HUH? Fox News and GOP Rep Think Democrats Will Draft Michelle Obama Due to Hunter Biden Verdict

As the 2024 presidential election cycle unfolds, one thing is becoming clearer with each passing day. The Republican Party is descending ever deeper into an abyss of desperation and unqualified madness at the heels of their convicted felon nominee for president. Donald Trump’s prospects are rapidly declining, and he is doing absolutely nothing to broaden his base of support beyond the MAGA cult clan that he caters to.

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Michelle Obama, Fox News

In response to this dilemma, Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda – aka Fox News – has leapt into action to buttress his sagging aspirations to reoccupy the White House and impose an authoritarian regime. In addition to embracing his convictions on 34 felony charges of falsifying business records and election finance fraud resulting from his “hush money” payoff to porn star Stormy Daniels, Fox News is clutching feverishly to some of the most bizarre and preposterous rationales to continue supporting their Dear Leader.

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On Wednesday morning Fox News Senior Trump-Fluffer, Maria Bartiromo, interviewed GOP representative, Andy Ogles (TN-MAGA). Their discussion led to the following exchange that reveals just how far out on the limb of sanity they are willing to crawl.

Andy Ogles: I think that also creates an opening for Democrats to slip someone like Michelle Obama in here. The Biden family can say “Hey, we’re gonna take care of our house. We’re gonna take care of our son.” And allow Michelle Obama to come in and run. Because, again, Joe Biden can’t win this election, and they know that. And they are desperate for another candidate.
Bartiromo: I gotta tell you. I am increasingly thinking that Joe Biden withdraws from this race by the time November 5th comes along. I am buying into what you’re saying there because I agree that the Democrats are desperate right now. They are very worried.

That’s right. Bartiromo and Ogles have somehow twisted their perception of reality into one that accommodates an especially extreme crackpot conspiracy theory. They assert that the finding that Hunter Biden improperly filled out a form when he purchased a gun six years ago will somehow doom his father’s candidacy for reelection. They don’t explain why that would happen, but then they don’t have to. Their audience is comprised of cult followers who will believe whatever they are told to believe.

SEE THIS: HUH? Fox News and GOP Rep Think Democrats Will Draft Michelle Obama Due to Hunter Biden Verdict

For the record, these are the same brilliant analysts who claimed that President Biden rigged the justice system to prevent Hunter from being convicted. After the guilty verdict they claimed that the system was rigged to convict Hunter as a distraction from bigger imaginary crimes. In effect, they are now claiming that Biden rigged the system to push himself out of the race because he can’t simultaneously love his son and serve as President. And their assertion that Democrats are desperate is pure projection.

But Bartiromo and Ogles weren’t finished spinning their fantastical fairy tale of political intrigue. After dumping President Biden, these two MAGA-nauts went on to predict that Democrats would nominate Michelle Obama in his place. Never mind that Obama has repeatedly insisted that she has no intention or desire to run for office. The suggestion that she would do so is based solely on their fears that Trump is likely to lose again to Biden, just like he did in 2020. However, this isn’t the first time that this suggestion has been floated by nervous Republicans.

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Fox News and their Republican confederates have good reason to be afraid. Biden has presided over a booming economy. He has championed issues that the American people care about, including reproductive healthcare, tax equity, job creation, voting rights, adherence to democratic and constitutional principles, and support for international allies.

In the meantime, Trump had four disastrous years that left the nation poorer, sicker, more in debt, and more divided than ever. Then he left the White House kicking and screaming about election fraud, stole classified documents and lied about it to the FBI, tried to instigate a violent insurrection, and sought to strongarm state officials into altering election results. Since leaving office he has been adjudicated as a rapist, ordered to pay judgements of half a billion dollars, and has been convicted of multiple felonies.

The contrast between Biden and Trump could not be clearer. And that clarity is why Fox News and the Republican Party are inventing absurd scenarios that they think will deflect from the positive outlook for Biden and other Democrats. But even their manufactured “horror” stories are hysterically off base. Because Michelle Obama is among the most popular Americans of modern times, If she were actually a candidate, she would crush Trump. So you really have to wonder what Fox News is thinking. Or IF they’re thinking.


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2 thoughts on “HUH? Fox News and GOP Rep Think Democrats Will Draft Michelle Obama Due to Hunter Biden Verdict

  1. I don’t know where they come up with these conspiracies. It’s like their rhetoric that President Biden is 1. an old senile man who doesn’t know where he is half the time and also 2. a diabolic plotter who is deliberately trying to destroy the country.

    Make up your minds, Republicans, which is it? It can’t be both at the same time.

  2. Aren’t these the same guys that agree with Trump about Biden being too old for the job, too senile? At the same time he’s Machiavelli?

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