Who Will Trump Choose to Replace Hope Hicks? (Hint: Is He Watching Fox News?)

Another day, another White House staffer falls out of the sinking ship. This time it’s one of Donald Trump’s most loyal and longest serving aides, communications director Hope Hicks. The camera shy press liaison is reported to be leaving within the coming weeks. And I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that yesterday she admitted at a congressional inquiry that she has been telling “white lies” as a part of her official duties.

Hope Hicks

That’s probably the problem. Hicks was telling only white lies when the President had warned her to stick to only the darkest of all possible lies. He gave her plenty of examples via his own behavior to make it clear what was expected of her. Obviously, she wasn’t able to cut it. Although she had her moments. Like when she helped to draft the false excuse for why Don Jr. was meeting with Russians. Or when she wrote the press release defending her boyfriend, Rob Porter, after he was revealed to be a wife-beater.

Trump will not likely make the same mistake again. He has a strong track record of hiring brazen liars to staff his White House operation. Champion fabricators like Sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci, and the current mistress of propaganda, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, have distinguished this president’s press office.

So who will Trump turn to to fill this critical post? It will have to be someone who doesn’t care about having a good reputation with the public or the media. In fact, the more hate for the media the better. After all, Trump regards the press as the enemy of the American people.” The Hicks successor will need to be able to lie on camera, even when it’s painfully obvious that they are lying. He or she should have a relationship with other professional prevaricators like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.

However, it isn’t necessary that the communications director candidate have any actual experience in communications. Trump prefers people who have little or no idea what they are doing. Probably to assure that they know less than he does (admittedly, a low bar). And in the end, he wouldn’t really trust anyone other than himself. An article in the Associated Press noted that Trump “increasingly sees himself as the White House’s only effective spokesperson.”

Given the criteria for filling this job, only one source for human resources comes to mind. Trump will have to poach another staffer from the pool of Trump-fluffers at Fox News. The Fox studio is a rich vein of inexperienced, dishonest, shameless, butt-kissers. It’s a vein Trump has tapped many times before for aides including K.T. McFarland, Ben Carson, Sebastion Gorka, Heather Nauert, Richard Grennell, and Jonathan Wachtel.

There are two names at Fox that stand out as potential White House flacks. Laura Ingraham would slide right into the role with her smug arrogance and jaunty know-it-allism. But having just secured a primetime show on Fox, Ingraham may be reluctant to bail. She may also be locked into a long-term contract.

That leaves Kimberly Guilfoyle. She has been on deck for a Trump slot for quite a while. Last year Trump insiders were telling the media that he “wants Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle to take [Sean Spicer’s] place.” She is currently a co-host of Fox’s right-wing gab-fest, The Five. She has never been a journalist and has no experience in press relations. So she has those assets going for her. Trump may also appreciate Guilfoyle’s admiration for Vladimir Putin, who she thought would be a better president than Barack Obama.

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There are a few other names that could be thrown into the pot. Ainsley Earhardt of Trump’s favorite Fox News program, Fox and Friends. Evening Anchor Martha MacCallum could bring back some blondness to the gig. Or maybe, in a bid for the millennial audience, Tomi Lahren’s juvenile outbursts could be just the right spice for Trump’s media taco bowl. Only time will tell. And there’s no hurry since Hicks will still be around for a few weeks, or until she has to meet with special counsel Robert Mueller.

American Dreamer? Trump is Peddling This New Hat to Profit From His Anti-DACA Racism

Last year Donald Trump single-handedly killed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that allowed undocumented residents who were brought into the country as minors to remain and to work without fear of deportation and separation from their families. The initiative was implemented by President Obama and widely regarded as humanitarian and necessary.

Despite pretending to care about DACA, Trump has callously exploited the issue to malign Democrats and bargain for his asinine and useless border wall. He brazenly demeans innocent people in order to ram his ludicrous agenda through Congress. And the suffering he causes is of no concern to him or his uncaring comrades in the Republican Party.

