Truth Social Disease: Ads on Trump’s Twitter Ripoff are Mostly Scams and Trump-Fluffing Merch

Two years ago Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, suspended Donald Trump’s accounts. They correctly assessed that his relentless lies about election fraud were likely to incite more violence, and that his dangerous disinformation about COVID would result in more needless fatalities. As a result, Trump launched his own platform to seek the attention that his ego so desperately craved.

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Donald Trump, Snowflakes

Consistent with his prior business and political misadventures, Trump’s Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, has been a spectacular failure from its inception. Its buggy launch was plagued with crashes and frustrated users who couldn’t log in. Fake accounts and imposters overran the joint. It is the subject of criminal probes by the Securities and Exchange Commission and a Grand Jury in New York. And the shell company it partnered with to go public, Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC), suffered an 85% decline in stock value over the past ten months.

So now that Facebook and Twitter have caved in and are restoring Trump’s accounts – which is profoundly ignorant, dangerous, and hypocritical – it’s not surprising that he is itching to resume tweeting.

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However, all is not well in Trumpville. The New York Times has done an exhaustive analysis of the advertising that appears on Truth Social that makes it look more like it’s contracted a Truth Social disease. Major advertisers are avoiding it like the plague.

Similar to what is happening on Twitter due to Elon Musk’s gross mismanagement, advertisers are afraid of their ads being juxtaposed with hate speech and other noxious content. Consequently, the only advertisers who are willing to shell out are sketchy scammers, conspiracy theorists, and junk peddlers. According to the Times, the site is rampant with…

“…many pitches from hucksters and fringe marketers […and…] Ads from major brands are nonexistent on the site. Instead, the ads on Truth Social are for alternative medicine, diet pills, gun accessories and Trump-themed trinkets, according to an analysis of hundreds of ads on the social network by The New York Times.”

The Times provided a collection of some of the bogus ads that appeared on the site. One particularly loopy example showed “Trump holding a $1,000 bill made of gold, which he was apparently offering free to supporters.” […however…] “The bill was not free, it was not made of gold, and it was not offered by Mr. Trump.” Another example featured a fake tweet of President Biden threatening to ban a $2.00 bill with Trump’s face on it.

That’s the sort of garbage you’re left with when a site is abandoned by reputable advertisers. The mass exodus was noted last year in a tweet by by GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-QAnon) who was appalled at what she bizarrely called “corporate communism.”

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Some additional points made in the Times article include that…

  • Truth Social “is burning through about $1.7 million each month … And two federal investigations have put about $1.3 billion of much-needed funding in jeopardy.”
  • “Truth Social has a relatively small user base and many older users, who are less desirable for the brands.”
  • “Marketers have complained that Truth Social’s ad-serving technology … offers limited tools for tracking an ad’s performance […or the ability to…] prevent their ads from appearing near words or phrases that might upset customers.”
  • “In a reflection of the wariness that brands have over Mr. Trump and his politics, the word ‘Trump’ ranked as the 11th most common blacklisted term provided by advertisers in 2019.”
  • “Over time, the low-quality ads on Truth Social have irritated its own users, who have complained to Mr. Trump after repeatedly seeing the same disturbing images or after falling for misleading gimmicks. ‘Can you not vet the ads on Truth?’ asked one user in a post directed at Mr. Trump. ‘I’ve been scammed more than once.'”

So as Trump commences his pursuit of the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, he is simultaneously struggling with the dire prospects of the online platform that he hoped would juice his campaign. And those aren’t even the worst of his problems. He is also being investigated by multiple state and federal prosecutors for crimes related to his incitement of the January 6th insurrection, election interference, and financial and tax fraud.

Sean Hannity of Fox News provided a helpful list of many of the probes that are currently being conducted about Trump. In the meantime, here are some articles about the slow and painful demise of Truth Social…

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