Sean Hannity Taps Manic Mark Levin To Fill The Sarah Palin Void

Now that Sarah Palin has received her walking papers from Fox News,
Mark Levinthe programs that relied on her signature vitriolic commentary have been left to struggle with how to fill the air time she previously consumed with her incoherent rants. The programs most concerned are Greta Van Susteren and Sean Hannity who tied for the most Palin appearances during her tenure as a Fox contributor.

This problem appears to have been solved for Hannity. Conservative screecher Mark Levin announced on his radio show that he will soon begin to make regular appearances on Hannity’s Fox-capades. It’s a fairly reasonable programming decision since the delusional hostility exhibited by Levin is remarkably similar to that of Palin. The transition to this new sneering character should go pretty smoothly. Here are a few of Levin’s recent proclamations that might easily be mistaken for Palin’s trademark tirades:

  • The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government, it’s called Barack Obama.
  • You can see the pockets of tyranny within our own country.
  • We [elect Obama] again, it’s not a mistake. It’s national suicide.
  • “[ObamaCare] sounds Hitler-esque to me.
  • What kind of uniforms will this national security force wearing? Will they be Brown Shirts? Will they be clicking their heels as they walk?
  • I’ve taken a lot of heat for calling Obama a Marxist.
  • Will that presidential library be in Kenya or Chicago?

I think Levin got almost every Obama haters slander in there: Birther, Nazi, tyrant, Muslim, Marxist, and the Apocalypse. He is nothing if not thorough. And the big bonus is that Fox is getting Levin for free. In his announcement he noted that he would not be an official Fox News contributor and would be receiving no pay for his appearances. Considering the fact that Palin was found to have cost Fox $15.85 per word (a million dollars a year) for her dimwitted dissertations, Fox really scored by dumping her for a reasonable facsimile that costs them nothing.

Hannity viewers must be relieved that they won’t miss a thing when Levin joins the show. They will continue to enjoy the ignorant bleating and crackpot references to liberal fascists and encroaching tyranny to which they have become so accustomed thanks to Sarah Palin. Mark Levin may be the most appropriate substitute Fox could have scrounged up.


One thought on “Sean Hannity Taps Manic Mark Levin To Fill The Sarah Palin Void

  1. The average red blooded American male dimwit aka Fox’s audience may not appreciate trading Palin for Levin. Say what you will about Palin(even though I personally couldn’t stand the sight of her)these guys would much rather look at her than Levin and who can blame them. If your going to hear the same shit you might as well have someone more appealing, from their point of view, spewing it. They may tune out and bring insHannity’s ratings down even more. We can only hope.

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