So it should come as no surprise that Trump is escalating the grotesque bigotry inherent in his exclusionary policies by seeking to profit off the pain of others. He has just introduced a new product on his website that Trump cultists and Deplorables can waste their money on. It’s an American Dreamer hat.

Donald Trump Dreamer

In the spirit of his silly headgear hucksterism, Trump is expanding his “Make America Great Again” product line in the most disgusting way possible. The new hat is apparently a premium item because, at $50.00 a pop, it is twice the cost of a MAGA hat. But it is also twice as repulsive. The Trump website pitches it in language that is trite and unrelated to the tribulations of DACA kids:

“Because Americans are dreamers too. We all want to live the American dream and our 45th President is helping to make that dream a reality for each and every American. With our American Dreamer Hat you can show that you believe we can Make America Great Again.”

DACA recipients are called “Dreamers” because they hope to have their status as Americans recognized officially. They are model citizens who serve in the military, attend school, and contribute to their communities. They cannot participate in the program if they have any criminal record. Their dream is to become citizens of the country they love – the only one they have ever known.

Trump introduced his “American Dreamer” bastardization of this movement in his State of the Union address. It was an attempt to hijack the dreams of DACA kids for the benefit of already privileged white citizens. There is no logical connection to the DACA program by Trump’s deliberate misdirection. It is similar to the racist appropriation of “Black Lives Matter” by the Klan-sponsored distortion, “All Lives Matter.”

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Leave it to Trump to find a way to insult a whole class of people who only want their dignity and freedom from fear. And only Trump could manage to turn that insulting action into a commercial venture that makes him richer. It’s the defining characteristic of his utter lack of character and disregard for ethics and compassion. But at least it will help the rest of us to recognize his dimwitted disciples as they parade around with their flags of prejudice firmly planted on their hateful, empty heads.

Former Fox News Flunky and ‘Clueless’ Star Stacey Dash Just Filed Futile Run for Congress

It goes without saying that there has long been a fusion between Fox News and Republican politics. It’s an embrace that gets tighter every day. And it isn’t just that Donald Trump (a former Fox News regular guest on Fox and Friends) tweets a nearly daily regurgitation of what he just saw on the network. There has been a flow of personnel that spins through the revolving door of these propaganda partners.

Stacey Dash Fox News

The latest flare up of this incestuous intertwining is the announcement of a campaign for a California congressional seat. The candidate is Stacey Dash, best known as the has-been still trying to suck some celebrity out of having appeared in the 1995 teen romp, “Clueless.” The springboard for her budding political career, though, was her brief tenure as a panelist on “Outnumbered,” Fox News’ misguided attempt at programming for women.

Dash distinguished herself on the show as an African-American woman who showed blatant disdain for African-Americans and women. She adopted the KKK’s position that there shouldn’t be a Black History Month because there wasn’t also a White History Month. She ridiculed the #OscarsSoWhite movement that was critical of the lack of diversity in Hollywood as “ludicrous.” She blamed the gender wage gap problem on women themselves for being such poor negotiators. Even worse, she blamed “naughty” women for many of the charges of sexual harassment and assault.

Clearly Dash represents a segment of the black and female population that only exists in congregations of white supremacists. Which makes it all the more curious that she is running in California’s 44th district that includes Compton and Watts. The district is presently represented by Democrat Nanette Barragán, and Hillary Clinton carried it in 2016 with 83 percent of the vote. But if Dash chose it because she thought her race would be a factor, she apparently doesn’t know that the district is 69% Latino.

So what’s the basis for her campaign? The only thing she has going for her is her fading celebrity and her connection to Fox News. But with regard to the latter, her contract was not renewed (aka: she was fired) more than a year ago. Never mind that there is a pretty small audience for Fox among the residents of the 44th. What there is may not remember her from her network gig. Aside from her anti-black and anti-woman stances, she would probably only be remembered for having said that President Obama didn’t “give a shit” about terrorism. Oh yeah, and there was that Playboy pictorial she did. So . . .

