Fox Nation vs. Reality: Obama’s Imaginary Bulldozer Rolls Over Saint Reagan

The Fox Nationalists are working overtime to scare up horror stories about FrankenObama and his dastardly schemes. The latest episode features President Obama plotting to erase the memory of Ronald Reagan from the history of all mankind. As might be expected, they are lying.

Fox Nation

In order to facilitate this nonsense. Fox scoured the InterTubes to find a posting at the “Moonie” Washington Times by a reader. He was not a part of the newspaper’s editorial staff whose credibility is already in tatters. He was merely a member of the community who posted an entirely speculative comment.

The allegation that Obama was planning to bulldoze Reagan’s childhood home to make way for his presidential library is false on many levels. First of all, the apartment building in question was not a significant place in Reagan’s early life. He lived there for less than a year when he was four years old. The city’s Landmark Commission had ruled it not to be of any historical value. Secondly, the building is being razed by the University of Chicago’s medical school to expand their facilities, not anyone associated with Obama. Thirdly, Obama could not possibly have ordered the demolition on behalf of his library because he has not even decided where to build it. Certainly Chicago is on the short list, but so is Hawaii.

None of this matters, however, to Fox Nation because the phony perception of Obama trampling the memory of Reagan was just too good to pass up – or to fact check.


4 thoughts on “Fox Nation vs. Reality: Obama’s Imaginary Bulldozer Rolls Over Saint Reagan

  1. No president is worthy of worship – that includes our current president. Maybe everyone needs to take a step back and realize these guys are not divine – although some here may disagree when it comes to Obama.

    • One of the stupidest claims I hear from the right – even more stupid than birthers – is the claim that anyone “worships” Obama. I have never met any Obama supporter who didn’t acknowledge his flaws and have significant differences with him on some issues. His supporters are generally open-eyed and rational – nothing like those who think Reagan was the Second Coming. The only people who ever raised the “divinity” of Obama are right-wingnuts who pulled it out of their asses.

  2. Funny thing about this – when i was typing my comment, I felt it was nearly 100% probable that you would respond (and I wasn’t really trying) – because if anyone ever makes a critical comment about any left wing public servant – especially this president – you will without any doubt feel the need to jump to their defense. Your absolute love of the government and any of the participants is so strong you just can’t let it pass. You are such a devoted follower – emphasis on follower.

    • No. What you originally posted was what psychiatrists and psychologists refer to as “projection.”

      The simple fact is that NO ONE on the left “worships” Obama–certainly not in the same way that the right “worships” (or at least mythologizes) Reagan.

      The real reason that “the left” feels a need to “jump to the defense” is because the far right, led by outlets like FoxNoise and the rest of the right-wing noise machine, feels an insane need to DEMONIZE “left wing public servants,” no matter the reason.

      But, continue living in your delusional right-wing world. The rest of us will deal with the REAL world and continue defending those who NEED defending from those who apparently can’t cope with the real world.

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