presumably so they could lie about it, as they have done after previous private depositions. Here is what Comer told CNN:

Raju: If Hunter doesn’t show up and testify, how much harder will that make your investigation to pin anything on the President?
Comer: Well, I mean, if he doesn’t show up, then I guess we’ll just have to wrap it up without him and assume that these were bribes from foreign countries. Assume that what the bank said was true, he was money laundering, he was involved in the human trafficking ring.

And there you have it. Comer and the GOP are going to declare Hunter Biden guilty without a trial, without evidence, and without any fair deliberation. He is simply going to “convict” Hunter based on his overtly partisan assumptions. Whatever happened to the “presumption of innocence,” and being innocent until proven guilty? Republicans keep demonstrating that they couldn’t care less about the law or the Constitution.

What’s more, Comer is making up allegations, that he’s attributing to a bank, about Hunter Biden being involved with bribes, money laundering, and a human trafficking ring. None of that happened, nor did any bank say it did, and Comer knows it.

In addition to the remarks Comer made in the video clip above, he also gave Raju a few other comments that are purposefully dishonest and intended to tarnish both Hunter and President Biden. As reported by CNN

“I would vote to impeach him, but I’m not going to lose any sleep whether he gets impeached or not because we know the Senate’s not going to convict,” Comer said of the Democratic-controlled Senate. He insisted: “My job was never to impeach.”

Comer is saying both that it wasn’t his job to impeach Biden, but that he would do it anyway, despite having zero evidence. Then he said…

“We are prepared to issue subpoenas compelling Mr. Biden’s appearance at a deposition on a new date in the coming weeks” Comer wrote to Lowell.

Comer appears to be agreeing to Hunter’s request for a new subpoena for the private deposition. That should eliminate his threat to hold Hunter in contempt of Congress for not complying. But with these Republicans, who knows? They sure haven’t cared that fellow Republican members of Congress like Jim Jordan have failed to comply with subpoenas. Then Comer criticized public hearings saying that…

“The hearing for the media would be more entertainment than substantive,” Comer said. “The deposition is substantive.”

So Comer is, in effect, admitting that all of the public hearings he has previously held were merely for “entertainment” purposes. Funny, he didn’t disclose that at the time.

This is all just more proof that Republicans can’t be taken seriously. They are flagrantly dishonest and obsessively pushing falsehoods in order to malign Biden, and to pave the road ahead for their Dear Leader, Donald Trump. This is not just conventional politicking. It is malicious propaganda and anti-American. And that is, sadly, what the Republican Party has become in the Era of Trump.


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5 thoughts on “GOP LAW? Committee Chair Says If Hunter Biden Doesn’t Testify, He Will ‘Assume’ He’s Guilty

  1. Proving yet again what an utter farce the GOP Overlook Real Crimes Committee truly is….

  2. The GOP has never been interested in factual evidence (at least not in my lifetime) and this ‘Oversight Committee’ is such a joke — Comer, Jordan — good god, they’ve even admitted out loud that their only reason is to deny Biden a second term. We’ll hear Biden this, that ad nauseum until after the election. Then silence. Like Benghazi.

  3. Okay, well, let’s see then. Since comer supports trump, we can assume he’s a traitor. See how he likes that.

    • If Comer says he’s going to assume Hunter is guilty if he doesn’t respond to the subpoena, does that mean he sees Jim Jordan as guilty for not responding to a Congressional subpoena?

  4. Fox News deserves something more radical than a passive post on a political blog!

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