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Late last year Fox News was floating senate campaigns for Ted Nugent and Kid Rock. Another couple of loudmouth has-beens who eventually chickened out of running. But if Dash proceeds with this foolish campaign she is going to suffer a debilitating embarrassment. It’s hard to imagine what advice she received that compelled her to file for the race. She might get some free airtime on Fox if she still has any friends there. But, as noted above, that won’t help her in this district. And Fox would be making a mockery of their frequent and hypocritical complaints about celebrities venturing into politics. Not that Fox has ever been shy about diving head first into hypocrisy.

YEAH, RIGHT! Cowardly Trump Says He Would Run Into Parkland School ‘Even if I Didn’t Have a Weapon’

Some things just don’t need any commentary. And this statement by Donald Trump is one of them. While castigating the Parkland deputy who failed to enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School when it was under attack by a man with an assault weapon, Trump unleashed this Olympic-grade stupidity:

TRUMP: “I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon.”

Okay, I can’t help myself: Who the f*ck does he think he’s kidding? By “there” Trump must mean the ice cream freezer at Mar-a-Lago. Because Cadet Bonespurs would run (or waddle) away from any hint of danger. He got FIVE draft deferments during the Vietnam War. He has never shown the slightest tendency to do anything on behalf of anyone other than himself, even when there was no danger involved. The only thing I can see Trump running into a high school for would be to sexually assault the young girls.

By the way, If Trump did run unarmed into the scene of an active shooter with an AR-15, it wouldn’t have helped anyone. Unless you count the nation that would have been rid of a treasonous president. This statement underscores the idiocy of Trump’s proposal to arm teachers. The only thing that would accomplish is that the teachers would be the first fatalities.

Trump’s laughably lame macho bluster is just sickening. Does he really think anyone with a functioning brain believes this bullshit? He has been recorded on video scurrying away from peaceful protesters at his rallies. He stands in front of adoring crowds in auditoriums yammering about how he would like to punch a protester (who is a hundred yards away and surrounded by security) in the mouth. He is a cartoon parody of a bully who is, in fact, a shivering coward. And his big mouth is the only weapon he will ever fire, and even that is shooting blanks.

If Trump wants to prove his manhood by running into a school under siege by a mass murderer, he has my complete support and encouragement. Hell, he has my support to run into a gang of colicky two-year olds, where he would fit right in. Trump is too afraid to hold a press conference with the “fake” news (it’s been over a year). And he’s mortified at the thought of sitting across the table from special counsel Robert Mueller. He’s a weak, sniveling, spineless, worm, and his ludicrous claim that he would run into a firefight is just more proof that he’s mentally deranged.

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Perjury Trap? Despite ‘One of the Best Memories in the World’ Trump Fears Mueller Interview

The investigation into Donald Trump’s unsavory connections to Russia continues to expose new vulnerabilities for the President and his associates. Special counsel Robert Mueller and his team just issued a new set of indictments for Trump campaign honchos Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. And as the probe proceeds, the noose around Trump’s neck gets tighter.

Donald Trump Lies

Consequently, Trump’s lawyers are taking up defensive positions to avoid any further erosion of his flimsy claims of innocence. The peak events in these sort of investigations are the interviews with the primary targets. Trump, of course, is the Godfather of this crime family, and his testimony is highly anticipated. But that doesn’t mean it will necessarily come to pass. His team of attorneys are furiously fighting to assure that he either does not testify, or the that the inquiry is so limited as to be a farce.

The argument being made by Team Trump is that it might constitute a “perjury trap” if Trump is required to answer “detailed questions involving dates and times.” Unlike any other witness in a criminal investigation, Trump thinks he should be allowed to respond with vagaries and approximations. That would be like a bank robber offering the alibi that “I was probably out of town sometime during that month.” It’s been reported that Trump’s…

“…lawyers’ considerations included whether Mueller’s questions would be limited in scope and whether they avoid testing Trump’s memory such that they would effectively constitute a potential perjury trap.”

