Sean Hannity Trolls a Year Old Comment By Dr. Fauci, Ignores His Own Idiocy

The deadly lies by Donald Trump and his media confederates about the coronavirus pandemic have resulted in the tragic deaths of more than half a million Americans. And yet, they continue to brag that their negligence and incompetence has prevented unnecessary fatalities. It’s a charade that masks a psychopathic disregard for the welfare of human lives.

Fox News Sean Hannity

Topping the list of the Trumpian COVID deniers is Sean Hannity of Fox News. From the very start he has been defending Trump’s reckless downplaying of the severity of the pandemic (to which Trump admitted) and regurgitating his flagrant falsehoods. The degree to which Hannity advanced these lies resulted in a study that confirmed that higher rates of coronavirus deaths could be directly linked to watching Hannity.

On Tuesday Hannity thought he would post another of his attempts to “own the libs” by plucking a year old comment by Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, completely out of context. Hannity tweeted that…

Of course, Hannity was demonstrating his notorious dishonesty and compulsion to distort reality. Dr. Fauci’s statement was far more nuanced than Hannity’s deceitful editing implies. What Dr. Fauci actually said in February of 2020, before much was known about the virus, was that…

“Right now there’s no need to change anything you’re doing on a day-by-day basis. The risk is low, but that could change.”

He went on to say that there could be a major outbreak, but that it was just not possible to know at that time.

Hannity, on the other hand, made some comments around the same time last year that totally perverted any resemblance to the facts. He told his viewers that the whole matter was a plot by Democrats to hurt Trump. He assured them that there were zero virus deaths in the United States, and that there was nothing to worry about because Trump was handling everything perfectly.

That was 500,000 deaths (and 28 million cases) ago. And now Hannity has the nerve to criticize Dr. Fauci who quite correctly assessed the situation at a moment in time – being careful to make that clear – and who is informed by the knowledge that scientists understand that things change as new data is acquired.

Hannity, on the other hand, ignores facts in favor of fallacies that advance his self-serving agenda and benefit his political idols. And his perceptions remain stuck in ideological concrete no matter how much new information is introduced, or the harm that his stubborn commitment to outdated information will cause. Just like Trump, he ls literally killing his dimwitted followers.

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2 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Trolls a Year Old Comment By Dr. Fauci, Ignores His Own Idiocy

  1. I fuckin hate Sean Hannity! It’s the only emotion he brings out in me!

  2. Try as I might, I just cannot get people like Hannity, Carlson et. al. I don’t get what they think they’re doing, with their constant lies. Is it simply to feel powerful, that they can influence other people even with blatant falsehoods? If so, couldn’t they get a similar buzz by influencing their audience with truths instead? How can being a total phony make anyone feel good about themselves? I often wonder what they say to their families after a hard day of lying on TV, how they describe what they do for a living. And I wonder what their kids think of them.

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