A perjury trap is a real thing that prosecutors employ, sometimes unfairly, to back uncooperative witnesses into a corner. But there is an easy and infallible way to avoid a perjury trap: Tell the truth. Unfortunately for Trump, that may not as easy as it sounds. He is a well known pathological liar who cannot suppress his compulsion for telling obvious falsehoods. This is something that even his attorneys have worried about. The New York Times reported that…

“His lawyers are concerned that the president, who has a history of making false statements and contradicting himself, could be charged with lying to investigators.”

You might wonder why these lawyers would have sush concerns. After all, Trump himself has said that he has “one of the best memories in the world.” So how could he get anything wrong during an interview that’s this important? Perhaps they also heard him say that he doesn’t recall having said that (This is why satire is dead). Or maybe they are planning an insanity defense. They might argue that the president of the United States is suffering from a form of Anti-Truth Tourettes Syndrome that causes him to involuntarily blurt out lies at any random moment. That would not only serve as a potential legal defense, but it would explain the last two years of utter bullshit spewing from Trump’s deceitful mouth.

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Release the Hounds: Fox News Inadvertently Solves Gun Control and School Security

In the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, there has been a decidedly lopsided national debate about gun control and the security of America’s schools. Most of the nation overwhelming supports common sense measures like universal background checks and banning assault weapons. Even a hard-bitten military analyst on Fox News described putting AR-15s in the hands of civilians as absolute madness.”

Rex, the Hero Dog

Nevertheless, Donald Trump and his sycophants in Congress and the media continue to serve as whores to the gun lobbyists at the National Rifle Association (NRA). They ignore the pleas of the student survivors and families of victims from Parkland to Newtown to Sutherland Springs and way too many more massacres. Even worse, they lie about their motives and tell them to shut up.

For his part, Trump has completely avoided the subject of restricting unfettered access to weapons of war. He fervently advocates putting even more guns on school campuses, a thoroughly boneheaded idea. And while doing so he shamelessly denies that he ever said any such thing. It’s a circus of hypocrisy and dishonesty that has become emblematic of the Trump era.

The Republican Party has fully embraced the inadequate proposals from the White House that mainly address the fringes of the issue. They talk disingenuously about banning bump stocks, raising age requirements, and reforming mental health care. But they offer nothing in the way of concrete legislation to accomplish even those minor components of a comprehensive solution. The one constant that is present in nearly every incident of mass murder is the assault weapon chosen by the murderers.

Surprisingly, Fox News covered a story this weekend that could provide a new direction for solving these problems. During a burglary in Des Moines, Washington, a German Shepherd leaped to the defense of the teenager who was home at the time. According to the report:

“A German Shepard is being hailed as a ‘four-legged angel’ after reportedly getting hit by three bullets while protecting his owner during a home invasion attempt this week in Washington.

“Javier Mercado, 16, said the dog, named Rex, came to his rescue after burglars broke into his home Wednesday afternoon in Des Moines.”

“‘I started hearing barking, a lot of barking, and then one of the guys screamed, ‘Get the dog! The dog bit me, the dog bit me!’ Mercado told Q13 Fox.”

Rex was shot three times, but still managed to scare off the intruders. He did what dogs are instinctively inclined to do: protect those they care for and who care for them. Which raises the notion of a far better way to protect schoolchildren than trying to turn schools into prisons and teachers into guards. Just get a few dogs to live on the school grounds and train them to recognize aggressors. The kids could get to know them and treat them as pets. But anyone who presented a threat would be met with a fearless and devoted defender.

Sure, there would be some details to work out with regard to preventing unintended injuries, but probably no more so than would occur with humans. This just seems like a more loving and humanitarian approach and should at least be included in the discussion. But those factors will likely rule that out for Trump and and his band of hateful, inhumane miscreants.

After treatment and surgery, Rex is expected to fully recover. The family has a posting for donations to cover veterinary bills on GoFundMe.

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It’s About Dead Children: Fox News Military Analyst Advocates Banning Semi-Automatic Firearms

Despite the sharply reduced attention span, and constricted news cycles, of the 21st century in America, the nation is still immersed in the aftermath of the tragic massacre in Parkland, Florida. It is totally out of character for the public and the media to remain so focused on a single issue. Much of the credit goes to the passion and eloquence of the students who survived the shooting rampage.

Fox News Ralph Peters

However, this story’s staying power isn’t the only unexpected fallout from Parkland. While most Republican stalwarts continue to be whores to the National Rifle Association (NRA), along with their accomplices in the media, there have been a few surprising defectors. And one of them was interviewed by Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto on his Fox Business program on Friday.

Ralph Peters is a retired Army Lt. Colonel who has been serving as a military analyst on Fox News for several years. He generally falls in line with the hard-right narrative espoused on the network. In fact, he often wanders off the farthest right ledge of conservative wingnutism. For instance, he was once briefly suspended by Fox News for calling President Obama a “pussy” on the air. And then there was the time he argued for censorship and “military attacks on the partisan media.” But his comments on the availability of semi-automatic guns, like the AR-15 used to murder seventeen people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, were more than a little shocking (video below):

“I support the Second Amendment. I do not support the cherry-picking we’re seeing of it right now. […] I’m a gun owner. I know guns. My family’s a gun family going way back. But these weapons – AR-15 and similar weapons – are not for sporting purposes. You don’t take them hunting because they’re meant to tear bodies apart. They tear up the meat. They’re lousy for target shooting. They’re not even good for defending your home in the middle of the night against an intruder.”

And Peters didn’t stop there. He recognized that “my position is unpopular to many Fox viewers,” but that this is “a moral issue. It’s an ethical issue. It’s about dead children.” And he even defended the officers in Parkland who failed to enter the school as it was under assault saying that:

“Having those weapons in civilian hands is absolute madness. And by the way, those four deputies who didn’t go into the school. I think I can tell you what happened. They’re outside with handguns and they’re hearing that semi-automatic fire inside. Pop, pop, pop. It’s like going in there with bare hands.”

Peters also discussed the vagaries of the Second Amendment noting that gun fetishists always leave out the part about a “well regulated militia.” He mocked that omission by observing the hypocrisy of the amendment’s staunchest supports who insist on absolutely literal interpretations of the Constitution, but ignore that the language only protects the right to bear arms, but not to fire them.

The NRA and the Republican Party better wake up. When you’ve lost the support of someone like Peters, you pretty much have to acknowledge that your position is just plain nuts. Peters cannot be dismissed as a liberal snowflake who wants to confiscate every gun in America. Having been trained for battle he knows that a teacher, or other school employee, is unprepared and outmatched for combat with an opponent wielding an AR-15, even if the teacher has served in the military.

It’s fair to say that Peters is far better qualified to comment on these matters than Cadet Bonespurs (aka Donald Trump), who got five deferments to evade service during the Vietnam War years. And the same goes for cowards like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of the Trump-fluffing media who never served their country in uniform. Make no mistake, Peters is very likely the same right-wing crackpot he has always been. But that only makes these remarks all the more noteworthy and foreboding.

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LOL: Fox News Host Thinks Students Should Shut Up, Gets (Fact) Checked By Student

There is no one on Fox News who is more devoted to censorship and averse to free speech than primetime host Laura Ingraham. She wrote a book titled “Shut Up and Sing,” an extended diatribe on denying the First Amendment to talented Americans who were smart enough to become successful and popular.

Fox News Laura Ingraham

Ingraham recently expanded on that theme to deliver an overtly racist tantrum aimed at NBA stars LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Annoyed that they had the audacity to criticize Dear Leader Donald Trump, Ingraham literally told them to “shut up and dribble.” It was just the next step in her crusade to silence anyone with whom she disagreed. Particularly if those dissenters were dark-skinned celebrities. You will never hear her attack crackpots like Ted Nugent or Scott Baio in the same way.

On Friday morning Ingraham lashed again. This time her vitriol was aimed at Sarah Chadwick, a survivor of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. And it was typical of her censorial tendencies as she tried to shame Chadwick for speaking out. Ingraham tweeted this:

Seriously? Ingraham is outraged that a young adult with her own opinions would challenge an almighty member of the United States Senate. [Here is Chadwick’s tweet] Not to mention a young adult who just went through a nightmare and lost close friends and classmates. If anyone has the right to express her thoughts about assault weapons and the failure of the political class it’s Chadwick. And she took the opportunity to do so in a delightfully snarky response to Ingraham:

Just brilliant. Chadwick demonstrated that she has far more dignity than Ingraham by not emulating the Fox Host’s crass smear tactics. It was a succinct reply that conveyed the message that Ingraham’s ignorance isn’t really worth wasting time on. And at the same time she trumped the professional “journalist” by correcting her poor reporting.

This conniption fit by the allegedly “mature” Fox News shill adds to the pile of insults and slanders that Fox and other right-wing media hacks have been shoveling. There have been ludicrous accusations that the students were paid actors or professional protesters. They have been criticized for being insolent punks who were raised badly. And worst of all, raving conservatives have insisted that they should be disregarded because they are too emotional or too young to have valid opinions.

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That’s the perspective of old fogies who wallow in their ageist supremacy and spend their days pulling out what’s left of their hair. There is no one more suitable to comment on the state of our society than those who are about to inherit it – complete with the flaws built in by their predecessors. This is their world. Adults who think that they are leaving it to their children have it backwards. They are just the caretakers for the future owners. And with heirs like Chadwick and her colleagues at Stoneman Douglas, the future has never looked brighter.

Trump Makes Impeachable Threat to Create ‘a Crime Mess Like You’ve Never Seen in California’

I know I’ve said this before, but this time this really is the most nauseating thing Donald Trump has ever said. During a White House meeting with state and local officials to discuss school safety, the President lurched off the track to unload a disgusting pile of crap on California.

Donald Trump Impeach

This meeting was supposed to be focused on finding solutions to the tragedy that occurred in Parkland, Florida last week. It was supposed to be about saving children’s lives and making it safe for them to attend school. But Trump couldn’t suppress his vile hatred for anything and anyone that he perceives to be against him. So he diverted from the topic at hand to attack his fellow Americans in California (video below). He began by raising the issue of gangs, describing them as not being “human beings, these are animals.” And he made the ludicrous and obviously false claim that he was “literally getting MS-13 out by the thousands.” Then he disgorged this bit of incoherent bullshit into a room that must have wondered WTF he was talking about:

“We’re getting no help from the state of California. I mean frankly, if I want to pull our people from California you would have a crime mess like you’ve never seen in California. All I’d have to say is ‘ICE and border patrol, leave California alone.’ You’d be inundated. You would see crime like nobody’s ever seen crime in this country. And yet we get no help from the state of California. They are doing a lousy management job. They have the highest taxes in the nation. And they don’t know what’s happening out there. Frankly, it’s a disgrace. The sanctuary city situation. The protection of these horrible criminals.”

Well, that was unexpected. Trump lashed out at one of the most prosperous states in the nation for a gang problem that exists nationwide. And for some reason he took a swipe at California’s tax codes that contribute to its prosperity. And surely he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to yammer about sanctuary cities and make false claims about protecting criminals. But hold on. That wasn’t the worst of it. He continued:

“If we ever pulled our ICE out. If we ever said let California alone, let them figure it out for themselves. In two months they’d be begging for us to come back. They would be begging. And you know what? I’m thinking about doing it.”

Are you freakin’ kidding me? Trump flies off the handle to whine dishonestly about crime and then tells the nation that he’s actually thinking about deliberately creating a “crime mess” just to satisfy his ego and exact vengeance against a state where he has little support? That’s a threat to put Americans in harms way for the petty grievances of a sadistic narcissist. Just the threat of doing that ought to be grounds for impeachment. He took an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” And now he’s saying that he might just decide not to do that.

How could Trump even consider this, much less say it out loud? Where would he get such a disgusting idea? The answer to that is pretty simple. It’s the same place he gets most of his disgusting ideas: Fox News. Just a few hours before this meeting, Fox ran an interview of ICE Director, Tom Homan. In the interview Homan took issue with comments by California’s senators, Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris. They were disturbed by his prior statements threatening to increase immigration enforcement activity and that California had “better hold on tight.” Feinstein and Harris wrote to him saying that “Diverting resources in an effort to punish California and score political points is an abhorrent abuse of power.”

So Trump was obviously watching this unfolding feud on Fox News and decided to weigh in. However his contribution was typically ham-fisted and offensive. His tone of voice when asserting that he was “thinking about doing it,” was dripping with animosity and undisguised hate. But if he ever actually acted on this threat it would just be another count of treason against him. He is the most traitorous, unpatriotic, heathen ever to occupy the White House. And the sooner he is gone, the better for the country.

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NRA Shill Says the Media ‘Love Mass Shootings,’ ‘Crying White Mothers are Ratings Gold.

If you were still uncertain as to whether the NRA is an organization steeped in partisan rancor and vile, hate-filled hysterics, the remarks by its chief spokesperson, Dana Loesch, at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), will put an end to your doubts.

Dana Loesch

On Wednesday night Loesch appeared on the CNN Town Hall featuring student survivors from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School along with some parents, teachers and politicians. Loesch attempted to present herself as a rational, open-minded participant in a discussion seeking to find solutions to a serious problem. But the very next day she let her true feelings come out in her speech at CPAC (video below):

“Many in legacy media love mass shootings. You guys love it. Now, I’m not saying that you love the tragedy. But I am saying that you love the ratings. Crying white mothers are ratings gold to you and many in the legacy media.”

It’s not surprising that she didn’t say this to the faces of the “crying white mothers” in CNN’s forum. She is a deceitful, manipulative hack who who will happily lie in order to achieve her ends and those of her benefactors in the firearms industry. To make the broad accusation that the media “loves mass shootings” in a public address demonstrates her utter lack of decency and humanity. And her ability to turn around in a few hours to display both ugly sides of her face is something that only comes with an innately grotesque personality.

But Loesch went even further to insult the parents of murdered children as if they were disingenuous contestants on a reality TV show. And the interjection of a racial component only makes the insult many times worse. Her CPAC performance was like watching a cartoon villain giving away all her secret, evil plans, secure in the belief that her opponents would soon be dead and unable to stop her. That may be why she also unleashed this bit of BS:

“The government has proven that they cannot keep you safe, and yet some people want all of us to disarm. And then they also call Trump a tyrant, but then say they want the president to also confiscate our firearms. Try to figure that one out.”

Of course, no one is proposing to disarm the entire nation. Likewise, no one has suggested confiscating all firearms. These are just the NRA’s standard lies to whip up fear among their followers that a tyrannical overlord is plotting to enslave America and only the NRA can prevent it. They screeched for eight years that President Obama was coming for their guns, never mind that it never happened, nor was there any threat of it. The NRA is fear machine and it has to have an enemy to survive. Preferably a dark-skinned one.

Loesch’s remarks were not a one-off or gaffe. It’s an NRA mantra as seen in this video from NRA-TV. The commentator uses the identical language that Loesch used about loving mass shootings, repeating it for emphasis. And he spent the rest of the time spewing the NRA line in a monologue of deceit.

That’s what the NRA does. It is their whole purpose for existing. They do not represent gun owners. They shill for gun manufacturers. Which is why they push for more guns as the solution to every problem. No matter what it is, the only NRA approved response is to buy more guns. They are about marketing and nothing else. And if innocent people die, that’s just the price of capitalism.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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